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1. Rubik's Cube Solving Process Learning speed cubing is all about challenge and delight. Serious cubers always want to do something unique by solving the puzzle in seconds. They want to have each and every possible advantage on their side. Due to the rising popularity of cubing, there has been a competition between the cubes enthusiasts along with the people associated with cube business. Simultaneously, speed cube shop is also popular these days because of the competition among cubers. Speed solving cubes include the cubes like, 222 block, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777 etc., blindfold solving process includes the blocks of 333, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5. Whereas, Multiple-Blindfolded Solving, feet solving, one handed solving and solving in fewest moves use the cube of 333. Let's have a look at the solving process of speed cube and what are the fastest methods employed by players. Here, we will discuss layer by layer methods, block methods and corners first methods. Layer by Layer Methods: There are a number of popular speeds cubing methods used by players. Layer by layer method is one among them. This layer is again divided into several categories like, ZB method, ZZ method, Fridrich Method, F2L (First 2 Layers) alternatives and VH method. These methods have been developed by the prominent speed cubers like, Ron Van Bruchem, Zbigniew Zborowski, Lars Vandenbergh, Dan Harris and others. Block Methods: In the block method we also have some methods that help in solving the puzzles. And the methods are Heise method, Petrus method, Gilles Roux method, etc. Petrus system is called as the shortest way in terms of face turns per solve. This method is also used in moves contents. These methods are created by Lars Petrus, Ryan Heise etc. Corners First Methods: Corners methods are created by Mark Waterman, Josef Jelinek etc. and the methods are Waterman Method, Jelinek Method etc. In these methods, there are also some algorithms to learn and you will be able to solve the puzzle easily. 2. Getting these speed cubes is easy and anyone can get them even in a bulk amount. These cubes are available online and in the shops as well. Finding a cube shop is not a matter of a big deal as you have Internet with you. All that need to do is select the variety and quality that you need. According to your special requirement you can buy the puzzles. People who look for a wholesale thing can also go through online shopping sites that provide better pricing and delivery option for purchasing their products. However, it all depends upon your interest and level of intelligence to solve any kind of puzzle. Address: Champion's Cube Store Shanghai, China. Mail to us: URL: