sci-lab sg glovebox system .specifications the vigor sci-lab glovebox series is state-of-the-art

Download Sci-Lab SG Glovebox System .SPECIFICATIONS The Vigor Sci-Lab Glovebox Series is state-of-the-art

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    Many different sizes

    Single or double sided

    Industry leading low leak rate

    Full colour touch panel display

    High capacity O2 & H2O removal

    Energy saving intelligent operation

    Large and small antechambers included

    Quick purge & safety glass window included

    Automatic large antechamber control included

    High capacity organic solvent absorber included

    Sci-Lab SG Glovebox System Series

  • GLOVEBOX DIMENSIONS Vigor manufactures many standard sizes of glovebox, single or double sided to help the user decide what they would prefer.

    Vigor however has our own in house welding facility so can manufacture any size glovebox required.

    There are for example four different standard four glove systems. All offering a particular benefit to each individual user.



    SG1800/xxx SG2400/xxx


    SGxxxx/750 SGxxxx/1000

  • SPECIFICATIONS The Vigor Sci-Lab Glovebox Series is state-of-the-art in design and manufacture. Vigor uses the highest quality components in construction. The Sci-Lab Series Glovebox systems are equipped with our patented glovebox seal and gas purification technologies. These new technologies enable us to offer gloveboxes with the lowest leak rate and highest purity levels in the industry.

    Glovebox 304 Stainless steel, 3mm thick, powder coated, 2 storage shelves, support frame 900mm, casters, adjustable feet, aluminium glove ports, butyl rubber gloves

    Window Safety glass

    Antechambers Large antechamber: 370mm diameter x 600mm long, with sliding tray and including automatic antechamber control. Mini antechamber: 150mm diameter x 300mm long with sliding tray.

    Feedthroughs Four DN40-KF feedthroughs welded into the glovebox wall with blanking caps

    Purifier performance Standard:

  • OPTIONS Vigor has a vast range of options available however here are just a few of the more common.

    Analyzers Vacuum pumps


    Cold well Spin coater Quartz window

    Custom feedthroughs


    Vigor has a worldwide presence which enables us to support our vast customer portfolio day or night and to assist with any future potential clients no matter where they are.

    For any enquiry please choose your local office from below.

    Vigor Tech USA

    Uptown Houston Galleria Business Center,

    5100 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77056


    Tel: +1 866-434-5717 email:

    Vigor Tech Europe

    Bedford Business Centre 61-63 St Peters Street

    Bedford, MK40 2PR

    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)1234 482000 email:

    Vigor Gas Purification Technologies Co. Ltd.

    No. 78 Xinglin St., Building 2,

    Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, P.R. China

    Tel: +86 512 82276086 email

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