Science - Chemistry and Environmental ??• Engineering,gas, ... If I studIed CHEMISTRY or ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, ... chemistry* and environmental chemistry degree: Bachelor of Science

Download Science - Chemistry and Environmental  ??• Engineering,gas, ...  If I studIed CHEMISTRY or ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, ... chemistry* and environmental chemistry degree: Bachelor of Science

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<ul><li><p>&gt;&gt; WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH YOUR UBC OKANAGAN SCIENCE DEGREE? </p><p>This program provides students with a comprehensive education in four important areas of chemistry analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and some specialization in environmental studies. Employment opportunities include positions with environmental consulting firms, environmental departments in industrial operations, analytical laboratories, and environmental regulatory agencies.</p><p>* Honours option available in this subject area</p><p> Compile records and interpret experimental or analytical results Comply with health and safety regulations Conduct environmental monitoring and compliance activities Conduct work in a detail-oriented manner Design charts and graphs Display patience and perseverance when conducting research Interpret and predict behaviour of matter Maintain precision and accuracy when conducting research</p><p> Measure pollutants in the air, water, and soil Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus Prepare solutions of gases and liquids, reagents, and </p><p>sample formulations Set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests, and analyses using </p><p>techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, physical and chemical separation techniques, and microscopy</p><p> Think logically, creatively, and independently </p><p> Brewery laboratory analyst Chemical product developer Chemical technologist Chemistry research assistant Consumer protection specialist Corrosion analyst Cytotechnologist Dangerous substance inspector Environmental chemist</p><p> Food and drug inspector Food science technologist Forensics specialist Formulation chemist Gene technologist Geochemist Health and safety inspector Hydrometric technologist Industrial chemist </p><p> Laboratory analyst/coordinator Molecular modeller Occupational safety specialist Pathology assistant Perfumer Pharmaceutical chemist Plant physiologist Pollution control technologist Product tester/analyst</p><p> Chemical, petrochemical, mining, metallurgical, agricultural, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or food industries</p><p> Educational institutions Electric generation facilities Engineering,gas, mining, or oil extraction firms Environmental protection, monitoring, or consultant organizations </p><p> Government research laboratories or inspection and maintenance departments </p><p> Manufacturing firms, including beverage, chemical, cosmetics, drug, electronics, food, glass, packaging, paint, petroleum, pulp/paper, mining, and textile industries </p><p> Private or public laboratories, including forensics Water, waste or wastewater treatment companies </p><p>&gt;&gt; If I studIed CHEMISTRY or ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, I could develop my abIlIty to: </p><p>&gt;&gt; If I studIed CHEMISTRY or ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, I could develop a career In varIous occupatIons such as: </p><p>&gt;&gt; organIzatIons and agencIes that employ CHEMISTRY or ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY graduates Include:</p><p>&gt;&gt; lInKs and professIonal assocIatIons:</p><p>Think ahead. Go further.</p><p>Career Services</p><p> Agriculture Institute of Canada (AIC): </p><p> Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board: </p><p> Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST): </p><p> Canadian Society for Chemistry: </p><p> Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology: </p><p> Canadian Society of Forensic Science: </p><p> Environmental Careers Organization (ECO): </p><p> Public or industrial health hygienist</p><p> Quality assurance technician Science writer/translator Soil conservationist/scientist Toxicologist Wastewater treatment chemist </p><p>chemistry* and environmental chemistrydegree: Bachelor of Science</p><p>offered by: Faculty of Arts and Sciences</p><p>ADDITIONAL EDUCATION OR CERTIFICATION MAY BE REQUIRED FOR SOME FIELDS AND OCCUPATIONS (e.g. completion of association registration, a professional program, or other specialized studies)</p><p>See the 2007/08 UBC Okanagan Calendar for detailed program information not included in this handout (</p><p></p></li><li><p>The following steps will help you explore study options and career possibilities. Contact Career Services for assistance with completing any or all of these career planning steps.</p><p>assess: self-discoveryComplete self-assessments:</p><p> Interests </p><p> Personality/strengths </p><p> Skills </p><p> Significant others </p><p> Work values </p><p> Other criteria important to you</p><p>eXplore: link self-awareness to occupation optionsList top 5 priorities for each self assessment area:</p><p> Work values </p><p> Interests </p><p> Personality/strengths</p><p> Skills </p><p> Significant others</p><p> Other criteria</p><p> Identify employment sectors or specific careers based on above lists</p><p>research: gather informationList 5 to 10 sectors or careers of interest to research. Read or make notes about:</p><p> Main job duties</p><p> Required education or training</p><p> Career trends and future job openings</p><p> Strategies to enter the career</p><p> Related occupations</p><p>Talk to people in the employment sector or specific careers that interest you (e.g. informational interviews)</p><p>evaluate: make decisions List the advantages to those sectors or careers youve researched (pros list)</p><p> List the disadvantages to those sectors or careers youve researched (cons list)</p><p> Complete a matching game: Compare your self-discovery priorities with the options youve researched</p><p> List your top sector or top 5 careers based on the above evaluations</p><p>plan: action planBased on your top sector or top 5 careers:</p><p> Think about ways to test the water (e.g., volunteer, job shadow, Co-op, or part-time/summer work) and see if the career fits </p><p> List strategies to gain experience, build hands-on skills, enhance your resum, and make networking connections </p><p> List some short- and long-term goals</p><p>academic advising</p><p>career services 250.807.9250</p><p>academic calendar </p><p>&gt;&gt; major and career plannIng checKlIst &gt;&gt; other programs to enhance your learnIng eXperIence:</p><p>&gt;&gt; ubc oKanagan contacts</p><p>&gt;&gt; sources for the above materIal Include:</p><p> BC Work Futures Canadian Association for Women in Science and Technology Career Services departments from: Indiana University South Bend, </p><p>Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, University of Ottawa, and University of Regina</p><p> Alberta Learning Information Services Independent Learning Centre (Ontario)</p><p>academic resource centre: tutoring </p><p>athletics &amp; recreation: campus </p><p>campus life: volunteer for campus events </p><p>community service learning Combines volunteer service with academic work.</p><p>co-operative education program classroom studies with professional work experience in a field related to your education and career goals. </p><p>go global: exchange opportunities </p><p>peer support network: peer mentoring </p><p>Work study Encourages on-campus employers to create career-related work for eligible students. It provides domestic students with the opportunity to work in a variety of on-campus jobs and earn additional income to help finance their education.</p><p>Think ahead. Go further.Career Services</p></li></ul>