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Ramesh Kumar, KRK Foundation18-19 January 2014

(L to R: Syed Hassan, Mahindra Logistics; Ajay Srivastava, Toll Global Logistics; Pradipto Bhattacharya, GlobalTHEN; Pawan Negi, Triveni Visuals

Senior executives of Indian Oil Corporation, a big supporter of truck driver-related issues welcome the Team @ IOC retail outlet, Ghaziabad.


(A) Sujoy Choudhary, Deputy General Manager (Retail Sales), Indian Oil Corporation, Noida with his team of (B) K Arunan, Chief Divisional Retail Sales Manager & Man Mohan Khera, Deputy Manager (Retail Sales) @ IOC Retail Outlet, GhaziabadOC retail outlet, Ghaziabad.A



IOC Retail Outlet, Modi Nagar, Owner Shri Yashpal Gupta (Inset) hosts breakfast for the KRK Foundation-led Team along with IOC senior executives.

Virender Singh Mann, owner of Gurugobind Singh Service Station, IOC Retail Outlet, Muzaffar Nagar (Extreme Left) is building two rest rooms for truck drivers that can accommodate 10 with proper bedding and toilet facilities as part of his pump. This transporter-turned-petrol pump owner gives full credit to IOC for this driver rest room initiative.

Ajay Srivastava, Assistant Manager (Operations), Toll Global Logistics ,shares his knowledge of managing safety issues that may confront truck drivers on highways with IOC retail outlet manager @ Muzaffar Nagar

Virendar Singh Mannshows the KRK Foundation-led team his driver rest room he is constructing.

@ MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA plant, Haridwar: Truck drivers (inbound & outbound) enthusiastically particiate in a Quiz show organised by KRK Foundation on highways signage awareness initiative.

@ MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA plant, Haridwar: With winners of the Quiz show on Highways Signage Awareness Initiative.

@ MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA plant, Haridwar: GlobalTHEN Senior Manager Pradipto engages truck drivers with theatrics on highways signs, which they lap it top.

@ MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA plant, Haridwar: GlobalTHEN Senior Manager Pradipto explains how soft skills such as better dressing and communication skills help drivers to move up the social ladder.

@ MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA plant, Haridwar: Amitabh Goswami, Indian Oil Manager (RS) Dehradun Divisional Office, an invitee at this gathering, explains the facilities offered by IOC for truck drivers on highways.

DAY 2 begins with a holy dip at the Ganges, Haridwar, one of the prominent and ancient Hindu pilgrimage centres in India. Melted ice turns into the perennial river that flows from the Himalayas through the plains of northern India irrigating farmlands.

Haridwar, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and part of the State of Uttakhand in northern India, is no longer just a Hindu pilgrimage centre. It changed into an integrated industrial town as well under the banner of SIDCUL, spread over an area of xx acres and housing several big industrial houses of India Inc.

Mahindra Logistics Syed Hassan tells the assembled truck drivers at the IOC retail outlet that wearing safety belt while at the steering wheel is in their own interest and they are NOT doing any favour to others. Safety First, yes.

Indian Oil Corps Amitabh Goswami tells the audience of truck drivers that understanding highways signages is a BIG contribution to the nation: less accidents. Less loss of lives. Smooth flow or passage of raw materials to plants and finished goods to markets. And thus more prosperity as a whole.

Yes. It is true that truck drivers knowledge of highways signage is LOW. They think this knowledge will be of no use. Why? Because they are already in driving profession with a valid licence. This mindset has to change in the national interest.

GlobalTHEN, a knowledge partner specialising in educating soft skills for drivers, is serious about transforming the lifestyle of truck drivers also. Senior Manager Pradipto Bhattacharya engages the audience with his witticism and down to earth story telling techniques on road safety and lifestyle transformation.

Audience of truck drivers @ SIDCUL, Haridwar in rapt attention listening to whats been said by various speakers. By and large, their responses were nothing to write home about. There is a need for a sustained highways signage education across the country.

Toll Global Logistics Ajay Srivastava catches the attention of truck drivers assembled at the IOC retail outlet in SIDCUL, Haridwar, on why reading and understanding highways signages are important.

A majority of these truck drivers vehicles DO NOT have seat belts. How do you expect us to wear one, if it does not exist? Is what they ask. Pertinent question. Checking of vehicles on highways for safety belt provision is to be taken up seriously.

Those truck drivers who admit of safety belt provision in their vehicles say they wear safety belts only when they are driving inside a city like Delhi where it is compulsory. Outside city and on highways, they DONT.

@ Indian Oil Retail Outlet, Sidcul: Dealer Trilok Singh of Northern Fuel Station, who organised this get together with truck drivers, welcomes the audience. Mahindra Logistics Location Head at M&M Plant Ashok Kohli (to Ramesh Kumars left) also participated.

One of the truck drivers , who gave the correct answer to the quiz, explains to his colleagues what these two highways signage means in truckers lingo. By the way, notice the orange he is holding in his left hand. Yes, he won it by giving the correct answer.

Snacks being readied for truck drivers who participated in the Quiz show organised by KRK Foundation on creating awareness about highways signages

Some images from the 2-day Safer Roads, Safer Lives initiative rolled out by KRK Foundation on Delhi-Haridwar route on 18-19 January 2014

Some more images from the 2-day Safer Roads, Safer Lives initiative rolled out by KRK Foundation on Delhi-Haridwar route on 18-19 January 2014

Sponsors & ParticipantsMahindra LogisticsToll Global LogisticsIndian Oil CorporationSiddhi Vinayak Logistics (SVLL)Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC)Mercurio Pallia LogisticsGlobalTHENJoval LogisticsVK EnterprisesFirst OpinionsTranstopics (Media Partner)Logistics Times (Media Partner)


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