safety rules in the computer lab.  do not run inside the computer lab

Download Safety Rules in the Computer Lab.  Do not run inside the computer lab

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  • Safety Rules in the Computer Lab
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  • Do not run inside the computer lab.
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  • Take a note of all the exits in the room, and also take note of the location of fire extinguishers in the room for the sake of fire safety.
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  • Keep bags in the designated area, as they can cause people to trip if they are simply lying around the room.
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  • Try not to type continuously for extremely long periods. Look away from the screen once in a while to give your eyes a rest.
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  • Do not touch any exposed wires or sockets.
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  • Do not attempt to open any machines, and do not touch the backs of machines when they are switched on.
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  • Do not spill water or any other liquid on the machine, in order to maintain electrical safety. There is a lot of equipment in computer labs that could short circuit itself or cause electric shocks.
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  • Do not bring any food or drinks near the machine.
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  • Log off the machine you were using, at the end of the period. Shut down computer at the end of the day. Push chairs up to the tables.
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  • Do not access external devices without scanning them for computer viruses. Do not use your flash drive without permission. Do not use your phone without permission.
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  • Ensure that the temperature in the room stays cool, since there are a lot of machines inside a lab, and these can overheat easily.
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  • Try not to touch any of the circuit boards and power sockets when something is connected to them and switched on.
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  • Always maintain an extra copy of all your important data.
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  • Other equipment inside a computer lab is very expensive, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this equipment is kept safe and sound. If some damage is incurred by this equipment, the cost of repairing or replacing it will be very high indeed. Hence, the importance of following these lab safety rules for high school cannot be stressed enough.
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  • Online predators can make contact through chat rooms, discussion boards and email. You should never give out personal information about yourself or others. It is NOT ok to meet someone in person that you have met online. Never share passwords with anyone, except parents. Online Safety
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  • Do not use the same password for all sites. Update your anti-virus software often Phishing is a term for messages that request personal information. Note that friends and family email can contain viruses. Internet Website Safety
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  • Dust can affect computers adversely. Ensure that the machines are cleaned on a regular basis. Run antivirus software often During a thunderstorm unplug devices, use power strips and proper wiring. Back up data often to prevent loss of information. Use anti-virus and anti-spam software that is updated often. (a sign of a virus is your computer running slow) A key logger is a program that keeps a log of everything that is typed into a keyboard. Protect Your Computer from Damage
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  • Back up data Use surge protectors Insulate computers from heat A natural threat includes: Fire, water or heat Protect Computer from Natural Threats.
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  • Bullies will: Pretend they are other people while online Spread lies about others Trick people into giving out personal information Post pictures of others without permission Do not deal with a bully by bulling them back! Be sure to report a bully to a trusted adult. Cyber bullying
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  • The computers belong to the Madison County School district and are not to be changed in any way.