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  • ContentsIntroduction

    Blow out the concept of traditional Saree Blouse Design

    Blouse hemline

    Change in Concept

    An ode in contrast of color and work

    Front neckline fashion

    UP the COLLAR in high neck fashion

    Chinese Collar Pattern

    Shirt pattern for long necks

    Nehru-collar pattern

    High-Neck Passion

    Halter Neck

    Round Neck or Crew Neck

    Cowl neck

    Angrakha Pattern

    Boat Neck/ Bateau neck/Sabrina neckline

    Key Hole

    Peter Pan collar

    Jewelled Neck

    Cocktail blouse

    Pairing in jacket style

    Fashion in downline hinting the cleave

    Square Neck

    V as in Victorystyling in V-neck victory

    U Neckline

    Scoop Neck

    Surplice Neckline

    Sweet Heart - Neckline

    Pentagon Neck

    Queen Anne Reveling neck

    Empire Neckline

    Dare The Modesty

    Illusion Front neck

  • Spaghetti Strap

    Asymmetrical neckline

    Off-shoulder blouse

    Bustier Front

    You can experiment more on back neck styling of your adorable blouse

    Cutwork blouse

    Variety in back variations

    High collar Pot back design

    Taunting T in Shape on your back

    Key-hole on back

    Round back cut

    Unbothered Symmetry Asymmetry

    Strappy Back Hemline


    Quadrilateral Boat neck back

    Illusion Back Work

    String style variations

    Style with Innovation

    Bra-type blouse back

    Halter back neck

    Some styling in Sleeves

    Full sleeve blouse

    Elbow length styling

    Short sleeves

    Puffy Sleeves

    Some more styling on sleeves

    Decking up blouses in variant design

    Kundan Work

    Embroidery work

    Stone- beads-Zari Work

    Cut Work

    Lace & Butta


  • A redefinition of Saree Blouse Design in 50 styles

  • Introduction

    Name the most reckoned version to celebrate your modesty in terms of ethnic attire-the buzz would definitely bang as Saree. Did you ever asked your Saree wardrobe, who pal her to be even more gorgeous!

    No doubt it is Blouse! This six-yard magnificence can be draped in some listed styles but show off your dare in more than 50 styles of pairing with eclectic blouses. Lets start experimenting!

    Blow out the concept of traditional Saree Blouse Design

    Traditionally and predominantly its shows off a major portion of upper torso from neck to bust line as well back neck part. A detailed line ends above waist to expose naval and stomach part. A blouse piece generally comes with saree. In a slight variation of hemline and cut pattern its stitched. It is same or closely resembles the base color or component color of saree. Gone are those days here is list of twist in daring-pairing! History & Origin

    Blouse hemline

    Since 1890s this fashion was adopted from France. In fact, blouse itself is a French word. During its inception, it was not worn only with Saree or not only by Women. Any garment that cohere upper part of the body was known as blouse. Its hemline covered upper torso to waistline. After the beginning of 19th century, it secured its position in womens wardrobe as essential part of saree.

    Change in Concept

    An ode in contrast of color and work

    Strike off the fashion of matching saree and blouse. Lets play with hues to show off sweet attitude that marks as signature. Pair a tricolor silk saree with a blouse that is absolute far from match. But highly embellished in its statement! You can definitely experiment with size and cut. Lets alter the concept of traditional hemline, make it something like top or waist coat type that can even gratify your elegance.

  • Front neckline fashion

    The front part of the blouse is the most important section to set the attire on your body. It features neckline, armhole, shoulder stretch, high bust line and full bust line. It also keeps hip line in proportion to affix the blouse in right measurement on upper waist line. Neckline and sleeves pattern are two most eminent feature of front part.

    UP the COLLAR in high neck fashion

    Chinese Collar Pattern

    This is most trending in elegant fashion styling. The low collar or Chinese collar with a partly exposure of neck accomplishes the formal as well as corporate look. Sleeves may be altered according to occasion and purpose. For party wear style up with embroidery work. Designer work with heavy stone or zardozi can turn heads. A plain base color chiffon or silk saree or may be a handloom saree can accomplish the perfect zing. This genre does not depend on border of the saree to define its prominence. You can pair a solid color saree without border with a Chinese collar blouse to define the lines on and in between weaves of threads. The boardroom can rock in your pleasant yet elegant fashion proclamation.

    Shirt pattern for long necks

    This special designer blouse is only for formal boardroom fashion. Collar-like shirt with throughout buttons emerging in between first to last hemline is awesome. Your thin stature and long neck can

  • better exhibit it. A net saree or transparent saree complements it on high peach. Sleeves can be short or three-quarter. Dark bold colors like black, dark brown or navy blue are preferable.

    Nehru-collar pattern

    Nehru collar saree blouse design is rocking in Gen Y. It is another definition of elegance and completeness. Resembling the Nehru jacket for Men it comes in jacket like embodies. Embroidery work accomplishes its ethnic look. Short or puffy sleeves are well matched.

    High-Neck Passion

    To delineate the extensive work on blouse or to simplify the unsaid piousness of the saree high neck blouse can do all the magic. With a covering on upper torso, it highlights the ravishing beauty of your body shape as well. It is an ultimate rhythm to adhere with traditional modesty yet in a contemporary makeover.

  • This zardozi work high collar blouse with a slight cut on side is exclusive fashion hype. The vastness of the work is so elegant and chic that it can speak for your inclination towards mesmerizing ethnic artwork.

    Halter Neck

    This is a special high neck blouse with tapered pattern plunging the neck and shoulder is much flaunted as a showstopper. It can be paired with both heavy work and plain saree. If you consider Sonam Kapoor as the best example to portray ethereal elegance then this is the best type to flatter her body type. If your bust is not that heavy compared to your breadth and stature then halter neck is best to complement your saree draped gorgeousness.

    Round Neck or Crew Neck

    Round fashion as an evergreen innocent styling is rocking the fashionistas throughout ages and generations. A very clean and clear easy hemline without complicacy of designer expertise is a fashion in itself. It covers from clavicles to riffs or upper waist line. But it should be in long sleeves otherwise, fails to round up the competence of this simple cut.

    Cowl neck

    With several folds of loose fit fabric at upper neck part it is a casual yet effective way to flaunt your initiatives in experimenting with fashion and patterns. Long sleeves are again a must to go pair with it. Deuce a black cowl neck blouse with a white or tricolor saree and rock the party floor like never before you in saree.

    Angrakha Pattern

  • It has a Rajasthan origin with two parts overlapping each other. In the midriff portion, it gets cropped to set the traditional blouse fashion .Need not to repeat.....any high collar blouse is gorgeous with full sleeves as its detailed in itself. Some sophisticated neat embroidery or stripe work is even another step ahead to make the designers perfection in it.

    Boat Neck/ Bateau neck/Sabrina neckline

    Upper hemline is broadened and stretched till shoulder point. It hints a pepping collar bone but clung the upper torso. Alter sleeves to full length, three-quarter or sleeveless.

    Key Hole

    With a high up blouse hinting, a little exposure of upper part of the cliff can make you head turner. The slight cut in between complete covering is itself an inquisition for fashionistas and admirers. Intricate of thread embroidery arises the awe-inspiring fashion. Worn with a pallu down the bust line can better state it.

  • Peter Pan collar

    It rest on the torso with plain collar emerging from neckline has very less to hint apart from its plain flat attitude in fun.It is also known as Maude Adams pattern as it was designed by John White Alexander and his wife.

    Jewelled Neck

    Jewelry is the best passion of women especial when it comes to posing in Saree. How if your blouse accomplishes the requirement of heavy necklace prefixed with your neck. A high neck blouse with highly embellished beads, stones, threads and zari work can put an end to your search for matching jewelry as well gives the most exquisite look.

    Cocktail blouse

    This is the most sophisticated pattern for party goers and especially cocktail parties. Its elegance and work speak of its presence and comfort. Jewelry work and pattern is significant for a pampering party like cocktail.Colour selection should be rich and vibrant to speak of your naughty mood.

  • Pairing in jacket style

    An overstated bustier forming a jacket clasped with a hook on neck and rest open for your styling. Not just that its high-class embroidery is represented by a simple beige color downline cloth to cover your bust cozily. It creates an illusion of broad shoulder in a trending pattern. It can add magic to transparent sarees. And can delineate your fashion conscience. You can as well make bit long to cover the waist part and drape your saree in a new style.


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