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  1. 1. Picking out perfect salon chairs: what to look for No hair salon or beauty spa would be able to function properly were it not for a few staple pieces of salon equipment and furniture. You can add as many decorative features and high-tech gadgets as you like, but your salon wont run smoothly unless you get the basics right first. Click Here Salon chairs are arguably the most important pieces of furniture in your salon. Clients use them for their consultation then head off to the backwash area, returning to their chairs ready for their cut, colour or style treatment to begin. Comfort As clients spend a lot of time in salon chairs, they need to be comfortable and ergonomically designed. Another great feature to look for is adjustable arm and foot rests, so as to accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes. A client wriggling and squirming because they are uncomfortable in their chair is not only a bad experience for the client; it also makes the stylists job more difficult. Easy cleaning Your salon chairs must be easy and quick to clean, so you can keep hygiene standards high and keep business moving at a good pace. Most salons choose leather salon chairs for this reason. These are just two of the most important features your salon chairs should possess, but you also mustnt forget about things like style, price and portability. Visit Here