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  • 8/7/2019 Royal Wedding: cold feet | By Johnny Lucas Canada news


    Royal Wedding: cold feet By Johnny Lucas Canada news

    by Johnny Lucas

    Never mind if Kate is having second thoughts right before her wedding I am. I thought it was be a lark to swan over the pond to merry olde England and observe at close range the archaic pageant and probably the last hurrah of the monarchy.

    But now Im not so sure.

    Im sitting at the airport and Ive already checked my bag, so I guess Im going but in the last few days the world seems to be starting to take this wedding thing seriously. I thought it was just a bit of costume drama without the commercial breaks. No, this is not the first time Ive noticed that all the world does not sharemy sense of humour.

    But dont feel sorry for me 99% of the reason Im going is to hang out with a greatfriend of long standing and to join in whats billed as an anti-monarchy celebration in Tredegar Square, the little piece of green on which Iain lives just northof the Tower of London. Im bringing some duty free liquor, Iain is one of the fun

    niest people I know, so theres no way I will not have a good time in the 6 days Imon the ground over there.

    But what about Kate?

    She was Waity Katie for so long that landing the big fish after playing the lineso well and so long must feel like a victory of sorts. Did no one tell her to b

    e careful what you wish for? Its only in ancient fairy tales that the wedding atthe big church marks the end of a happy story.

    The reluctance of Popes to be elected to sit on St. Peters throne is legendary aswas the reluctance of the stuttering Albert to become George VI who looked uponthe abdication of his brother as an act of unforgiveable cowardice. Who knows i

    f William is marching willingly towards a life which might as well be lived entirely in the historic glass coach. But Catherine Middleton must be having doubtsas events build speed and she approaches the end of the high velocity water slide that ends at the thousand year old altar in the centre of London.

    Sadly, we will never really know if the thoughts that I or you project on Catherine Middleton or William Wales are remotely related to what is going through their brains these days. The royal family does not have a tradition of publishing diaries so those of us outside the palace are doomed to know only what we see bypressing our noses against the glass.

    Ill be in London about dawn tomorrow, by evening I will be happily and casually h

    oisting a glass with Iain. If Kate really has cold feet, shes welcome to come andtalk it over with us.