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  • Salary Equity: College of Arts & Sciences Mitzi Schumacher, Chair PCW Economic Opportunity Subcommittee
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  • Subcommittee Members Julia Ellis, PCW, later switched to staff subcommittee Kim Drummond, PCW Mindy Sudduth, PCW Kelly Bevins, VP C. Rays Office Diane Gagel, Information Specialist
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  • Data Pilot colleges for developing web-based salary study: A&S and Education Information from HRS and Faculty Database, Diane Gagel Grouped Instructors & Lecturers, Assistant, Associate and full Professors Deleted 1 provost, 2 deans, 1 associate dean, 14 chairs, 3 acting chairs Grouped departments Humanities: English, Hispanic Studies, History, Modern & Classical Languages, Philosophy Physical Sciences: Aerospace Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy Social Sciences: Anthropology, Geography, Military Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics
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  • Analysis Plan List data elements Develop templates for graphing data Balance generalizing graphs for the templates, yet tailoring graphs for each of the 18 colleges specific situations Analysis of representation to examine proportion of women Analysis of compensation to examine equal pay for women Explore any trends in data
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  • Representation: Humanities
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  • Physical Sciences
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  • Social Sciences
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  • Percent women at each rank for each department grouping Humanities Physical Sciences Social Sciences Instr/Lec53% 40%35% 8%21% 20% Asst13% 8%23% 16%26% 20% Assc24% 22%23% 30%46% 28% Professor8% 29%19% 46%8% 32%
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  • Representation of Women in A&S Humanities & Social Sciences have long had predominant numbers of women graduate students in the faculty pipeline surprising (shocking) lack of women faculty Physical Sciences is unsurprising At Instructor/Lecturer level equal females/males, but clearly at Associate/Full Professor level males outnumber females Potential glass ceiling at instructor/lecturer level for humanities and at associate level for social sciences
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  • Compensation: Humanities
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  • individually.
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  • Physical Sciences
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  • individually
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  • Social Sciences
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  • individually
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  • 9 Month Salary Summary Bar graphs show: Median differences are few and just as likely to favor women Full professor women in humanities and social science make more than men but not in physical sciences (94.8%) Associate professor women in social sciences make less than men (92.3%) Scatter plots show: Low numbers of women with less spread than men in salaries Especially evident for full professors in physical sciences None-salaried higher ranked faculty are men 9 month salaries may not be a problem for most women
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  • Time in Rank: Humanities
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  • Time in Rank: Physical Sciences
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  • Time in Rank: Social Sciences
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  • Time in Rank & Salary Summary Women have much shorter time in rank more recent pipeline? Or survivors are more likely to advance and/or leave? Few general downward slopes show salary compressions but may not be as problematic as thought Greatest concern is for associates with time in ranks of greater than 10 years problems with advancement particularly in social sciences
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  • Added Compensation: Humanities
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  • Physical Sciences
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  • Social Sciences
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  • individually
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  • Added Compensation: Summary Unlike salaries, large median differences in humanities and social sciences women make 64.9%, 84.1% and 51.2% as men assistants, associates and full professors in humanities; Women make 75.4%, 90.9% and 80.5% as men assistants, associates and full professors in social sciences How do men and women make their added compensation?
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  • what is Added Compensation?
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  • Added Compensation: Summary Added compensation includes all other sources of income from university predominantly summer teaching and research dollars Men advantaged in humanities and social sciences in teaching but not in research accounts for differences in earnings Research dollars from summer grants are usually percentages of base salary dollars, so women have a double whammy when they are paid less than men
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  • Distribution of Effort
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  • DOE: Summary Surprisingly men teach more Associate and full professor women do more administrative worknot recognized as fte administrators May prevent promotion and be uncompensated Requires further consideration.
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  • Overall Surprising lack of senior women in A&S Economic opportunities not as equal as assumed especially for opportunities to supplement base salary with added compensation Clearly equity is a campus-wide concern Useful pilot college Potential for more analyses and for increasing awareness so that policies may be changed