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  1. 1. Refuse Specialists General Overview For: Notice: This information is confidential. Sharing or disbursement of this information is strictly prohibited. All pricing, services, contract management strategies and sample reports described herein or disclosed are the intellectual location and under strict ownership of Refuse Specialists.
  2. 2. Company Overview- What We Do REFUSE SPECIALISTS acts as an outsourced waste hauling and recycling department. Our objectives are to create efficiencies and lower overall waste hauling and recycling spend, then keep the pricing low by ensuring the charges for services provided by the hauling vendors are correctly billed per the contractual terms via a monthly; invoice by invoice, line by line, audit.
  3. 3. Initial Objectives Reduce the net hauling prices by 15% or more on average across the clients portfolio. Create reductions in waste costs through the creation of efficiencies in service levels. Deployment of a program to audit every waste hauling and recycling invoice, line by line, each month to eliminate errors and correct over-charges.
  4. 4. How we generate savings Buying power, by leveraging thousands of properties across the country to secure rates for our clients they cannot get on their own Exercising our extensive knowledge of all facets of the waste & recycling business developed over 25 years in the industry Proprietary auditing software which eliminates errors and overcharges
  5. 5. RS Compensation Model RS is compensated only from the savings we generate for our clients strictly performance based Our interests are 100% aligned with those of our clients Average gross savings across all properties is 40.3%, or approximately 20% net to client
  6. 6. Enrollment Process 1. Sign the RS One Page Agreement 2. Client provides LOA on Letterhead, signed and dated 3. Provide copies of the latest monthly hauling invoices 4. Provide Property List New rates are typically implemented within 60 days after submission of the Enrollment documents
  7. 7. Audit Function Monthly review of clients invoices using RS customized software Identifies billing errors and overcharges Automatic notice to haulers to post proper credits RS takes on administrative responsibility for waste program on behalf of client
  8. 8. Invoice Process Flow 1. Existing haulers are contacted to evaluate waste hauling and recycling accounts. 2. The properties are uploaded into the RS proprietary bill management software system. 3. The billing address for each property is changed to the RS office address. 4. Each hauling invoices is sent to RS via USPS or electronically depending on the hauler. 5. Each invoice is entered into the RS system to be analyzed and filtered against contractual terms. In the event the hauler charged the RS Client outside of the contractual terms an automatic email is sent to the hauler and the hauler is contacted directly by the RS Account Manager (AM) announcing the RS Client will be paying less than the billed amount per the contractual terms. Additionally, Clients AM requests confirmation of credits. 6. If the hauler does not submit an invoice; RS identifies the missing invoices at the end of each calendar month and contacts the haulers to retrieve the missing invoices. 7. RS and Hauler invoices are emailed to the RS Client. 8. A/P processes the hauling invoice and RS invoice for payment.
  9. 9. Client Portal Available for clients to access all past invoices Reports reflecting savings by property, savings life-to-date, etc Reporting on billing errors corrected by property, by month Service levels by property
  10. 10. Case Study - 1 Large, regional Apartment Owner & 3rd Party Property Management company National contract in place with prominent national hauler Difficulty resolving billing errors Client frustrated from dealing with hauler and continuously resolving issues
  11. 11. Savings Analysis
  12. 12. Case Study - 2 National Commercial Real Estate Property Management Company Too many properties for one hauler solution No efficient way to manage nationally Expense Management/increase NOI for Client (owners) Time/resource management for employees (property managers) Central point of management (portfolio) Market advantage over competitors
  13. 13. Savings Analysis Properties with Pricing Reductions; Negotiated Rates Property Baseline Rate Renegotiated Rate Difference Gross Sav% Effective Date Property 1 $566.06 $204.60 $361.46 64% 03/01/2013 Property 2 $623.23 $218.23 $405.00 65% 11/01/2012 Property 3 $597.40 $218.23 $379.17 63% 11/01/2012 Property 4 $491.64 $116.38 $375.26 76% 11/01/2012 Property 5 $354.08 $193.00 $161.08 45% 11/01/2012 Property 6 $674.96 $232.77 $442.19 66% 11/01/2012 Property 7 $339.86 $116.39 $223.47 66% 11/01/2012 Property 8 $521.78 $311.76 $210.02 40% 11/01/2012 Property 9 $420.66 $205.00 $215.66 51% 03/28/2013 Property 10 $620.78 $232.77 $388.01 63% 11/01/2012
  14. 14. Sampling of Clients Served (Hospitality & Restaurants) Hampton Inn Marriot Comfort Inn Embassy Suites Residence Inn Fairfield Inn Courtyard by Marriot Hilton Garden Inn Homewood Suites Four Seasons Candlewood Suites Colliers International NAI Long John Silvers Chipotle Sonnys BBQ
  15. 15. Points of Contact Item Recommended Contact Ordering services with pre-negotiated pricing Call the hauler directly or call RS customer service Ordering Services without pre-negotiated pricing Dale Cobb Service problems such as hauler not showing up Dale Cobb Service level changes Dale Cobb Billing challenges; rates, invoices, etc Michele Galindo Key Contact Title/Role Phone Email Michele Galindo Account Manager Main point of contact (805) 482-5895 x 209 Ashley Ancell Account Manager Invoice processing and missing invoices (805) 482-5895 x 201 Cynthia Noboa Operations Manager (805) 482-5895 x 206 Dale Cobb Customer Service (805) 482-5895 x 200 Jack Johnson EVP (817) 525-3241 (Example) Sample RS Client Team
  16. 16. In Summary Refuse Specialists acts solely as Clients agent and is here to serve our clients interest. We have no contractual obligations to any hauler. Our responsibility is to be an Dedicated Advocate, Vigilante Auditor of Invoices and an Assurance Client Always Pay the Right Price for the Correct Equipment and Services. We are driven by ensuring proper service levels & supply levels are ideal for each property. We take pride in managing clients invoicing system and ensuring they are receiving correct invoices for the correct service. We are very motivated to not only secure market based pricing, optimize equipment and correct service levels but process invoices in a timely manner in a format which makes sense.
  17. 17. RS Contact Info Jason Tucker (949) 231-0804 Steve Sims (850) 361-7408