rules to thrive: what drives home improvement contractor success online

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  • Rules to Thrive: What Drives Home Improvement Contractor Success Online

    June 23, 2016

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    Scott Weigel

    Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships


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    How to succeed in an ever-changing online marketing world

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    Homeowner Behavior insights from HomeAdvisor Thinking beyond just websites for your Digital presence 10 ways to use HomeAdvisor to get more leads 3 Best practices to generate business


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    The Leading Home Services Marketplace

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    Consumer Trends and Expectations

    Part 1:

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    Consumer Behavior

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    Consumer expectations change rapidly

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    Consumer Behavior

    of homeowners ask friends & neighbors for recommendations when hiring a home pro

    1 in 3do it because they dont know where else

    to go to find a reliable pro

    And, yet, most want better tools & information that friends and neighbors cant provide:

    64% say background checks are a must

    72% want to read ratings & reviews

    55% want multiple bids

    78% need help connecting with pros


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    Consumer Behavior

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    Part 2:

    Service professional capabilities and trends

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    Online Service Professional Trends

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    Service Professional capabilities do not change as rapidly as consumer expectations

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    Filling in the gap

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    Filling in the gap

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    Part 3:

    The Online Marketing Landscape

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    Wouldnt it be great if homeowners went directly to your website?

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    But in reality, they do this:

    Or this

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    The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

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    How many digital channels do you use?(Website, Organic Search, Social Media, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Google

    Adwords/PPC)a) Just my websiteb) 2 to 4 digital channelsc) 4 to 6 channels

  • 2016


    Proprietary + Confidential


    Source: Google

  • Search is indispensable in customer journeySearch impacts brands

    Display engages and educatesDigital content is key to decision-making

    Online Video informs and connectsSight, sound, and motion tell stories & fuels conversions


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    Lead Generation Sites

  • 28

    Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

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    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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    Social Media

  • 31

    Social Media Profile

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    Online Review Sites

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    Part 4:

    Best practices to generate business

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    1. Connecting with the homeowner

    2. Converting them

    3. Doing a great job on the project to get a positive review / referrals

    Three step process

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    Be found where they are looking

    Measure everything

    Consider hiring a full-time customer service representative or using an

    answering service

    1. Connecting with the Homeowner

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    9 out of 10 homeowners research options online

    before hiring a pro

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    Produce content that shows you are an expert

    Make sure your online presence and reputation represents you well

    Always allow customers to book within 48 hours

    Set yourself apart from the competition

    2. Converting the Homeowner

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    95% of homeowners would pay more for a quality pro

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    Set expectations properly

    Give a timely, accurate and professional updates

    Use technology for optimal communication, scheduling and invoicing

    3. Doing a Great Job to Get a Positive Review

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    99% of homeowners will hire a pro they have used before if it

    was a good experience

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