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SANTONI ELECTRIC CO. PVT LTD. - Manufacturer,exporter & supplier of industrial vacuum,industrial vacuum systems,industrial vacuum cleaners,industrial central vacuum systems,industrial vacuum system,portable industrial vacuum,industrial vacuum cleaner,industrial vacuum equipment,cleaner,floor scrubber,polisher,automatic scrubber- cum vacuum, floor scrubbers,industrial floor scrubbers,home floor scrubbers,commercial floor scrubbers,automatic floor scrubbers,floor scrubbers machines,floor scrubbers polishers,domestic floor scrubbers,Cleaning equipment, cleaning tools, cleaning machines from India industrial vacuum cleaners manufacturer,industrial vacuum equipment exporter,supplier,industrial vacuum,industrial vacuum systems,industrial vacuum cleaners,industrial central vacuum systems,industrial vacuum system,portable industrial vacuum,industrial vacuum cleaner,industrial vacuum equipment


  • 1.Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning ToolsSantoni Electric was conceptualized way back in 1980 with the objective of being amenable to pollution control and energy efficient solutions. Today, it is an ISO 9001:2008 approved organization.

2. Why Us ? International quality products Use of high quality raw material Strong Research & Development High tech machinery and equipment Team of skilled and trained personnel Timely submission of consignment. 3. Who We Are Established in 1983 Honest Business Deals Owing To Our Stringent Quality Checks Longing For Excellence In Technology And Manufacturing Mechanism 4. 5. Air Pollution Control SystemsCleaning ToolsCleaning MachinesProduct Range Ducts Twin Bucket Wringer Trolley DRY & Backpack Vacuum Cleaners Suction-Hood Flat Mop Set Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners Weld Fume Extraction Arms Wet Mop Set AutoScrubbers/Combined Scrubber Fume Extractors Housekeeper's Caddie Floor Sweepers Cyclone Dust Collector Cobweb Brushes Central Vacuum Cleaning System 6. Air Pollution Control SystemsDucts Why are good quality ducts important: Ducts are a major source of pressure drop in a system - badly designedducts can cause tremendous amount of pressure drop and fail an otherwise good system. Ducts can be a major drain due to excessive wear. Ducts form a major part of the cost of a system - therefore, well designed ducts can make a system cost effective. 7. Air Pollution Control SystemsSuction-HoodDesigned for specific Applications. Capturing the dust/fume particles from a source point is the biggest challenge for any dust collection system manufacturer and suction hood plays a very significant part in it. In fact faulty design of a suction hood can completely ruin the performance of dust extraction. . 8. Air Pollution Control Systems Weld Fume Extraction Arms For single and multiple welding stations suction arms fully or partially adjustable in three axis (X, Y & Z). These arms are connected to a network of ducts. The suction is generated by a centrifugal blower and the air carrying fumes can be either exhausted untreated or can be treated to remove contaminants before exhausting. 9. Air Pollution Control SystemsFume Extractors SPECIFICATIONS Sturdy MS fabrication (optional SS304, SS-316, FRP) Three stage filtration Pre-filter to remove large particles etc. Main filter in micro-vee design for filtration down to 2 micron with 99.97% efficiency. Very Large Filter area - long unclogged life. 10. Air Pollution Control SystemsCyclone Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collectors are the most basic dust collectors suitable for the collection of not-so-fine dusts. 11. Cleaning ToolsTwin Bucket Wringer TrolleyConsists to 2 nos. of 25 Ltrs. Bucket (Blue & Red) mounted on a plastic Chassis with wheels, for easy movement. With Down press Mop Wringer. 12. Cleaning ToolsFlat Mop SetFoldable Plastic Flat Mop Frame 40cm with clips on both sides to hold the mop with Microfibre Mop cloth and Aluminium Handle with colour coded Grip 13. Cleaning ToolsWet Mop SetHigh Quality Plastic Mop Holder with Microfibre/ Cotton Colour coded Mop Refill and Aluminum Handle with Grip 14. Cleaning ToolsHousekeeper's Caddie Handy Basket for carrying all cleaning tools conveniently. Can also be used with Housekeeping trolleys. Available with bottle holder rack 15. Cleaning Tools Cobweb Brushes Very convenient for cleaning the cobwebs and fans etc. Available in 2 versions Round & Tube 16. Cleaning MachinesDRY & Backpack Vacuum CleanersPrima Backpack Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Back mounted Vacuum Cleaner The machine only weighs 5 kgs. Ideal for use in the narrow waterway/ pipe/ escalator etc. Equipped with a full set of standard Accessories, suitable for floor an above the floor areas Well-designed, comfortable to use with padded shoulder pads. Power: 1000 W 17. Cleaning MachinesWet & Dry Vacuum CleanersUberVAC Wet-P/M 25 Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Ideal for wet & dry use in offices, hotels, malls, hospitals etc. Tank Capacity: 25 Ltrs. Available in shock proof Plastic or Stainless Steel Tanks 2 Stage By Pass Vacuum Motor Power: 1400 W 18. Cleaning Machines AutoScrubbers/Combined Scrubber Driers PRIMA AS 1730 The control panel is easy to see and the control is simple. Compact machine with large water tank capacity, ideal for cleaning of medium sized floo areas Mechanical Parameters are displayed at any time, letting you be clear of the operational situation of the machine. The curved suction nozzle, helps in better suction thus leaving the floor dry Easily serviceable The rubber splash guards around the brushes prevent splashing while working 19. Cleaning MachinesFloor SweepersSantoni FS-1200 Ideally suited for the cleaning of large areas - such as lawns, roads inside factories, large godowns/warehouses, public places, exhibition grounds, etc. Features a centrifugal blower based suction system With a suction nozzle of 750 mm (30 inches) width it can cover up to 30000 Sq. ft per hour Cleans floor having metal chips, dirt, dust, broken glass, leaves and other kind of dry particulate matter 20. Contact Us: Mr. Vimal Kumar B-276, Outer Ring Road, Chittaranjan Park,New Delhi 110019, India Landline No: 91-11-26272483/26277210/26276478 Mobile No: +919899000972 E-Mail ID: For Details Visit :