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Mr. Zittles ClassClass RulesStudent ExpectationsTeacher Expectations

Class RulesArrive on time - this means inside the classroom preferably in your seat.Come to class organized and prepared.Raise your hand if you would like to be heard.Only one person outside of the classroom at one time with a pass.Keep your head off of your desk.Clean the area around your desk.Bring your book everyday.Please stay in your assigned seat until the bell rings unless you have permission.

First offense: WarningSecond offense: WarningThird offense: Lunch detentionFourth offense: Teacher detention (before school or after school) and a phone call homeFifth offense: Administrative referral (The teacher reserves the right to go directly to the fifth consequence if necessary.)


Student ExpectationsRespect yourself, your fellow students, and your instructor.You will be honest in your academic work.Have integrity.Be Prepared.Pay attention.Participate.Have fun.Do the work.Give it your all!

Teacher ExpectationsI will be respectful at all times.I will treat everyone fairly.I will be prepared for class everyday.I will try to make class as fun as possible.I will listen to you.I will be honest.I will have integrity.I will be an active participant in your learning.I will do my best to help you learn.


If you follow the rules.

If you DO NOT follow the rules.


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