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TRANSCRIPT 1Saturday, April 30, 2011u.::....:.Pocl WcJJn soutcnr8-PugeSpeclulFrJc zotbAprl zo::16-PageSpecial2 Saturday, April 30, 2011Love, laughter ano cheers markeo a glorlous Royal Weoolng oay that began wlth a journeytrom Lonoon's Gorlng Hotel tor beautltul brloe Kate Mlooleton ano enoeo ln a celebratlonano waves to the crowo trom the balcony at 8ucklngham 3Saturday, April 30, 2011uy oI love und joyseuled wlth klsses

ot one, but two kisses sealed the mostromantic day of the year. As Williamand Kate appeared on the Palacebalcony, crowds surged forward towatch the new Duke and Duchess ofCambridge share their love with millions of peopleacross the world.The weather may have been grey, but the moodwas bright from the start as 1,900 guests, includingSir Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham andPrime Minister David Cameron, nltered into themaple tree nlled splendour of Westminster Abbey,where scenes of excited chatter were already beingbroadcast to royal fans.Prince William and brother Prince Harry arrivedright on time in a shiny, burgundy chauffeur-drivenBentley, exuding an air of suppressed excitementbefore heading into St Edmund`s chapel to awaitthe royal bride. An hour later, like a modern dayGrace Kelly, the future Queen of England,Kate Middleton, 29, stepped out of her Rolls-RoycePhantom with father Michael, in a Fifties-style ivorygown with lace applique foral detail, designed bySarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Kate`s glossybrown hair was covered with a romantic veil heldin place by a delicate tiara and her conndent, classicstyle choice instantly connrmed her place as thenation`s sweetheart.As Kate reached the altar, where ArchbishopRowan Williams met the couple, PrinceWilliam couldn`t contain his happiness and theworld watched as he whispered the words Kate hadbeen waiting to hear: 'You look beautiful.While the bride remained composed, onlyfashing that trademark smile occasionally, the28-year-old Prince was unable to contain his joy assmile after smile spread across his face.Yet, once seated in the open-top carriage theDuchess of Cambridge, the newest member of theroyal family, began to beam with happiness. Thesun came out for the royal couple and sitting intheir magical State Landau they were greeted byscreams of joy from thrilled fans, as they travelledanother mile on a romantic journey that began at StAndrew`s University eight years ago.Just over an hour later, Kate and William steppedon to the royal balcony at Buckingham Palacelooking very relaxed, surrounded by their families.Like William`s parents Prince Charles and Lady Di-ana 30 years ago, the couple were happy to respondto an ecstatic public, crying out for a public displayof affection.But once they`d sealed their love, and thetraditional fy past of a Spitnre and other aircrafthad taken place, Kate was concerned about onefower girl who clearly found it all rather too noisy.Looking at William, she gestured to the little girlwith an intimate, loving smile.Surely another addition to the royal household isjust a matter of time.The happlness ano joy ot thelr 8lgDay ls clear to see on the taces otPrlnce Wllllam ano Kate as theyreturn to 8ucklngham Palace ln anopen-top carrlage as man ano wlte4 Saturday, April 30, 2011Moment worldhud wulted Ior|ova| b|oe |ate ||oo|eto a|ves at \est|ste /bbev to av 'eotoe '|z. |oo'|z sto|z | a o|aoo t|aa ao a|vta|e .eoo|zoess ao ve|| t'at s'e 'ao 'eot a secet o t'e .o|o o so |oz|nset: Prlnce Wllllam, ln tull mllltaryunltorm, waves as he arrlves wlthhls brother Prlnce Harry at theAbbey. Rlght: Kate's slster Plppawlth brloesmalos ano 5Saturday, April 30, 2011The royal weddingHow Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineJennifer Burton celebrates with flags and cakes at Worcester Arts Workshop. 17263301 Joseph Hurst with Pershore town crier Robert Speight at Pinvin CE First School. 17263001Staff and children celebrate at Hawthorns Cottage nursery, St Johns, Worcester. 17262201 Staff and residents at Waterside Care Home in Leigh Sinton, near Malvern. 17262902Staff and pupils at Pinvin CE First School dressed in patriotic red, white and blue. 17263001 Children from Hallow, near Worcester, fly the flag for the couple at the village party. 17263701Order a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/SALES6 Saturday, April 30, 2011The royal wedding How Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineGrace Hughes, aged 10, Abbi Simon and Katie Campbell-Ferguson, five, make brooches atWorcester Arts Workshop to celebrate the marriage of William and Catherine. 17263303Children at Hawthorns Cottage day nursery, Worcester, celebrate its birthday and the royalwedding with deputy manager Hayley Burton and nursery nurse Naomi Shapton. 17262202Hayley Bozward, Katie Owen and Sonia Lessimore of Leapfrog day nursery, Warndon Villages,Worcester, with children Megan Cerrone, Isabelle May-Yarnold and Max Radford. 17261601TeachingassistantDarren Daviesand teacherRob Harrisonof Gorse HillPrimarySchool,Tolladine,Worcester,with UmarMohammed,CourtneyShires, brideand groomFern MarieHouseman andKieranMansfield, andScott Davies.17262701Gary and Alex Morris and their daughter Izzy, aged 16 months, enjoy the fun of royal weddingday at at a village party held to mark the occasion in Hallow, near Worcester. 17263702Revellers Jim, Joseph and John Mercer in Ravenscroft Drive, Droitwich. 17263502Order a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/ 7Saturday, April 30, 2011The royal wedding How Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineMegan Monk, Rehaan Ali, Reece Morris, Khuzaimah Qureshi and Henrika Jagintavi Ciutetake part in the celebrations at Gorse Hill Primary School, Tolladine, Worcester. 17262702Party-goers enjoy bottles of chilled champagne at the home of Godfrey and Miriam Harveyin Northwick Road, Worcester, to mark the wedding of William and Catherine. 17263601Sue Moore, Mary Birch and Dave Moore celebrate in Everard Close, Worcester. 17264201Oliver Jones,aged 66, andhis wifeVivienneJones, 68,renew theirwedding vowsat WatersideCare Home,Leigh Sinton,near Malvern,as part of theroyal weddingcelebrations.They havebeen marriedfor 49 years.17262901Eleanor Revill, Kate Warner and Fran Howell in Little Witley, near Worcester. 17263802The Draper and Newman families join in all the excitrment of Prince Williams marriage toKate Middleton at their royal wedding street party in Everard Close, Worcester. 17264208Order a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/SALES8 royal wedding How Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineOrder a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/SALESAimee Beard, Joshua Turner, Morgan Turner and Daniella Turner, make an impression infancy dress for the Drakes Broughton sports day and party, near Worcester. 17264001Katrina Challenger, Aaron Burge, Andy Burge, Tori Burge and Martin Hartillenjoy a picnic in Abbey Park, Pershore to mark the royal wedding. 17264102Guy Beech,owner of theWheatsheafpub, HenwickRoad, StJohns,Worcester,toasts thehappy couple.17262301Managers David and Lesley Newbrook of theOld Chequers pub, Crowle, near Worcester,cut their William and Kate cake. 17263901Chelsea OBrien, aged eight, waves her Unionflag outside the Brunswick Arms, St Johns,which held a royal wedding party. 17264301Alisa Deakinand JackieMaughanwith theirUnion Jackheadgear inAbbey Park,Pershore.17264105Union Jacks were much in evidence in Northwick Road, Worcester, where Godfrey andMiriam Harvey were holding their own party to celebrate the royal wedding. 9Saturday, April 30, 2011The royal wedding How Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineOrder a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/SALESRevellers enjoy royal wedding day at the Brunswick Arms, St Johns, Worcester. 17264305 Isabel Hampton waves her flag at the Old Chequers, Crowle, near Worcester. 17263904Youngsters from Perry Wood Primary School, Worcester, enjoyed a picnic with their parents. Villagers in Wick, near Pershore, enjoyed a street party to celebrate the royal wedding.Torr Strange,and Williamand AmyMerryweatherwith Willand Katescarecrows inRavenscroftDrive,Droitwich.17263501 Sarah Cooper, Daisy Cooper, Mia Bourne and Donna Bourne in Drakes Broughton. 17264002Jacob Rowe, aged six, Charlie Finch, seven, Ben Preece, eight, and Cameron Richardson,seven, at the royal wedding street party held in Kipling Close, Worcester. 17264308Jack Sherrywith mumHayley andtheir royalweddingcake at theRavenscroftDrive streetparty inDroitwich.17263503Sara Griffiths, Richard Bidwell, Andy Rogers and Kate Palphramand toast theroyal couple in Burtree Avenue, Warndon Villages, Worcester. 17264307Olivia Dane and Amelia Bennett wave Union Flags in Abbey Park, Pershore. 17264101ShannonSmith, LucyPreece andSeren Hackettin KiplingClose,Worcester.17264309From top,Nick Moore,Sam Moore,Dylan Moore,Charlie Moore,NatalyaMoore, MaxMoore, MarkRussell andLili Moore atthe streetparty inEverard Close,Worcester.1726420310 Saturday, April 30, 2011The royal wedding How Worcestershire celebrated the marriage of William and CatherineOrder a picture WORCESTERNEWS.CO.UK/PICTURES/SALESNeil and Dawn Scott and their sons Jayden and Taylor in Everard Close, Worcester. 17264202 Villagers enjoy their royal wedding street party in Little Witley, near Worcester. 17263801Carole, Laura and Kenny Gormley in Kipling Close, Worcester. 17264310Ashleigh Sheridan, aged 10, Danielle Butler, 13, and Millie Easterlow,eight, at the Brunswick Arms, St Johns, Worcester. 17264306Luka Marks and Tom Bailey in Burtree Avenue, Warndon Villages, Worcester. 17264311Best friendsAmy Farrowand GeorginaBrixey wavetheir flags forthe royalcouple atthe LittleWitley streetparty, 11Saturday, A