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  1. 1. Helping you create your dream home Geoff Cooper Mikko Honkanen Mohit Yadav Yi He Yingjie Liang
  2. 2. User Interviews We conducted interviews at Kista Galleria, Stockholm. We asked the people about their shopping habits, what kind of goals they have for shopping and how they form their purchasing decision. We also asked the people how the use of social media affects their purchase decision. This was done to understand the target user and get design cues from the user. Additional slide - not part of the original presentation
  3. 3. Need to feel the product before buying It
  4. 4. Too much hassle in returning a furniture bought online
  5. 5. Shopping is more of an Experience
  6. 6. User Personas Based on our user interviews, we created a set of 4 personas which can be our potential target users. This was done to keep our focus on the needs of the target users and base Design decisions on their needs. The next slides shows the set of personas used for the project. Additional slide - not part of the original presentation
  7. 7. Scan n Style Scan n Style lets the user scan a room and place different objects scanned in a furniture inside the scanned room. This way the user can collect objects into the virtual scanned room and preview them there. Our idea was to focus on furniture to have a clear target audience, although the general idea could be applied in a more general way, like in the scenario with the young kid. The next slide shows a scenario of how our application would be used. For the purpose of demonstration we use the persona of Mr. and Mrs. Bond who are looking to buy a cradle for their coming baby.
  8. 8. 1.scanning the babys room 2. scanning two baby cribs 3. comparing the cribs to see how they look in the room
  9. 9. Competitive advantages: For the Shoppers and Designers - Quickly model your room just by scanning around. - Visualize furniture into your room, in a physical shop. - Avoid waste on your time, money and efforts buying useless or disharmonious objects. - Help you make smarter and more confident choice for your dream home. - Enhances your shopping experience For the Businessmen - Help their customers acquire better shopping experience. - Boost their sales.
  10. 10. BEHIND THE SCENES (Additional slides related to the work process during the 48h workshop)
  11. 11. Idea Sheet : Other Potential Ideas
  12. 12. Into the Field
  13. 13. User Statements and Persona Creation
  14. 14. Name and Tagline Brainstorming
  15. 15. Helping you create your dream home


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