Sanicapyl: a natural solution for a healthy scalp and beautiful-looking hair

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    EU adopts proposed restriction onphosphates in laundry detergents

    The European Parliament and theCouncil of the European Union haveadopted the European Commissionsproposal [Focus on Surfactants, Jan11] to amend Regulation (EC) No648/2004 as regards the use ofphosphates and other phosphoruscompounds in household laundrydetergents. The draft legislative acthas already been transmitted to andapproved by the national Parliamentsof the EU member states. Points (1),(3), (7), (9) and (10) of Article 1 ofRegulation (EC) No 648/2004 havebeen amended such that, from 1 Jan2013, household laundry detergentsshall not be placed on the market ifthe total content of phosphorus isequal to or greater than 0.5% byweight. This regulation entered intoforce on the twentieth day followingthat of its publication in the OfficialJournal of the European Union (19Apr 2011). The amended regulationshall be binding in its entirety anddirectly applicable in all memberstates.

    Official Journal of the European Union C Informationand Notices, 19 Apr 2011, 54 (C 121), 1-14(European Communities, website:


    Sanicapyl: a natural solution for ahealthy scalp and beautiful-lookinghair

    Laboratoires Serobiologiques (LS),the active ingredients business ofCognis, which is now part of theBASF Group, has launched thenatural complex Sanicapyl. Thisactive ingredient helps to rebalancethe scalp to overcome dandruffconditions, while beautifying the hair.Oily dandruff conditions are mainlycaused by an excess production ofsebum, which can be aggravated bybacterial proliferation orhyperkeratosis. Closely linked to thisis an inflammation of the skin that

    causes the scalp to itch and leaveshair shafts weakened and lookingdull. While conventional syntheticmolecules are able to reducedandruff, they are not very effective atregulating the production of sebum.As a result, the itching persists andthe hair remains looking dull andlacklustre. However, new plant-basedactive ingredient Sanicapyl has beenshown to exert a moisturizing as wellas an anti-inflammatory activity (in vitro tests), reducing itchingsensations and regulating theproduction of sebum. In addition, ithas proven antidandruff properties: inclinical tests, Sanicapyl proved aseffective as a benchmark activeingredient. Further tests confirmed ithad significant antimicrobial activityon Malassezia furfur and M globosa.Compared to the benchmark activeingredient, the new natural complexwas also shown to offer additionalhair beauty properties, by enhancinghair radiance and boosting hairsoftness. It is suitable for all hair typesand can be incorporated intoshampoo, lotion and conditionerformulations. The product containssodium lauroyl lactylate, butyleneglycol, piper negrum (pepper), fruitextract and Inga Alba bark extract, ispreservative free, used at 0.3% to1%, and is water soluble.

    Press release from: Cognis GmbH, Postfach 130164,D-40551, Dsseldorf, Germany, website: (31 Mar 2011)

    Eastman launches first personal careingredient using GEM technology

    Eastman Chemical Co has introducedits first commercially available productderived from GEM technology, theproprietary green manufacturingprocess and winner of the EPAsPresidential Green Chemical Award in2009 [Focus on Surfactants, Oct2009] (Eastman GEM technology wasformerly known as the Eastman greenbiocatalytic process). Eastman GEM2-ethylhexyl palmitate is a high-qualitymaterial ideal for use in skin care andcolour cosmetic applications. Wecreated Eastman GEM 2-ethylhexylpalmitate to meet the risingconsumers and brand desire forsustainably manufactured cosmeticingredients, says Marcie Natale,biocatalysis platform manager,Eastman Chemical. Our technology

    significantly removes waste, reducesenergy-use and GHG emissions. Thebeauty is in the process. The GEMprocess uses enzymatic technologyand closely controlled manufacturingconditions to make esters, eliminatingthe high temperature and strong acidstraditionally required in theirmanufacture. Esters are a vitalbuilding block in thousands ofproducts. Eastmans gentlertechnology consumes less energywhile making high-quality products,even when beginning with sensitivestarting materials.

    Press release from: Eastman Chemical Co, PO Box431, Kingsport, TN 37662, USA, tel: +1 423 2292000, fax: +1 423 229 2145, website: (29 Mar 2011)

    New product highlights from the in-cosmetics show

    A number of companies unveiled new associated products at the in-cosmetics show held in Milan, Italyon 29-31 Mar 2011. AkzoNobelpresented its new Structure CELrange of polymers, promoted assustainable, nonionic rheologymodifiers for hair and skin careapplications. The polymers areexpected to find applications asrheology and texture modifiers inconditioners, foam boosters andrheology modifiers in shampoos, andrheology modifiers for hair stylinggels. International Group launchedSebapet as a natural vegetablepetrolatum replacement. The materialis a mix of vegetable oils with actionssimilar to those of fatty acids andesters found in natural skin sebum. Itis suited for use in creams, lotions, lipcare products and body washes. BRBInternational presented a full line ofsilicone crosspolymers for personalcare applications while Agranaexhibited certified organicbiopolymers Agenajel 21.387,Quemina 21.257 and Agenamalt20.235. An organic waxy corn starch,Agenajel is ideal for hot or cold creamand lotion formulations, as well as apowder base. Quemina is intended asan organic thickener in emulsionswhile organic maltodextrin Agenamaltfunctions as a carrier and filler.Finally, Dow Corning unveiled its CE-7080 Smart Style Emulsion. Thisamino acid silicone elastomeremulsion imparts many stylingbenefits when used in leave-in

    4 JUNE 2011

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