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  • SCOPE &


    AS A


    S i n c e 2 0 1 0

    i n i n d i a

    10 | 1,00,000 years free counselings

  • Scope and Opportunities as a



    Community Pharmacist

    Drug Information Pharmacist

    Compounding Pharmacist

    Geriatric Pharmacist

    Informatics Pharmacist

    Nuclear Pharmacist

    Prescribing Pharmacist

    Pharmacist Clinical Pathologist

    Diabetic Educator Pharmacist

    Hospital Pharmacist

    Consultant Pharmacist

    Industrial Pharmacist

    Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

    Medication Review Pharmacist

    Oncology Pharmacist

    Regulatory-Affairs Pharmacist

    Pharmacist Clinical Toxicologist

    Academic Pharmacist

    Pharmacy profession is regulated in all developed countries to ensure community get better pharmacy service. This objective will only achieve by evaluating the competencies of Pharmacist.

    “All these scopes & opporcunities are upcomming in India”

    Pharmacy profession is very dynamic and highly demanding as well as respectful in all developed country. “Pharmacy has very broad spectrum career option.” Thus, it gives high chance to get employment immigration.

    Pharmacist shortage is projected to increase over the next 10 years. Only strategic option to meet this shortage can be achieved by offering immigration to international pharmacist. Scope as a Pharmacist in Abroad: Pharmacist can work in many diversified areas

    International Pharmacist Licensing Process:

    Registration Step Document Evaluation

    (Stage-1) Evaluating Examination

    Training as a Pharmacist

    Stage-2 (Qualifying Examination)

    Language Requirement




    Pharmacist Intern

    Pharmacist Intern

    Pharmacist Intern

    Pharmacist Intern




  • Upcoming Emerging Huge Opportunities - INDIA

    India is a Global Leader for Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing but, in global rank India

    is far behind in the Responsible use of Medicines. Thus, Patient management is consid-

    ered as one of the upcoming emerging sector providing huge opportunities in India.

    Patient management is the foundation of pharmacy and pharmacy practice. Clinical

    Pharmacy is considered as one of the significantly important health science discipline in

    which pharmacist provides patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes

    health, wellness and disease prevention.

    In developed countries, Patient Management is one of the biggest sectors with umpteen

    opportunities. These opportunities are tremendously increasing in India as well as, why?


    Currently Non-Communicable dieses are the major Challenges of India, NCD represent

    60% of total mortality so, Chronic Dieses management is the Only Solution.

    Government Initiatives:

    Healthcare Budgets is continuously increasing thus Government is taking various

    measures to control it by promoting Generic Medicine Policy, Diabetic Educator, Medica-

    tion Review and Public Health Awareness.

    Medical Tourism:

    Big Corporate hospitals are targeting Medical Tourism. So, they are giving equal

    importance to Pharmaceutical care Services as per the international standards to get


    we are specialized and exclusive career consultant for Pharmacy student

    We have a glorious history and proven credentials over 10 years, in providing successful career to over thousands of

    Pharmacy students.

    International job offers to Pharmavision students is greater in numbers and bigger

    in salary compare to IIMA



    Academic Challenge: Currently our Pharmacy education has two major challenges like Curriculum is mainly focused on Industrial concepts with only 23% of the clinical pharmacy coverage and second is the mode of education. These two challenges have been successfully overcome in our innovative Graduate Certificate IPCD program.

  • ABOUT US Mr. Nitesh Viramgama (CPE GOLD MEDALIST)

    Career Coach and Visa Expert,

    Master of Pharmacy and PGDP in Clinical from Curtin University – Australia

    MPSA, Member of APSA,

    Member of American College of Clinical Pharmacy – USA

    Member of Pharmaceutical society - AUSTRALIA

    Australia India Citizen.

    Mission of my life is to empower and inspire each Pharmacy student to be more than they think they can be.

    My story: To begin with, after completing my Bachelors in Pharmacy with excellent

    score, I went hunting for consultancies that could help me draw a blue print

    of my career henceforth, Consultant after consultant, all I received was

    disappointment. I realized the gap between Consultant and Agent.

    Ultimately I ended up researching opportunities by myself and landed on

    the conclusion of pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical

    Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy (Research) Program at Curtin

    University of Technology, Australia for the batch of February 2004. It tooks

    great correge to me to rule out USA for Overseas Career Option because

    of NABP rule changes in 2003 for Indian B.Pharm holder. B.Pharm is not

    valid to become Pharmacist in USA from 2003.

    Since I had appeared for IELTS during my graduation, I immediately

    appointed an agency in Ahmedabad to help me get through my visa

    process in 2003, where I landed up paying three times the fees, to an

    incompetent counselor who didn’t guide me properly and I missed my

    admission in 2004 batch. I had to wait till Feb 2005 Intake. Soon after all

    this I started preparing for February 2005 admission, but because of the

    lack of proficiency at the agency’s end I didn’t get my offer letter on time. I

    started following up the university on my own and somehow managed to

    get the offer letter.

    I have prepared my visa file by myself with the help of an Australian

    student visa guide and I gave my visa file to the consultant, who to my

    misfortune didn’t submit in time, which left me with no visa in hand. The

    consultant bluntly rejected my offer of requesting the university to allow me

    an extension. With no option left, I contacted the university

    authorities directly and explained them my situation and convinced

    them to grant me an extension till 31st January, 2005. From rushing to

    Australian High Commission in New Delhi five days before my

    extension ended, to finally getting my visa.

    I had packed my stuff in less than four days and I reached Australia

    absolutely clueless and homeless. Because my agency had not

    organized any post visa guidance seminars or workshops so, I did not

    have any idea about the pre-departure, post landing activities, airport

    pick up, and accommodation in Australia.

    In conclusion, I had a very unpleasant experience with my Overseas

    Education Agents but through this experience I have learn following

    important points

    Education constant’s role is very important for Successful Career

    Career planning and appropriate Country, Course and university

    selections are the key factors

    Career Guidance, Admission and visa process must be handled by

    the competent professionals

    Post visa guidance will ease out the transition from one country to


    Mentor (Career coach) is very important for Planning, skills

    developments and Inspiration to pursue your goals.

    Learning from my Experience:

    “Gold Medalist in Continuous professional Education Australia with Master degree from Words’s Top University, Curtin Australia with professional

    license to practice as a Clinical Pharmacist.”

    On based upon that I worked as a Pharmacist with $1,50,000/annum salary (only 5% Australians were earning). My International Education and

    Exposure is my strength. I am honored with Citizenship of Australia. The ironic is all I have achieved at the young age of 28. And today, my net worth

    is $1.5 million and yet growing.

    My Achievement:

    (CEO and Chief Founder)

  • Milestone


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    2007-8 2015-16

    2009-10 2017-18

    2011-12 2019-20 Development Stage

    Sharing And Helping Stage

    Research & Development Stage

    Awareness Stage

    Pioneering Stage

    Recognition Stage

    Expansion Stage

    Projection Stage


    Nitesh Sir in the beginning of his

    abroad career journey and that’s where the

    inspiration to start Pharmavision took


    Nitesh Sir became an inspiration for his

    friends. He helped more than hundreds of students in preparation

    of Pharmacist Licensing Exam, while he was still a student


    Nitesh Sir drove 40,000km with the

    idea of creating awareness and

    helping students of pharmacy in India.

    Our efforts and results were recognized and appreciated by the

    government and non government