Science Lab rules By: Slyder Welch Teacher: Mrs. Hunt

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<p>Science Lab rules</p> <p>Science Lab rulesBy: Slyder WelchTeacher: Mrs. HuntRule #1 FIRE!Hes doing it right! Rule- never wear baggy or loose clothing.</p> <p>Why? If you were handling flames and had loose clothing either you would possibly catch on fire or something else would happen.</p> <p>Rule 2- FIRE!When handling these always have your hair pulled back.Rule- Girls or mark should always pull their hair back while handling fire.</p> <p>Why? If your hair accidently falls over the flames then something really bad can happen.</p> <p>Rule #1 Chemicals Rule- Always wear enclosed footwear during a lab activity.</p> <p>Why? If you are working with chemicals and one of them spills it could get on your skin. It can cause skin irritation.</p> <p>RightWrongI know this is not a chemical, it is the only thing they had showing a spill.Rule- You should always tell the teacher when a substance spills.</p> <p>Why- If the liquid is a chemical, which it most likely is it could harm your skin and you could slip and fall. Rule #2 Chemicals </p> <p>Rule #1- EquipmentDo not wear this!!!Rule- Girls or guys should not be wearing any jewelry during a lab.</p> <p>Why? If you are working with equipment that can be attached to something else, it could be ripped out.</p> <p>Wear theseRule- Wear goggles and safety equipment.</p> <p>Why? If you work with lab materials you must wear safety equipment to protect your eyes and other parts of your body.</p> <p>Rule #2- Equipment</p> <p>Rule #1 - ProceduresRule- Wash your hands after handling lab materials.</p> <p>Why- If you do not get the substance off after a long period of time then it could possibly harm your skin.</p> <p>Rule- Never touch equipment on the table until you are giving instructions by the teacher.</p> <p>Why- You may break a test tube or alter settings in place by the teacher.Rule #2 - Procedures</p> <p>Rule #1 - BehaviorRule- No running in the lab room.</p> <p>Why? Because if there is a liquid substance spilled on the floor, you can slip.</p> <p>NO RUNNING!!!!</p> <p>Rule #2 - BehaviorRule- Always wait for instructions before starting a lab.</p> <p>Why- If you do not listen to the rules you would have no clue what to do,</p>