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Safety tips for the kitchen knife

13 best Safety tips for the kitchen knife

Before using a kitchen knife, from any trustworthy site or from know how to protect it and how to sustain its previous qualities

Show your prudence when using the kitchen knife with your friends, family members, colleagues or your assistants. Do not indulge in careless gossip when using a knife rather make sure that they can use it properly.

Do not cut things on hand because it will cut your hand instead of cutting food. Try to keep your finger on the top of the blade so that it cannot slip away.Use a cutting board to keep the things you want to cut and the board must be big enough for the convenience of cutting. Do not use wooden cutting boards because they may contain dangerous germs like the bacterium.

If you cut meat or any kinds of raw materials wash the board and the knife properly after finishing cutting otherwise it will emit bad stance.

Keep the knife in a safe place so that child cannot reach it

If you want to keep more than one knife in your kitchen use block knife holder so that no can get scratched by them when passing them.

To avoid injury or scratch, use the sharp knife because dull rusted knife causes loss of energy when we need to cut anything.

Try to keep the knife clean and dry after using in the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen do not lay your knife here and there after using. Use a drawer or a rack to keep your knife safe.

When you are going to cut anything make sure to hold that objects firmly otherwise it may slip away and divert your attention.If the knife is going to slip away from your hand let it fall and do not try to catch it instantly which may occur accident.

You should keep your thumbs & fingers far away from the cutting line otherwise, they may be cut.


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