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<ul><li><p>Safe Driving Tips for winters</p><p>Winter will be hitting Calgary soon and many of us do not like the difficulties that it brings along. You cant even escape; all you can do is just make adjustments with the weather and conditions. With the coming of winter, things around us get little bit trickier and we have to be more careful while driving in winter. Therefore, if you drive you should be aware of the safety measures and safety driving tips for winters. In winter, the roads get rendered which leads to more challenges and difficulties to maneuver your vehicle. </p><p>Here are few necessary driving tips for winters. </p><p>Precautions before driving: Always start off by making sure that all the ice and snow is cleaned from your cars windshield, tires and lights. Try to park your car in a covered area so that snow may not cover your car. Make sure the headlights and tail lights are clear of snow. Replace the old windshield wiper blade, make sure they work properly and must be filled with anti-icing fluid.</p><p>Use snow tires: Snow tires are also known as winter tires. The summer tires or normal tires have little or no grip in snow. In winter, get snow tires if the roads are filled with snow or ice. </p><p>Examine and Equipments: In addition to examining tires and fluids in your car do not forget to examine hoses and belts, battery (fully charged) and wipers. Once your vehicle is fully examined, its time to focus on items you need to carry for any emergency. Your cars trunk is the perfect place to keep an emergency kit which includes a first-aid kit, extra tire, rain gear, extra warm clothes and blanket, small shovel, traction mats or tire chains and sand, sleeping bag, fire extinguisher, candle and waterproof matches, newspapers for insulation, booster cables, flares or warning lights, small tool kit, canned food like fruits and nuts, pocket knife, flash light and plastic bags. These are the must haves in your car during winter season. </p><p>Drive Slow and Carefully: If you are going drive in winter when the roads are covered in snow or ice (may be black ice too) make sure you drive very carefully and slower than you drive in normal clear day. Take turns slowly, as snow and ice can cause sliding, and your vehicle going out of control..Maintain distance: You must consider the distance while you drive in winter. Give yourself more space to stop. You may slip or slid in snow as you brake.</p></li><li><p>Drive carefully in winter; its the way to protect yourself and people around you. Be ready with the winter emergency supplies and must learn advanced and Expert driving lessons to stay safe. Follow traffic rules and stay safe.</p></li></ul>