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What is happening to our planet?Earth is located in a solar system, in the Milky Way galaxy. So far, humans havent discover any other planet convenient for life. Thats why its so important for it to be a safe place for us to live in. Unfortunately, our planet is in danger! Its major problems are global warming, deforestations and water shortages. These cause a tuff life for over a half of the people on this planet and the death of lots of plants and animals.

DOLPHINSDolphins are aquatic mammals. They are endangered species. Dolphins are very fast swimmers. They can reach 60 km/h! Dolphins are one of the smartest species in the world. They even name their babies! Some dolphin species like the Baiji are already extinct! Other species, like the Maui are in great danger.


Dolphins are very susceptible to the entanglement in commercial fishing gear. Discarded fishing gear poses a major threat as well. Entanglement drowns dolphins because they are unable to reach the surface to breathe. Some dolphin species are on the verge of extinction for this very reason.

HABITAT LOSSRiver dolphins share their habitat with a large percentage of the world's population which is threatening their life. The construction of dams, boat traffic, and other waterfront development are destroying more and more their river habitats at an alarming rate.

COMMERCIAL HARVESTMany dolphin species are harvested as a food source. Despite containing toxic levels of contaminants such as heavy metals in their flesh, some countries continue to hunt them. These contaminants cause illness and disorders in humans who consume them.

CLIMATE CHANGEClimate change has many effects on the oceans which can have adverse impacts on marine mammals, like dolphins. As ocean temperatures rise from climate change, prey populations are affected. Climate change also affects ocean currents witch are altering prey distribution, feeding grounds, and migratory pathways.

SOLUTIONS The government should pass a law that would ban hunting dolphins. But there are also things that we could do to help these animals, like keeping the beaches clean or avoid throwing litter into the rivers and seas. These acts may seem small, but they could save the marine ecosystem. If many people did that, the waters would be a safer home not just for dolphins, but for many other animals.

LYNXLynx is a medium size wild cat, in Romania. It is an endangered species and it is defended by law since 1970. It lives in the mountains and in the forests.

THREATS TO LYNXLynx barely has nowhere to live because of human infrastructure which has destroyed rural life drastically. Lynx is protected by law, but is still hunted for its fur and meat and even because it is a threat to domestic animals.

SOLUTIONSFortunately, there are things we can do to help the lynx:-protect their natural habitat by planting trees in deforested areas -the government should punish people who hunt lynx-it could also prohibit building entertainment centers in the lynx natural habitat.If we did that, we could save this beautiful animal and offer it a better life.


Polar bears are mammals who live at the North Pole. They are very good swimmers. They eat seals. Polar bears are used to a very cold climate and they cant resist in

PREY DISSAPEARENCEThe most serious problem that causes the disappearance of polar bears is global warming. It has many effects not just on the land, but also on the ocean. Polar bears prey dies, so many of these white animals dont have enough

LACK OF ICEAlso because of the global warming, the icebergs at the North Pole melts, so the polar bears remain with no ice to live on. So, they are trapped in the middle of the sea, on a little ice island, with no food and no safety.

CONCEQUENCESWho would have thought that pollution have so serious and sad consequences? If the polar bears get extinct, the food web will be damaged. If the food web is damaged, it is probably that other animals will go extinct along with the polar bears and the animals polar bears hunt will over-populate and cause a negative impact on the environment.

SOLUTIONSMany scientists believe that global warming is caused by the excessive pollution. The government should improve public transport and ban cars. If it passed a law in witch factories get punished if they pollute too much, this situation wouldnt have been so urgent. But we can help the environment as well. We shouldnt use so much electricity at home and we should share our cars with family and friends. If we must get somewhere in the city, we should use public transport or use a bicycle.

CONCLUSIONSOur planet might be in danger, but it is still not to late to act, so lets take position and defend our home! Is this the world we want to live in? Lets help the environment and the life in it together! Its time to do something for our beloved home, the Earth, for it needs our help. All the problems the world faces will certainly affect us, too!