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  • Safety System Migration: The

    Fieldbus Advantage

    Safety System Migration: The

    Fieldbus AdvantageBig Changes Ahead

  • PresentersPresenters

    n Larry OBrienGlobal Marketing ManagerFieldbus Foundation

  • IntroductionIntroduction

    n Changing Landscape of Safetyn Safety System Migration Wave is Comingn Fieldbus for Process Safety?n End User Pilot Programn SIF Project and Specification Updatesn Are we Ever Going to see SIF Products?n The Human Siden Common Misconceptions

  • The Safety ChallengeThe Safety Challenge

    n More severe and high profile plant incidents have plagued the process industries

    n Bad actors have been ordered to revamp their safety culture n Even companies with a good safety culture must be vigilantn There is a pressing need to modernize the process safety


  • Regulatory Environment Heats UpRegulatory Environment Heats Up

    n Major industry incidents are contributing to tighter legislative and regulatory environment.

    n BOEMRE Strengthens Offshore Inspections Programn Increased Civil Penaltiesn NRC Rethinking Safety Requirements after

    Fukushima Disastern API 560 for Fired Heaters

  • Developing a Safety CultureDeveloping a Safety Culture

    n The fish rots from the head down if upper level management does not consider safety to be a top priority, it will not trickle down to the rest of the organization.

    n Safety culture means doing the right thing at the right time in response to normal and emergency situations. From International Maritime Organization

  • The Business Value of SafetyThe Business Value of Safetyt Hard for many end users to justify safety system

    modernizationt Not always easy for people to make the connection

    between safety and profitt Increasing time between turnarounds: 7-10 years in

    refining, online proof testing is neededt Plants have to be more flexible and adaptive, this

    presents a greater safety challenget Fewer and less trained personnelt Unplanned Downtime accounts for $20 billion in the

    North American process industries

  • Safety Systems: The Monster Under the Bed?Safety Systems: The Monster Under the Bed?n Users dont normally like to deal with

    SISsn Conventional safety systems are

    meant to lay dormant until they are needed

    n Upgrade is a hassle, leave it alone as long as possible

    n Upgrade projects are administrative-intensive, not self actualizing John R.

    n Somehow the legacy installed base has to be dealt with

    n Can fieldbus make you love your safety system?

  • The Process Safety Modernization ConundrumThe Process Safety Modernization Conundrum

    n Users are dealing with a huge installed base of process automation systems that are reaching the end of their useful life

    n Most of these systems are older than 20 years according to ARC research

    n In addition to these, there is a large installed base of process safety systems

    n Safety system modernization is a completely different approach and has its own unique set of regulatory requirements

    n The process safety system installed base profile is much older, comprised of older technology (relay based systems)

  • How big is the Installed Base?How big is the Installed Base?n ARC Advisory Group says $65 billion

    for DCS alone.n The overall market for process safety

    system is much smaller than DCS. n Even if the aging installed base of

    safety systems is just 12 percent that of DCSs, it still amounts to $8 billion worldwide.

    n The value of replacement is much higher due to the increased need for system engineering services and services related to regulatory compliance.

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  • Differences Between DCS Migration and Safety System MigrationDifferences Between DCS Migration and Safety System Migrationn The state of many older

    installed relay based systems has been described as Brittle

    n No such thing as phased modernization, its all or nothing

    n Instruments and valves replaced at the same time

    n Regulatory compliance, ISA 84, IEC 61508, IEC 61511

    n Must follow the safety lifecycle as outlined in these standards

  • Old Approaches Versus NewOld Approaches Versus Newn Most safety systems

    are overspecifiedn Old approach was just

    to buy a SIL 3 safety system and call it good

    n Now we have to follow a new set of standards that call for a more careful evaluation of the safety lifecycle, LOPA

    n This means less SIL 3 controls, more SIL 2

  • IEC 61511 Lifecycle ElementsIEC 61511 Lifecycle Elementsn Perform Hazard and Risk Analysis: Determine

    hazards and hazardous events, the sequence of events leading to a hazardous condition, the associated process risks, the requirements of risk reduction, and the safety functions required.

    n Allocate Safety Functions to Protection Layers: Check the available layers of protection. Allocate safety functions to protection layers and safety systems.

    n Specify Requirements for Safety System: If tolerable risk is still out of limit, then specify the requirements for each safety system and respective safety integrity levels (SIL).

  • Foundation Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)Foundation Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)

    Foundation Fieldbus SIF FOUNDATION Fieldbus is a all-digital communications

    protocol for the process industry Can check the health of I/O and field devices The system can incorporate sensor validation and

    environmental condition monitoring It is a cost effective alternative to traditional field wiring Provides network diagnostics, The Black Channel Has recently been beta tested successfully Pilot projects underway

  • FF-SIF SummaryFF-SIF Summaryn H1 Communication (Black Channel) is unchanged.n SIF protocol detects network faults and appropriate action is taken.n New SIF Function Blocks (AI, DO, DI, Write Lock).n Function Block diagnostics detect application faults and appropriate

    action is taken.

  • Black ChannelBlack Channel

  • Why FF-SIF?Why FF-SIF?

    n Improved Safety: SIF will allow for improved device self-diagnostics that will detect dangerous failuresreducing the number of dangerous undetected failures.

    n Improved Operability: SIF device configuration will allow a valve to trip-on-demand-only and provide new device self-diagnosticsreducing the number of process interruptions due to nuisance trips.

    n Reduced Cost: Improved configuration and installation flexibility offered by SIF will reduce safety system cost via asset management tools and multi-drop architecture.

  • Improved SafetyImproved Safety

    n Diagnostic data from devices can help eliminate process incidents

    n It can also help you determine if your process assets are ready to protect you should the need arise (partial stroke testing, online proof testing)

    n Fieldbus offers the best device self-diagnostics, which can be used to detect dangerous failures

    n Reduce the number of failuresn Advanced network diagnostics in black channel

    approach reduces risk of communication failure

  • Why We Need Better Field Diagnostics for Process Safety SystemsWhy We Need Better Field Diagnostics for Process Safety Systems

    Source: Hydrocarbon Processing


    Chevron's Analysis Shows that FF-SIF Greatly Reduces Potential Probable Failure on Demand Compared to Conventional Safety Systems

  • Improved OperabilityImproved Operability

    n Valve trip-on-demand-only: Trip-on-demand only systems utilize redundant and diverse communications and embedded logic in safety critical field devices to recognize and trip only on true demand signal and to fail-steady when internal failures of the device or the communications network are detected.

    n New device self-diagnosticsn Reduced nuisance trips increase unplanned


  • FF-SIF Partial Stroke TestingFF-SIF Partial Stroke Testingn Online partial stroke testing through HMIn FOUNDATION-fieldbus based safety valves can provide

    much faster response times for status information compared to other networks

    n FOUNDATION-fieldbus based safety valves provide easier integration of higher tier diagnostic information into the host system.

  • Single Version of the TruthSingle Version of the Truth You know you are getting a true measurement, no digital to analog

    conversion Persistent data storage: audit trail and reporting Data is timestamped FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices can indicate data quality -- whether signals communicating setpoints, PVs, etc. have good, bad or uncertain quality.

  • Reduced CostReduced Cost

    n Smaller Footprint: how much room do you have in your control building to migrate your old relay based safety system to a modern safety system?

    n Marshalling cabinetsn Overall less hardwaren Eliminating HART multiplexers reduces

    complexityn With digital positioners, no solenoids or limit

    switchesn Reduced wiring and terminations

  • SIF Application Examples & Response TimesSIF Application Examples & Response Times

  • FF-SIF Can Coexist within Conventional Safety SystemsFF-SIF Can Coexist within Conventional Safety Systems

    Host / PE logic solver BPCS

    HMI EW





    Non-safety related information from the SIS devices is available to the BPCS and operator


    Other devices


    JB Lt


    Pump start


    DO DI


    H1 Grey shaded devices speak FF SIS


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