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<ol><li> 1. has been instituted to extend this purpose of flowers into your lives and helpyou reach across the seas, with your loved ones to make your presence felt in their hearts. A fewconcerned, socially awakened individuals with experience from varied industries, joined hands to usetheir experiences to bring for you, an exquisite collection of tasteful arrangements, with processoriented efficiency for enviable service and at the best of prices. This is has been packaged in the formof the various services being offered on this site. is a technology backedcompany with optimum utilization of the latest technology available. Technology at our core has helpedus in our sourcing of flowers from the growers and the export markets in India, at the best of priceswithout compromizing iota of quality. Our same commitment towards modern techniques and processorientation help us efficiently deliver the your selected arrangements to the destined person throughour nationwide network of flowers, on time &amp; just as you thought it to be. We have a well definedvendor management policy with integrated flash points to identify any variations. undertake orders for flower delivery all over India. We are soliciting partnershipsfrom like minded organizations all over the world who can help us in our mission, to provide efficientdelivery, of best quality flowers, at attractive rates, and are ready to pass on the benefit to the actualbuyers of the site. We hope to make a difference. And Invite you to enjoy world class services on thissite for your benefit, with satisfaction that you may be making a whole lot of difference in thatsomeones life somewhere. We appreciate your feedback, as we dont want to compromise on anything.So make use of the feedback section or email us at and be assured wewill make our best efforts towards it. Yours Bloomingly, team Salient Services onthe site: Ask Florist: If you are confused about the products or what to send, just ask the florist tochoose for you. Our experienced florists will custom make an arrangement or a bunch for you withinyour budget according to your instructions. Custom Orders: With due regards to your creativity and yourspecial concerns, we have a custom order section for you. Just give us your requirements, our Floristswill advise you on its possibility and total cost for it. A product with your name will be created for youwhich can be reordered by you and you only. Customer Benefits: Privacy policy: We follow a wellconstituted &amp; strict privacy policy. We dont share our customer data with anybody. We dont have anysuch so called partner sites with whom we share data. No unsolicited emails from us. We sendoccasional emails to our members to keep them informed about our services but only when they haveinstructed us. Customers can edit their email settings anytime on the site after loging in. Order Tracking:Dont be in the dark, follow your order through our order tracking tool available on the site. My Choice:Like some product, but dont want to send now, just add to my choice. You can just surf your my choice </li><li> 2. section next time you wanna order in hurry. Sent products: You can just login and view the productswhich you have sent, also to whom you sent them</li></ol>