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Rebirth Continuing from the events in series 2, the Doctor crashes on Earth, to find a danger hanging in the sky...


  • 1. WHOA! Im crashing!

2. REBIRTH BY MATTHEW GRANT 3. Later that day... 4. DCI Emily Abbott. You called? 5. Yes. Its about this man. 6. What about him? Who is he? 7. Thats just it. We have no idea who he is. And his biological makeup is unusual. We cannot explain it. 8. Any I.D. on him? 9. No. He was found by a police box of all things. Havent seen one of those since I was a boy. 10. Ill look in to it. 11. Miles above Earth... 12. Well, I wasnt expecting that! 13. Ah, the repairs are done. Thank goodness, I was getting sick of hospital food 14. What on Earth? 15. Oh my god! 16. All of them are here. All of them must be killed. 17. How is that what? 18. Someones coming 19. Well, what have you got for me this time? 20. Not bad old girl not bad at all 21. A little dark, but that can be fixed. 22. Hands up 23. That wont work. The TARDIS is in a state of graceYour weapons cant work in here 24. I dont believe you 25. Oh well, worth a try 26. What is this place? 27. Its called a TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Its a machine designed for travel in space and time 28. Thats not possible 29. And bigger on the inside is? Cmon, its not too much of a leap 30. Whats that? 31. The atmospheric penetration detector 32. Which is? 33. A thing that goes beep 34. It means that a ship is about to collide with Earth 35. So what are we going to do? 36. Go there of course 37. On the ship...Ah, steering must be a bit rusty 38. So were stuck? Not quite 39. Whats that? Sonic screwdriver. Always a hand in a jam. 40. Im the Doctor by the way, and you?Emily, who names their child Doctor? 41. Well, here we are 42. Im on a spaceship, in a corridor. Bit of a comedown 43. You know whats weird about this place?What? 44. Its silent. The engines are running, but there are no signs of life 45. Should we be worried? It could be the autopilot. 46. This is a Jagaroth ship. They wouldnt leave it alone. 47. Ah, this looks like the bridge. 48. Incarnation 14 is aboard 49. And you are?The ship computer. I run the ship 50. Where are the crew? 51. I killed them. I opened the airlock and ejected themWhat? Why? 52. My systems were hackedMy new prime directive is to kill the fourteenth incarnation of the doctor before he regenerates 53. What? Why?Insufficient data. All that is known is that we need to stop the final Doctor from destroying the universe 54. Why would my last incarnation destroy the universe? 55. Insufficient data. All that is known is that he started a fire that burnt the universe 56. I must complete my missionA self destruct sequence has started 57. I dont think so! 58. Run! 59. What did you do? 60. Slowed down the self destruct, gave us enough time to get outAlso downloaded the file on all the things being done to stop my last incarnation 61. What are you going to do? 62. Save them, but with a decent suit of course 63. This may take a while 64. Many hours later... 65. Your verdict? 66. Awful 67. Perfect, might pick up a hat to go with it 68. The TARDIS has found another incarnation of me, wanna come? 69. Sure 70. Excellent 71. The Doctor is in 72. NEXT TIME GHOST IN THE MACHINE