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Ningbo Saivs Sand Casting Division


  • 1. SAIVS SAND CASTING & MACHINING Casting process and ability Machining process and ability Inspection process and ability

2. Sand casting-Automotive Line Cast Ability over 20 000Tons 3. Sand Core making Sand blasting Get Nice surface 4. Quality control- Incoming material; in-process; before machiningmaterial testHardness;tensile testMagneticUltrasonicparticle test test 5. MachiningThe CNCmachiningworkshop 6. CNC machining centers CNC Lathes. Machiningholes, Inside &out sidesurface etc 7. Grinding Normal Lathe Milling Drilling Reaming holes to reach tolerance0.02-0.03mm 8. Double Testing & Inspection Test Physicalstrength andyield strength Test impactstrength andimpact Joule Ultra sonic tester. Test inside bubbles, cracks, holes and sand 9. Spectrum analyser test chemical compositionTest producthardnessMicro structureanalyser, test carbonparticles, class andgrade 10. Salt fog tester CMM testprecisedimensions 11. Ability Analysis to US Solar project 65-45-12 Calculate based on 63 000pcs/Year1200pcs/week Assembling whole set weight 17.6kg 3 tons furnace, casting over 24tons eachday. 24000kg/17.6kg=1360pcs/day 12. Saivs Management Saivs company managementand process rules The rulebook describes theprocess how to make technicalprocess, producing schedule,inspection documents andschedule and so on. Every department withcompanys general rules anddetail rules. All people workingstep by step based on the rules 13. The Main Four Manage Systems K3 manage system The system records allprocesses and steps ofplanning and producing.From input the order, whichprocess finished, how manyquality good, how many bad,each process takes #minutes,how many pcs produced in8hours, equipement situationgood or not, how many pcspackaged and sent tocustomer, how many finishedproducts in stock and tracingback each process and step. 14. BOM and technical document system This system contains all Saivs technical information and document. Engineers and QE can check all (such as OEM parts) process flow-chart, all detail processes, 3D drawing view, and all other technical information. 15. Pro-e designing system Saivs engineer use Pro-e as well as Solid-works to design ,calculate and fatigue analysis etc. 16. OA (office assistant) system This systems records all details and documents of meetingand communication between colleagues. We get an enquiryand put the drawings and customer requirement into thesystem, send them to technical or quality department toanalyse and calculating. Customer quality report put into itand our engineers check it. Also can send notice to themwhat time for meeting and all responsible people will havethe meeting together, discussing and solve problems. 17. Management documents Before producing, technical department estimate and makingproducing schedule, prepare PPAP documents, estimate producingtime and producing ability etc. Begin producing, technicaldepartment and quality department preparing the producingdocuments of each process and all inspection documents. Each process and stage inspection and tests. Each inspection with record, reject or approved Incoming inspection First Article inspection Heat treatment documents and inspection Surface treatment (painting) documents and inspection Assemble and sub-assembly inspection Final inspection and make quality control reports Package documents and package inspection PPAP documents for analyse producing ability and producingcontinues improving Other documents 18. Management Flowchart 19. Production LineBCHHLGADJE 20. More InformationPlease visit our website: www.saivs.comor Contact Us directly:Justin Hu Business Development EngineerNingbo Saivs Machinery Co., LtdJia Village Industrial Zone, Yunlong Town,Ningbo 315135, Zhejiang, China.Mobile:+86-0159 8869 2721Tel:+86-574-8847 4573Fax:+86-574-8834 5368Skype:


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