Rubik's Cube Cheat Sheet (Solution #2)

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Rubik's Cube Cheat Sheet (Solution #2)


Rubik's Cube Cheat SheetThis is a single page suitable for printing which contains the moves alone. It's meant as a reminder, not a full solution. For a full solution, see How to Solve the Rubik's Cube. Notation: U = Up, D = Down, F = Front, B = Back, L = Left, R = Right. CW = Clockwise, CCW = Counter-clockwise. X = Turn side X 90 CW, X' = Turn side X 90 CCW, X2 = Turn side X 180. "Rotate" means to re-orient a piece, keeping its location. "Swap" means for two or more pieces to exchange places. "Move" means to change the location of one piece while disregarding what goes in its original location.Step 1 -- U face edge piecesSolve the four U face edge pieces.Step 2 -- U face corner piecesSolve three of the U face corner pieces.Step 3 -- Middle edge piecesTurn the cube upside-down and solve the UF, UL and UB pieces by swapping the BR piece with the appropriate edge piece.Step 4 -- Solve remaining edge piecesB U' B' U R' U R U' (Rotate both UR and BR)U' R' U' R U' R' U' R U' (Swap UR and BR)B U B' U B U B' U2 (Swap and rotate UR and BR)Step 5 -- Position corner piecesThis move swaps the UFL, DBR, and one other corner piece. These moves do the same thing but rotate the corner pieces in a different direction.[U movement] F' D2 F [U movement] F' D2 F [U movement][U movement] L D2 L' [U movement] L D2 L' [U movement]Step 6 -- Orient corner pieces correctlyThis move rotates the UFL piece. Move must be done in pairs: one CW and one CCW rotation, operating at the same location.L D2 L' F' D2 F (Rotate piece CW)F' D2 F L D2 L' (Rotate piece CCW)