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Gods Plan for Humanity. Salvation History. Salvation History. The world was without form And the world was void. In the Beginning. My Fathers Plan. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavens do a tape series that I find helpful. A Framework - not to be confused with The Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Salvation History

Salvation HistoryGods Plan for Humanity1Salvation HistoryIn the BeginningThe world was without formAnd the world was void2My Fathers PlanScott Hahn and Jeff Cavens do a tape series that I find helpfulA Framework - not to be confused with The FrameworkGod is a God of CovenantsCovenants are distinct from contractsContracts - quid pro quo (this for that)Covenants imply relationship - a love relationshipIn Hebrew there is a significance to 7 - to 7 oneself is to make an oath, to enter into a serious covenantOne can divide Salvation History into 12 periods and 7 covenantsGod comes to us - He deals with stuff -matter - the Sacraments3The Two Stories of CreationGods relationship with creation and with the Human personThe First Chapter of Genesis This story reveals Gods relationship with all His creation!

The Second Chapter of GenesisThis story reveals Gods relationship with the human person4Genesis Chapters 1All that God made was very good!God brings form out of chaosDay 1: Let there be light Light and darkens are separatedDay 2: Let us separate the fluids: The Air and the SeaDay 3: Gives form to the earth; vegetation and earthGod brings order to the world and now He will fill the void that exists in the form that He brought forth.God Fills the voidDay 4: Creatures of light fill the day and the night, (e.g. sun, moon and stars.Day 5: The birds and the fish fill the fluids. Interesting to note that in the physical universe, both the air and the water are governed by the same mathematical equations.Day 6: The animals and the greatest of all animals, the human person, are created,Day 7: God makes the day of rest, a day to reflect on Gods Goodness5Gods Plan for the Human PersonThe Human Persons Original StateAdam (earth) was created Original InnocenceOriginal SolitudeGod made all the animals for Adam they didnt quite do it for him, then bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh! Whoa! Man! WomenOriginal Solitude is pierced by the community of persons the family an image of the Trinity it self a community of persons united in mutual unlimited loveA Marriage CovenantThe first covenant limited to a family6Gods Plan for the Human PersonThe FallAdam was told (Eve was not created yet) not to eat of the tree of Good and evilEve was obviously in the know( some scholars speculate that this was to establish the importance of Tradition (Eve failed to trust in the word of another human person)Genesis 3:15 I will put enmity between you and the woman, he will bruise your head and He/she will crush your head.7The Proto-Gospel Genesis 3:15Emnity between your offspring and hersMel Gibsons Passion focus on the passageRemember the opening scene Jesus crushes the serpents headAlso the Devil stalking Jesus holding a strange offspring?.. I will put enmity between you and the woman, and your offspring and yours.8Salvation HistoryThe Twelve periodsThe History of the Early WorldThe covenant with Adam and Eve (the family)The covenant with Noah ( the Household)The PatriarchsThe covenant with Abram or Abraham (the Tribe)Israel in EgyptThe Covenant with Moses (the Nation or Tribes)The Promised LandThe Conquest in Canaan9Salvation HistoryThe Twelve Periods (cont)The JudgesThe United KingdomThe covenant with David (the Jewish Kingdom)The Divided KingdomThe ExileThe ReturnTheMaccabean RevoltJesus the MessiahThe ChurchThe covenant with Jesus (the whole world)10The Exodus EventI will be your people, and you will be my God!Let my people go!Moses led the people from the cruel oppression of slavery.The final plague?The first born was to be taken via the Angel of deathHow were the Israelites spared?The blood of an unblemished male lamb on the doorpostThey were set free, but pursued until Moses used Aarons staff to split the Red SeaThey rejected Gods plan, but God provided them with manna from heaven11The Peoples SinMake for us a god in our imageGods plan is rejected, and Moses pleads his caseAfter the people create a god in that fits the world they had grown accustomed to in Egypt, God proposes to Moses to start over with him.Moses suggests, What would the neighbors think? You go to all the trouble of delivering this people, only to sacrifice them in the dessert? Very bad PR.The people are spared, and when they refuse to take possession of the promised land, the generation who betrayed God a banished to wander in the dessert for 40 years, but their offspring survive. God still meets their physical needs.12Early Structures of LeadershipWhen the Israelites settled in the promised land there was set up a system of Judges.A judge is understood by some as a non-hereditary leader of the people.From the Book of Joshua to Samuel there is a list of judges.13The Judges ~ 1200 BC-1030 BCIn the Book of JoshuaJoshuaIn the Book of JudgesOthnielEhudShamgarDeborahBarakGideonAbimelech TolaJair


In First SamuelEliSamuel

Not explicitly described as a judge14The Kings of Israel from Wikepedia

15The United Kingdom (~1000 BC 931 BC)The people wanted a King, God tried to talk them out of it, but they refused.God honored their freedomGod always honors our freedomThe First Three Kings of IsraelSaul (between 1030 BC 1010 BC)David (1010 BC 970 BC)Bathsheba and UriahSolomon (to 931 BC)16The Divided KingdomIsrael (The North)Jeroboam INadab/BaashaElah/Zimri/OmriAhabAhaziah/JehoramJehuJehoahazJehoashJeroboam IIMenahem/Shallum/ZechariahHoshea/Pekah/PekahiahFall of Samaria 721 BCJudah (The South)RehoboamAbihahAsaJehoshaphatJehoramAhaziahJehoashAmaziahUzziahJotham

AhazHezekiahManassehAmonJosiahJehoiakimJehoahazZedekiahJehoiachinFalls in 586 BC17Map of Israel from wikepedia

18Babylonian Exile and ReturnIsrael is exiled in 587 BC, the first Temple is destroyedKing Cyrus invites them home and Temple is rebuilt 538 BC and 530 BCShift from prophets to sages and scribesHellenism becomes a stronger influenceSeptuagint is translated in about 260 ADJews become autonomous but under the rule of the Roman EmpireThe High Priesthood becomes very political19Some Major Jewish GroupsSadducees -sad you see, because they did not believe in the resurrectionPharisees believed in the resurrection and supernatural spiritsEssenes Very austere group, may have been connected to John the BaptistZealots Very zealous for the faithSicarii dagger bearers ancient terrorists 20Messianic ExpectationsJudas Maccabeus a Jewish revolt that led to the rededication of the Temple which is commemorated by the modern Jewish Holiday Hanukah.21