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2-IN-ONE SAVINGS 4 EDUCATION. Retail Mass Market Broker Distribution. February 2014. Saving for tomorrow shouldn't stop you living today. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES. HOW THE 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PRODUCT WORKS. It is a savings product you can use to save for your childs education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 0</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGS 4 EDUCATIONRetail Mass Market Broker DistributionFebruary 2014Saving for tomorrow shouldn't stop you living today</p> <p>KEY PRODUCT FEATURES</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSHOW THE 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PRODUCT WORKSIt is a savings product you can use to save for your childs educationThe product is split into a Short Term Pocket and a Long Term Pocket. The Short Term Pocket enables you to access your saved money when you need it and the Long Term Pocket enables you to achieve your savings objective. Your savings in the Long Term Pocket are invested in the Old Mutual Smoothed Bonus Fund, and your savings in the Short Term Pocket are invested in the Old Mutual Money Market Fund.1LONG TERM POCKETMinimum term: 10 yearsFund: Old Mutual Smoothed Bonus FundGrowth: Annual bonusesSHORT TERM POCKETMinimum term: 12 contributionsFund: Old Mutual Money Market FundGrowth: Monthly interest</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSHOW THE 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PRODUCT WORKSFor whom is this product suitable?This product is designed for customers who are able to commit to savings of at least R150 per month for 10 years or longer, but also require access to some money during this time.2What are the benefits of this product?LONG TERM POCKET The main benefit is the accumulated value of your savings, which will be available in full at the end of the term of your product, on your death, or on disability.SHORT TERM POCKET The main benefit is the accumulated value of your savings, which will be available any time you need it. However, as your savings are invested in a Money Market Unit Trust, which is not like a bank account, it may take up to 10 days to clear and show in your bank account.</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSHOW THE 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PRODUCT WORKSMonthly contributions are split between the two pocketsCustomers have a choice of the total monthly contribution, but how it is split into the two pockets is determined automatically. Below are examples of how Old Mutual splits each monthly contribution:3Monthly ContributionLong Term PocketShort Term PocketR150.00R200.00R250.00R300.00R350.00R130.00R130.00R162.50R195.00R227.50R20.00R70.00R87.50R105.00R122.50</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSHOW CHARGES ARE DEDUCTED4</p> <p>* Fees for 2014. Fees are reviewable annually ** Reducing fee depends on how long the product has been activeWhat are these charges for?Deducted from long term premiumsRegular premium fee: for advice, issuing the product, and ongoing servicing. This is deducted from your long term premiums paid each month.</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSHOW CHARGES ARE DEDUCTED5Deducted from long term investment growthInvestment &amp; administration fee: for administration and maintenance of the product. Guarantee fee: for providing the guaranteed part of your payout in the Long Term PocketFund management fees: for managing the Smoothed Bonus Funds investments.Deducted from Long Term PocketTermination fee (Part Withdrawal, Surrender and Paid-up): Administration fee plus a reducing fee. The reducing fee is only charged if you take money out of your Long Term Pocket (under certain legislated conditions), or you completely stop paying contributions within the first half of your product's term.</p> <p>SHORT TERM POCKET Fund management fees: for managing the Money Market Fund's investments. This is deducted from the monthly interest.Withdrawal fee: The first two withdrawals from your Short Term Pocket are free of charge each calendar year. Thereafter a R50 fee is charged per withdrawal.</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSWHAT ARE THE TAX IMPLICATIONS?6LONG TERM POCKET Benefits paid out to you from the Long Term Pocket are not taxed. Old Mutual pays the various taxes on investment growth during the term of your product.SHORT TERM POCKETYou will owe income tax on the total interest you earn from all your investments, including the interest added into your Short Term Pocket, if it is above a certain level specified by SARS. </p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSPRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS7Minimum Premium:R150.00 split to:Long Term Pocket: R130Short Term Pocket: R20With Premium Waiver Benefit:R175.00 split to:Long Term Pocket: R130 + 10% Savings Protection = R143Short Term Pocket: R20</p> <p>What is a Premium Waiver Option?If you die or become disabled in the first 10 years of taking out your product, Old Mutual will pay an amount into your Long Term Pocket. This amount will be equal to the current value of the remaining long term premiums (after regular premium fees) up to the first 10 years of your product. If you die or become disabled due to natural causes in the first 6 months, this amount is not payable.This option needs to be chosen at the time of application and increases your monthly contribution to the Long Term Pocket by 10%.A premium waiver charge of 10% will be added to your contribution for the Long Term Pocket if you select the Premium Waiver Option. The 10% increase will be used as a waiver charge for the first 10 years and will not be invested in the Smoothed Bonus Fund. After 10 years, the full Long Term Premium will be invested in the Smoothed Bonus Fund (10% included).</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSPRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITSMinimum Term:8Long Term Pocket:10 yearsShort Term Pocket:12 contributionsInvestment Fund:Long Term Pocket:Smooth Bonus FundShort Term Pocket:Money Market FundGrowth:Long Term Pocket:Bonuses declared annuallyShort Term Pocket:Interest added at end of each monthBenefit available:Long Term Pocket:Available in full at the end of the term, on death, or on disabilityShort Term Pocket:Benefit is the value of your savings, which will be available any time you need itPremium Holiday Benefit:The Premium Holiday allows for up to six premiums to be skipped, during the term of the policy. This benefit is available again to the client, on payment of the skipped premiums</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSPRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS9Savings Boosters:Part Withdrawals:Long Term Pocket:One part-withdrawal up to 100% will be available within the first 5 years of the policy term, and then at 5-yearly intervals thereafter. The period between any part-withdrawals must also be at least 5 yearsShort Term Pocket:Any withdrawal amount, up to the sum of all Short Term contributions receivedContributionIncreases:Contributions increase in July each year, as long as it has been active for at least 6 months. The increase is determined by Old Mutual and will be related to the level of inflation. Customers can choose to decline the increaseThese are amounts added by Old Mutual to your Long Term Pocket to motivate you to be disciplined towards your long term savings, and to keep paying your premiums until maturity.AfterSavings Booster added is an amount equal to:24 premiums60 premiums110 premiums2 Long Term premiums3 Long Term premiums8 Long Term premiums</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGSAccess to the following Family Support Services* from independent service providers:24 HOUR FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICESHealth support*:Telephone access to health advisers for assistance with health queriesTrauma, assault and HIV treatment*:Assistance and treatment following assault (e.g. rape, hijacking, child abuse), accidental exposure to HIV or other kinds of traumaEmergency medical response*:Advice, emergency treatment and transportation to an appropriate medical facilityLegal support*:Free telephone advice and assistance on legal matters, help with legal documentsImportant note:*Family Support Services - Certain terms and conditions apply to the facilitation of this access. For a copy of these, call 0860 00 1919.Old Mutual facilitates access to independent Family Support Service providers. Such access is not offered as a benefit under your insurance policy and may be varied or cancelled at any time. The service providers provide services directly to you on terms agreed between you and the service providers. Old Mutual does not accept any liability arising from the services rendered by the service providers.10</p> <p>2-IN-ONE SAVINGS</p>