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Presented to the Mendon-Upton Regional School Committee on January 9, 2012, this brief presentation covers some of the essential facts regarding the revenue and expenses associated with transporting all MURSD students back and forth to school each day.


  • 1. School Funding Basics:Regional TransportationMURSD Regional School CommitteeJanuary 9, 2012

2. Bus Transportation in theMURSD Why? MGL Chapter 71, Section 7A: Schooldistricts must provide two-way transportationfor all students living over one and one-halfmiles from their school. There is no provisionfor funding. ButSection 16C provides for reimbursementto regional school districts: the commonwealthshall reimburse such district to the full extent of theamounts expended for such transportation Under this provision, regional school districtsmay not charge bus fees to families 3. Transportation in theMURSD by the Numbers In FY10, the MURSD transported 2,866 students-but 219 (8%) were non-reimbursable. As theylived with 1 miles of their schools Total cost of transportation to the district in FY10 :$1,209,600 ($1,117,187 is reimbursable: the 92%) The state established a 57.59% reimbursement ratefor FY11 based upon the FY10 figures- thus 0.5759 X $1,117,187 = $643,442 received from thestate for transportation 4. State Reimbursement for RegionalSchools Transportation , FY04-12100.00% 90.76%89.90%90.00% 85.74%80.00%78.08%70.00% 69.03%57.79% 57.59%60.00%57.59% 57.00%50.00%47.52%40.00%30.00%20.00%10.00%Reimb. Rate 0.00%N.B.: The FY13 rate is a prediction only 5. Some Important Caveats Net School Spending (Chapter 70 Aid +Required Local Contribution) excludestransportation expenditures per MGLChapter 70, Section 2 The MURSD Regional Agreement, Section V-Transportation states: School transportationshall be provided by the regional school districtand cost thereof shall be apportioned to themember towns as an operating expense. 6. What if? Using FY11 figures- the amount of cost associatedwith transporting all in-district students: Net School Spending =$1,178,174 2,613 students = $451 per student 7. For More Info on SchoolBudget BasicsGo to the MURSD Superintendents Blog: