Save the Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Save the Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Save the Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis Hilt Tatum IV

IntroductionOxford University graduate Hilt Tatum IV is the chairman of Oxford Consulting Group. Outside of his professional endeavors, Hilt Tatum supports several charitable organizations, including Save the Children.

Founded in the early 1930s, Save the Children invests in the welfare of children by providing them with opportunities for education and protecting them from harm. Throughout the years, Save the Children's priorities have changed depending on the major crises it is currently facing. In recent years, Save the Children has been helping out the children of Syrian refugees.

In what is considered one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time, the Syrian refugee crisis has been going on for the past five years and has already affected over 5 million children.

Save the ChildrenThe refugee crisis is depriving these children of the most important amenities in life, including basic safety and education. It is for this reason that Save the Children has teamed up with other aid agencies such as the United Nations Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and World Vision in calling out to various governments as well as members of the public to provide help to the children. Apart from these advocacy activities, Save the Children has also been providing affected children with food and clothing, in addition to its traditional education and support measures.


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