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Tyre Industry magazine for South African tyre companies tyre fitment, tyre distributors. We also have an International Online Trye News Magazine


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    a set of GT Radial tyres to the value of R5 000.00

    Redisa We are making headway

    Bandag SA We are here to stay

    Marangoni concludes SA deal

    Right to Repair Campaign is launched

    New man at Trentyre helm











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    Breakdowns can leave you dead in the water, but you neednt be left to the sharks. With Bandags Emergency Tyre Assistance (ETA) programme you can be covered throughout South Africa 24/7, 365 days of the year. ETA has one easy to remember toll free number, efficient service, consistent on-road pricing and comprehensive reports. Thats what we do.

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    Contents A note fromthe editor

    Waste not, want not. This proverbial

    saying, first recorded in 1772, is perhaps

    as apt today as it was back then. A major

    focus for the global manufacturing sector

    is to reduce waste, recycle whatever it can

    and dispose of the balance in a socially

    responsible, environmentally friendly

    manner. No small feat and very much the

    theme of this quarters issue.

    With the Redisa Waste Tyre Management Plan the only government approved scrap tyre disposal initiative now in effect for more than two years, we look back on the progress made, much of it amid industry criticism surrounding its allegedly tardy start. Just how far the has company has come over the last twelve months and what strides have been made in the quest to rid South Africa of its growing pile of waste rubber is the subject of our feature story on page 11, in which Redisa highlights targets and milestones reached to date whilst also outlining its goals for the short to medium term.

    Staying with Redisa for a moment, the company recently felt compelled to honour respective individuals associated with the waste tyre management process at a special Gala event, details of which can be found on page 21.

    And with the obvious synergy that exists between Recycling and Retreading, we also bring you an exclusive update on Bandag SA who shed light on the future of the company, introduce you to the new man at the helm of Trentyre, and bring you the story behind the announcement that Italian tyre company, Marangoni Spa, has invested in a well-known South African rubber company, Leader Rubber.

    On a different, but equally important note, we are pleased to announce that we are in the throes of converting our subscriber base so as to be able to make personal delivery of your copy of SA TREADS in the months and years to come. Having struck an agreement with Media Support which enjoys representation in all the major Metropolitan areas, means that in time, the majority of our readers will no longer be receiving their copy via the SA Post Office.

    The recent strikes coupled with the inefficiencies that ensued, necessitated finding an alternative solution to ensure safe delivery of your copy to you, our valued readers.

    As this is a massive undertaking, and teething problems are bound to surface during the transition period, should you not receive your copy of the magazine please let us know.

    Finally, if you happen to be on the market for a new set of tyres, you stand in line to win a set of GT Radial tyres to the value of R5 000.00 in this quarters competition, (see page 36 for details). You have to be in it to win it!

    Winter is finally upon us, so wrap up warm, sit back and enjoy this quarters instalment.

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    Douglasdale, 2165

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    one-on-one Bandag Southern Africa, 10 years on We are here to stay ...............2

    Focus on Waste Tyres REDISA We are making headway ............................11

    Industry news Right to Repair Campaign event brings burning issues to the fore .... 17

    Redisa recognises contributors to Waste Tyre Plan .......................... 21

    New man at Trentyre helm ............................................................... 22

    Traffic officers gear up for tyre checks ............................................. 25

    Marangoni acquires stake in Leader Tread ....................................... 30

    Goodyear news Top German magazines announce Goodyear as top

    winner in summer tyre tests ............................................................. 28

    Close customer collaboration supports optimal tyre performance ... 29

    world news Hunter Quick Check System Three-Minute Inspection Process ....... 33

    Stamford Tyres Falken Partnership celebrates 40 years ................ 34

    World premier launch from Hankook at Autopromotec 2015 .......... 34

    New silica technology from Goodyear ............................................. 34

    competition, subscription, website ................................... 36

  • 2 O n e - o n - O n e

    One-On-One with BandaG SOuTheRn afRica

    10 YEARS ON We aRe heRe

    TO STaY!

    Having celebrated its 10th Anniversary this year as a Proudly South African and fiercely independent company, we caught

    up with Bandag SA executive directors

    John Laskarides and Laurent Colrat at their premises in Alrode, Johannesburg, for a

    sneak preview of what lies ahead for this

    dynamic retreading concern.

    Laurent Colrat John Laskarides

  • O n e - o n - O n e 3

    First, congratulations on achieving the 10-year milestone. Where to

    from here, and to what do you attribute the success the company has

    achieved thus far?

    Suffice to say that in todays trading environment sole reliance on

    product is not sufficient. Having arrived at this realisation few years

    ahead of obtaining the Bandag licence for the southern African region,

    we decided to adopt a Customer-centric approach to market that would

    include innovation not only with respect to product quality, but also with

    respect to the services surrounding it. In short, we began working on

    a Complete Package Offering that could be suitably adapted and tailor

    made to the individual needs of our respective customers.

    In a bid to push the concept of total cost over price in a price-driven

    market, we accepted that we would need to drive innovation in the areas

    of tread rubber design, instruments, management tools and other such

    initiatives, and this is precisely what we have focused on over the last

    10 years. In todays market, quality of product is assumed but specific

    tools and skills are required to demonstrate value.

    With this in mind we developed a number of different product offerings.

    We also owe much of our success to the loyalty of our franchisees and

    end user customers. They are accustomed to the quality and innovation

    we bring to the market and see the benefit in the implementation of

    these differentials. We thank them for their continued support and look

    forward to extending our partnerships even further.

    Such as?

    In line with our Customer-centric approach, we introduced our

    National Fleet Programme in 1999 as one of our SA Solutions to

    market, an initiative which has been well received. And to support this

    Programme we further introduced a team of service engineers, sourced

    and trained in-house, who are now among the most valued employees

    on our payroll.

    Over the last decade we have also developed in-house data and

    management tools to allow for ease of capturing and reporting and to

    assist us in managing tyre surveys and scrap analyses, all in the interests

    of assisting our customers in achieving the lowest possible cpk and

    continuously demonstrating the value of our package.

    And of course, when it comes to product we will not compromise on

    our motto Quality is the best Recipe. Over the last 10 years we have

    continued to evolve our product offering to include the full spectrum

    line up for every application and operating condition.

    Equally exciting is the launch of our new value brand, Axia. Now four

    years in circulation, Axia makes 21% of our product line with premium

    products accounting for 42%.

    At the outset, your business consisted of five BTS franchises. What

    do they currently number?

    We have grown to 42 independent BTS franchises in the last 10 years.

    More important, our factory network is the largest in South Africa.

    Are you looking to increase the number of franchises?

    Although the interest in joining our network continues unabated, we

    are conscious not to create internal competition as this would be in

    violation of our licensing agreement which sets out strict parameters

    when it comes to trading territory.

    Speaking of licensing agreements, when does yours expire and what

    does this mean for Bandag SA in the long-term, bearing in mind that

    SA is the only country that is currently exempt from the Bridgestone-

    Bandag acquisition which was concluded dur