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    Aye! Your back is showing!


  • II LLoovvee KKVV!!

    Dear Friend, Can you spot the honeycomb tucked in-between branches

    at a safe height of the tree in the picture? Despite its king size, it is not easy to locate this multi-cellular home of the honey- bees beautifully camouflaged and concealed in the green surroundings. Oh, Honeycomb! You are just like my KV - a perfect residential marvel.

    Thanks to koyals’ wake-up calls from the trees, I have become an early riser. Minutes before the Sun appears on the horizon to light up Bengaluru’s skyline, I am up and ready for my early-morning jog. I catch up with my friends already on their rounds. Six rounds on the peripheral track makes 5km, which is enough to charge ones batteries for the day’s doings.

    Security men clear up their ‘bonfire’ gadgets used to warm up the cold night and open the main entrance gates. Arrival of the milk van marks the start of the day. Newspaper boys sort out their bundles hurriedly near the drop-gate. There is activity in the Community Hall. ‘Yogi’s should have arrived for their yoga session. It is time to grab the milk packs and rush home. Mom should be waiting.

    Yellow school buses start arriving one after the other. Mothers walk briskly behind kids in bright uniforms, carrying the school bags. Occasionally fathers too run carrying the school bags as well as the little kids! It is a colourful unfolding of the day in the campus.

    After working adults leave for their job, it is relatively a quiet time, with the gardeners and other maintenance staff going about their duties. The lifts too have a relaxed time between 10 am and 3 pm.

    The parks and play areas go agog with lot of fun and games after the school buses drop the children back around 4 pm. It is great to watch the kids cycling, skating, and being all over the place. Basket ball has become a new craze among the elder children.

    You notice an elderly couple holding hands, carefully supporting each other, and gracefully moving across the lawn. What an inspiring sight it is! My friend whispers: ‘You know, that uncle is a Padma Shree and the aunt is an IAS!’

    God! I feel blessed!

    - Keviyan

  • OOuurr AAddvviisseerrss // VVoolluunntteeeerrss KV Samachar is proud to carry the list of Our Advisers and Volunteers, who had positively responded to

    our call for support to KVAOA in whatever is their field of strength and specialty. The List below is by no means a comprehensive one. It is made out of just the 175 responses to the KVAOA Resource Survey. Members are kindly requested to please bring to our notice possible errors and omissions in the entries. Members, who could not respond to the Survey earlier, are kindly requested to forward their particulars to be added to the List.

    KVS thanks all Advisers and Volunteers for their enthusiastic show of support.

    RReessiiddeenntt AAccaaddeemmiicc//PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall SSttrreennggtthhss

    HHeeaadd SSppoouussee

    Donti Chandramouli Electrical Engineering Academics

    Prabhujangin B Com SSLC

    R. Radhakrishnan / K Bhagyalakshmi Physics/ Material Management B.Sc Agriculture, M.Sc., Biotech

    A K Bhowmik IAF Academics

    Ramesh Krishnan Information Technology Finance

    Col Pradeep Khare / Mrs. Malvika Khare BE (Civil, ME ,PGBDA MA (Eco), B.Ed.,

    Ruchin Gaur Management , Computers MBA

    M.Krishnappa Agriculturist House Wife

    B.Ramachandran / K Shachidevi Legal Arts

    Dr. AR Acharya Aerospace engineering Home Science

    B P Shastry PG in Mech Engineering Graduation

    Varghese Gee IFS, Academic Science

    Ravi Kumar Ponoth M Sc Defence Studies B Com

    S R Mahadeva Sastry BE (Electronics & Communication) B Sc (Maths), B.Ed.,

    S. Srinivasan IAS , B Tech (Electronics ), MBA B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed.,

    V V Bhat IAS, MA (Econ), MBA , Dip Dev., BA , Yoga

    CS Radhakrshna Warrier B.Sc., Dip in Computer Science Daughter: M.Com, MBA,

    S Krishnasamy Aeronautical Engineering, DRDO, Arts

    SRM Murthy Computers / Management Academics / Teacher

    Wg Cdr Umar Azmi IAF MA English, Banking ,

    TS Dupare BE (Electrical), MBA M.Sc., (Maths)

    Manoj Kumar Pvt. Services Government Service

    A. Kishanraj Management Arts

    Ashok Kumar Jena M.Tech., M.A.,

    Rajit Sharma B.Sc., MBA, M.A., (Hindi), M.A., (Psychology)

    Dr. M A Suryanarayana Horticulture (Plantation, Spices, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants)


    Sheeba / Bhaskaran M A Public Administration, BE.,

    Ataullah Azmi Finance / Accountancy Graduate Arts

    S Kumar SSLC SSLC

    Dr. Sarthak Sahoo/ Dr Shubhi Sharma Sahoo Doctor Doctor

    S. Vijaya Singh B.Com SSLC

    Mrs. Farha Zainab Engineer Teacher

    Ajis Muhsin Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M.Sc., (Maths)

    Shubhendu Debnath Management Assistant -

  • RReessiiddeenntt HHeeaadd SSppoouussee

    Dr. Pundarika Geo Scientist, Water Resources Dept., Karnataka Govt.


    Dr TN Reddy Land & Agricultural Specialist, Karnataka Govt.


    Shiva Rudrappa BE (Civil Engg.) Kannada Basic Teaching Accountancy Lecturer

    Lalitha Raman Senior Economic Officer Advertising Professional

    R. Subramanyam Chemical Engineer

    Arun Prabhu B.Sc., (Chemistry) M.Sc (Human Nutrition)

    R.K.Gangopadhyay Civil Engineer -

    Shahnaz Kamal Beautician -

    Siddharth Kumar Engineering (BE) Human Resource Management

    BI Hussain Science -

    Pushpa Rani Computers; MA (Eng)

    K. Umapathy Accountancy -

    KS Mani Security & Event Management Event Management

    Annada Pradhan Accountancy -

    M.Prakash O & M Engineering Arts

    Sunil Kumar M.Pharma., M.Pharma.,

    Shantappa Haveri B.Com., MBA., BA., B.LIB.,

    LK Bharathi Science Academics

    Arun Kumar Chakravarthy Engineering Arts

    Anand Mohan Management, Info Tech, Academics, Teacher

    Ankur Kacker Science Arts

    Dr.M Sanjappa M. Sc., Ph D., M.A., M.Phil.,

    MD Sharma Delhi Civil Defence, Legal Cell, B.A.,

    Chandrashekhraiah Executive Engineer, KPTCL, House Wife

    Soumya Stanley Doctor Psychology & Media

    Dr. HR Hatwar Ph.D., Metrology PUC

    Sangeetha Nair Engineer Engineer

    Wg Cdr. K. Unni Ithikkat Flight Navigator M.Sc., Ph.D., (Geography) M.Ed.,

    Nalina Rangarajan Engineering/Finance Legal Income Tax

    Rajesh Sinha ICWA B.A., Honours (Psychology)

    Dr. Venkataramaiah M.Sc., Ph.D., Dip in German Visharad Hindi

    Dr. Vishwas Rao MBBS, Doctor MBBS, Doctor

    Mohit Srivastava Management (GM) Academics

    B.R.Krishna Engineer (BSNL) -

    Shino Kihara Native Japanese proficiency -

    Syed Naimathulla Chemical Engineer, Computers -

    Bidhan C Sahu M.A. -

    Wg Cdr DN Sahu Computers Science

    N Suresh Kumar MCA M.A.

    Anil Kumar Sharma Graduation B.A.,

    B.Chakravathi Air Craft Maintenance Engineering (E.C.E)

    Sree Sayee Prasad B.A., (Economics) B.A., B.Ed.,

    Balasubramanian. J Metallurgical Engineer Science (Botany)

  • KKVVAAOOAA wwiillll bbee 1155 oonn 0077tthh SSeepptteemmbbeerr 22001177!!

    BBeeffoorree wwee rreeaalliizzee,, KKVVAAOOAA wwiillll bbee 1155 yyeeaarrss!! YYeess,, oouurr ffoorrmmaattiioonn wwaass rreeggiisstteerreedd oonn SSeepptteemmbbeerr 0077,, 22000022!! SShhoouulldd wwee nnoott cceelleebbrraattee oouurr FFoorrmmaattiioonn DDaayy oonn 0077tthh SSeepptteemmbbeerr 22001177?? OOrr,, wwiillll iitt bbee aapppprroopprriiaattee ttoo ccaallll tthhee ddaayy oouurr ‘‘CCoommmmuunniittyy DDaayy’’ aanndd cchhaallkk oouutt aa pprrooggrraammmmee ttoo cceelleebbrraattee tthhee ddaayy tthhaatt wwee ssttaarrtteedd oonn ttoo lliivvee aass aa ccoommmmuunniittyy wwiitthh aa nnaattiioonnaall cchhaarraacctteerr?? TThheerree iiss ttiimmee ssttiillll.. WWee sshhaallll tthhiinnkk iitt oovveerr aanndd ppllaann..

    GGoodd BBlleessss oouurr pprreecciioouuss KKVV!!

    KKVV IIss OOuurr VVaalluuaabbllee AAsssseett Kendriya Vihar is built on a reclaimed lake bed and the massive nine-storied apartment blocks are

    expected to ‘settle down’ over the years causing micro level distortions in the structure. Changes being made in the lay-out of apartments lead to deviations in the loading pattern on structural members adding to the stress levels in them. Frequent rework done involving demolition of constructed portions of the interior, some of the times, by untrained workers, can also lead to cracks in the structure. Seepage can cause damage to the rods in the concrete members thereby reducing their strength.

    An Expert Committee headed by Dr. AR Acharya had been requested by President, KVAOA, to examine all aspects relevant to Kendriya Vihar and recommend measures for ‘life retention/extension and maintenance of the civil structure of all the eight blocks of dwelling units in KV’. The Committee has carried out an in-depth study of all issues also drawing guidance from CGEWHO Rules, BDA Regulations, BBMP Building Byelaws, KMA Act and Model Building Laws of GoI.

    Copy of the Report of the Expert Committee is available for reference in the Seva Kendra, KVAOA, and wi