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How to save money on your wedding

How to save money on your wedding

For many brides, an abundance of flowers and candles are key elements in their wedding day. But what if your budget does not allow you the freedom to spend thousands of dollars on fresh cut flowers. How do you get the look you want for less.

DIY wedding Flowers play an important role in the planning of the wedding and the expenses, so give yourself at least six months before the wedding to plan. It's good to have some ideas from the beginning, because you want your flowers to complement your dress, the color scheme in general, and place.

Today, any option to save some money is valid, which is why this practice is being increasingly used in arranging marriages. It is known that flowers are one of the expenses that more 'attack' the budget of a marriage. So it is good to consider the idea of sharing expenses.If going with appropiate natural fresh cut flowers, it is important to select flowers that are in season. Remember when choosing flowers for you regardless of where you live and whether you're getting married, if you choose local flowers that are in season will be more affordable than exotic or imported varieties. We have an excellent online catalog with over 500 different flower species that can blend easily with your wedding theme.

Carnations are one of the cheapest wedding flowers. A lot of people do not like. But when used in abundance so that the flowers are packed together can be quite surprising. Consider a low center square table 20 carnation flowers with all the stems and foliage removed.

Mums, daisies, carnations, exotic flowers are less than half the price of garden roses and they can add texture and color to the wedding arrangements otherwise boring and traditional. If you must have roses, limit the number and add cheaper flower fillers.

Think about choosing the main coordinating flower and using fillers such as vegetation, baby's breath, berries and branches to fill the open spaces. Instead of traditional fillings, accent your bouquets and arrangements with ribbon, crystals, pearls and tulle.