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<ul><li><p> 1 </p><p>RUSSELL WALSH </p><p>Address: 22 Coveney St Bexley North NSW </p><p>Phone: +614 04297291 Email: </p><p>LinkedIn: </p><p>Career overview </p><p> Russell is an experienced Head of Marketing with over eighteen years experience in marketing strategy, brand creative, media planning and customer insights, with proven results in developing communication strategies to drive customer response and deliver sales growth. He is passionate about ensuring a balance between creative execution and commercial results, and is driven by the use of insights and analysis to support decision making. </p><p> Career highlights include: </p><p> Successful achievement in brand advertising development, acquisition and retention initiatives, and media planning strategy, to achieve forecast sales, customer number and ROMI targets. </p><p> Management and hands-on implementation of successful, and award winning, brand campaigns from proposition and concept development to final production and on-air launch. </p><p> Effective customer journey communications strategies and sponsorship integration to drive brand engagement and response. </p><p> Masters degree qualification in Marketing. </p><p>Integrated campaign strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales </p><p>Highly visible and award winning marketing &amp; brand advertising </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p>Professional Experience Marketing Strategy Projects Consulting </p><p>September 2016 present </p><p>Key Responsibilities Provision of strategic marketing advice and consulting services for SME businesses. </p><p> Developing launch marketing strategy and plan for FinTech start up, including branding and positioning, target market, marketing strategy, media plan, advertising creative, PR. </p><p> Head of Marketing (Senior Marketing Manager) Direct Insurance Allianz Insurance </p><p>October 2010 May 2016 </p><p>Key Responsibilities Overall management of the marketing and brand strategy for Allianzs direct insurance product portfolio Life, Motor, Home, Business, Travel. </p><p> Manage the integrated end-to-end brand and product advertising strategy for channels such as, but not restricted to, TV, online display, radio, pre-roll video, content, social media and sponsorships. </p><p> Management of advertising media strategy, planning and tracking, both online and offline channels, for all insurance product portfolios. </p><p> Manage campaign team in the implementation of the direct marketing calendar to acquire, cross-sell and retain direct insurance customers. </p><p> Hands on development of sports related sponsorships including Allianz Stadium, National Rugby Championship and integration into key TV sports programming such as NRL, AFL and Super Rugby. </p><p> Planning and management of budgets and financial reporting, and performance of the contracted supply agencies, including creative services and media planners. </p><p>Key Achievements Management of creative concept development and extensive media planning for Allianzs new brand campaigns in 2012 and 2014. The 2012 rebrand campaign resulted in a 100% increase in unaided brand awareness over twelve months. </p><p> (See YouTube </p><p> Oversaw approximately 20% reduction in media cost-per-sale between 2011 and 2015 for Allianz direct personal lines insurance product. </p><p> Assisted the Direct Insurance business achieve 46% new business sales growth between 2011 and 2015. Over this period the return on marketing investment improved by 13%. </p><p> Managed increased integration of digital targeting and engagement into marketing campaigns to improve reach and segment targeting, including re-targeting methods to reduce acquisition costs. This included the innovative Be ok button YouTube TrueView campaign. </p><p> (see YouTube </p><p> In 2015, awarded silver Effie for campaign long-term effectiveness. Our 2012 campaigns received several awards including AB+F Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2012 Bronze Effie (Marketing Effectiveness), AMI National Finalist 2012 Marketing Excellence. </p><p> Produced initial investment evaluation and business case for Allianz Stadium naming rights and managed ongoing budget. Leveraged sponsorship into program content sponsorships of TV and radio sports coverage. This assisted in overcoming low share-of-expenditure to assist with increasing brand awareness. </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>Mass Marketing Manager Integral Energy </p><p>March 2007 October 2010 </p><p>Key Responsibilities Develop marketing programs, sales strategies and implementation policies for all mass market customers (residential and SME business) in order to retain existing customers, target and attract new customers, maximise profit on energy sales revenue and achieve corporate business performance targets. </p><p> Manage a team of campaign managers in the implementation of direct marketing initiatives to acquire and retain mass market customers. </p><p> Direct product team in the management of existing small retail products and new product development that ensure the competitive positioning of Integral Energy. </p><p> Preparation and implementation of sales and marketing business plans and budgets and management of the performance of the contracted supply agencies, including creative services, list managements and printing. </p><p>Key Achievements Successfully introduced test and learn strategy into direct marketing function which resulted in increased response rates and decreased cost-per-sale in all key markets. </p><p> Achievement of retention sales targets for 2007-08 and 2008-09. </p><p> Improved positioning of value-add product in direct marketing strategy to improve cost-benefit. </p><p> Introduced defensive marketing strategy to trial and analyse loss reduction initiatives. </p><p> Successfully integrated market research function into the development of marketing strategies, initiatives and creative. </p><p>Customer Insights Manager Integral Energy </p><p>August 2004 July 2007 </p><p>Key Responsibilities Manage the market research and competitor intelligence function including customer satisfaction tracking, monitoring of competitor activities, regulatory changes and market movements. </p><p> Undertake segmentation analysis to identify key market segments to target for retention and acquisition activity. </p><p> Analyse and review available customer information (eg geographic, demographic and psychographic) to assist marketing team in developing strategies. </p><p>Key Achievements Increased cost-benefit of market research function by providing the business with comprehensive reporting with less reliance on research agency delivery. </p><p> Successfully redeveloped customer satisfaction tracking research for increased integration into business function, including the monthly balanced scorecard. </p><p> Developed timely reporting mechanisms on competitive intelligence and customer insights, including development of Customer Insights intranet page, to improve the dissemination of research information to the business. </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p>Customer Research Analyst Integral Energy </p><p>March 2002 August 2004 </p><p>Key Responsibilities Manage the end-to-end research and insights process, including identification of appropriate methodology, management of external research agencies, data analysis, formulation of report, segmentation and delivery of findings to the business. </p><p>Key Achievements Development of the Retail divisions Customer Value Driver Tracking and Customer Churn Tracking Program. </p><p> Conducted analysis and developed insights that increased response rates for customer retention marketing campaigns. </p><p>Previous positions: </p><p>Market Research &amp; Campaign Analyst June 1998 to March 2002 NRMA Insurance Ltd National Corporate Marketing Project Officer February 1994 to June 1998 NRMA Engineering &amp; Environment Department Traffic &amp; Safety Officer March 1988 to February 1994 NRMA Traffic &amp; Safety Department Motor Vehicle Claims Officer June 1987 to March 1988 National Roads &amp; Motorists Association Motor Vehicle Insurance Department </p><p> Education </p><p> Tertiary Master of Marketing, 2001 2002, Charles Sturt University </p><p> Certificate in Direct Marketing, 2001, ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association) </p><p> Graduate Certificate in Marketing, 2000, Charles Sturt University </p><p> Advanced Certificate in Business Management, 1998 - 1999, Charles Sturt University </p><p> Certificate in Business Management, 1997 -1998, Charles Sturt University </p><p> TAFE Certificate in Communications Skills (Written), Penrith TAFE, 1992 </p><p>Other Courses Social Media Marketing Strategy Assoc for Data-Driven Marketing &amp; Advertising June 15 </p><p> Content Marketing Strategy Assoc for Data-Driven Marketing &amp; Advertising March 15 </p><p> Search Engine Marketing Assoc for Data-Driven Marketing &amp; Advertising June 14 </p><p> Digital Media Planning Faulkner Media Management, August 12 </p><p> Media Management and Planning Faulkner Media Management, June 11 </p><p> Digital Marketing Strategy Australian Direct Marketing Association, July 10 </p><p> Social Media Applications, Australian Marketing Institute, March 10 </p><p> Winning Creative, Australian Direct Marketing Association, October 08 </p><p> Copy Writing and Advanced Copy Writing, Australian Direct Marketing Association, April 08 </p><p>References References available on request </p></li></ul>