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<ul><li><p>The deadline for submission of extended summaries and abstracts and </p><p>other material has been set for 8 February 1988. Specific details about re- quirements can be obtained from the Secretary ICTAM 1988, D. Caillerie, Institut de M6canique de Grenoble, Domaine Universitaire, B.P. 68, 38402 Saint-Martin-d'Hres Cedex, France. </p><p>Calendar </p><p>Below are announcements of meetings to be held abroad. Entries pre- ceded by an * are new or updated listings with contact addresses given in parentheses. Month/year listings following other entries refer to issues of the Journal which contain full calendar listings or meeting announcements. </p><p>Royal National Institute for the Deaf celebrates 75th anniversary </p><p>A meeting on Hearing in Later Life, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Institute for the Deaf, will be held at the Royal Overseas League, Park Place, St. James' Street, London, 23-24 October 1986. The first day of the meeting will be devoted to papers and talks on medical and scientific aspects, including contributions on the prevalence and causes of hearing loss in the elderly, the contributions of noise to hearing loss, and cognitive, psychoacoustic, and morphological changes in the aging ear. The second meeting day is devoted to reports and considerations of the various social aspects which include the environment, consumer viewpoints, aids for the hearing impaired, and other topics. </p><p>Further details are available from the British Society of Audiology, Harvest House, 62 London Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 5AS, U.K. </p><p>Acoustics Society--for students--founded at University of Salford </p><p>Late last year a group of final-year students at the University of Salford decided to form the "Acoustics Society," enrolling both students and staff as members. The first aim of the group was to become affiliated with the Institute of Acoustics. This has been accomplished and the group is being represented through the North-West Branch of IOA. The second aim was to make industrial concerns aware of the acoustics undergraduate program at Salford and to bring students into contact with industry. It is the hope of the new Society that better communication can be established between the academics and the industrialist in the field of acoustics. (Excerpted from IOA Acoustics Bulletin, April 1986) </p><p>Noise Council established in Great Britain </p><p>About five years ago, the Noise Advisory Council (U.K.) discontin- ued its activities. Since that time there were efforts within the Institute of </p><p>Acoustics (U.K.) to find a replacement. Finally, earlier this year, the ap- propriate groups within the Institute of Acoustics, the Institution of Envir- onmental Health Officers, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland founded the new Noise Council. Its aims and objectives are to promote and respond to issues relating to noise and vibration and to make independent technical and scientific expertise available to international and national agencies, cen- tral and local government, commerce, and industry. The Noise Council which has ten members, two deputy chairmen, and a chairman is presently headed by Lord Elliott of Morpeth. </p><p>Institute of Acoustics (U.K.) elects new officers New officers of the Institute of Acoustics were elected earlier this year. </p><p>The lq86/87 Council will be headed by H. O. Berktay who has become President, replacing H. G. Leventhall who has become Immediate Past President. C. G. Rice has been elected President-Elect, and M. S. Ankers, J. N. Holmes, and G. Kerry have become Vice-Presidents. Eleven other peo- ple serve on the Council with the above-mentioned officers. </p><p>German Noise Standards available in English translation </p><p>Almost all standards published as DIN 45 635 are now available in English. This series deals with measurements of machine noise. In addition to these, translations into English have been prepared of German Standards for civil engineering and building industries. Lists of the available standards can be obtained from the Translation Section of the Berlin DIN offices. </p><p>Translations of DIN 45 635 are available in Great Britain from BSI Sales, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6LE, U.K. </p><p>September 1986 2-6 6th FASE Symposium, Sopron. 11/84, 7/85 11-12 British Society of Audiology Annual Conference, London. </p><p>7/86 </p><p>12 Control of Entertainment Noise, London. 5/86, 7/86 16-18 Machine Noise Measurements, Senlis. 5/86 1 6-19 Seminar on Acoustics, Rzeszow. 3/86 19-28 Fall Ultrasound Symposium, London. 5/86 22-25 *International Seminar on Modal Analysis, Leuven, Bel- </p><p>gium. (K.U.L., Mechanical Engineering, Celestijnenlaan 300B, 3030 Heverlee, Belgium) </p><p>25 *Current Research in Physical Acoustics, London, U.K. (IOA, 25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HU, U.K.) </p><p>25-26 *National Symposium on Ultrasonics, New Delhi, India. (Ultrasonic Society of India, c/o National Physical Labora- tory, Hillside Road, New Delhi 110012, India) </p><p>27-30 10th Conference on Ultrasonic Methods and Condensed </p><p>Matter, ;ilina. 7/86 30-1 Experimental Audiology Short Papers Meeting, Sussex. 7/ </p><p>86 </p><p>30-3 6th International Congress on Nondestructive Testing, Strasbourg, 11/85 </p><p>October 1986 </p><p>1-3 </p><p>2-3 </p><p>2-5 </p><p>Conference on Community Noise, Toowoomba. 9/85 Vibrations of Coupled Systems; Wiirzburg. 5/86 First World Congress "Ultrasound in Developing Coun- tries," Dubrovnik. 7/86 </p><p>6 Noise in Mechanical Services, London. 7/86 7-9 International Symposium on Shipboard Acoustics, The </p><p>Hague. 1/86 7-9 Noise Protection in the Workplace, Senlis. 5/86 7-10 AICB Congress on Traffic Noise and Urban Planning, Basel. </p><p>3/86 </p><p>16 South African Acoustics Institute Symposium, Pretoria. 5/ 86 </p><p>19-22 Meeting of International Society for Psychophysics, Cassis. . 7/86 </p><p>21-24 International Acoustic Emission Symposium, Tokyo. 11/85 22 *Environmental Stress Screening, Coventry, U.K. (SEE, </p><p>Owles Hall, Buntingford, Herts. SG9 9PL, U.K.) 23-24 *Anniversary Meeting on Hearing in Later Life, London, </p><p>U.K. (BSA, Harvest House, 63 London Road, Reading, Berks. RG 1 5AS, U.K.) </p><p>November 1986 </p><p>3-6 Ultrasound '86, Bratislava. 1/86 6-9 2nd Annual Conference on Reproduced Sound, Windermere. </p><p>7/86 </p><p>17-21 *UBIOMED VII (Symposium on Ultrasound in Biology and Medicine), Eisenach, German Democratic Republic. (Institut f. Angew. Biophysik, Martin Luther Univ. Halle, Strasse der OdF 6, 4020 Halle, GDR) </p><p>19-21 Aeronautical and Marine Acoustics Colloquium, Marseille. 5/86 </p><p>25-26 Australian Conference on Speech Science and Technology, Canberra. 7/86 </p><p>28-30 Autumn Conference on Speech and Hearing, Windermere. 7/86 </p><p>29 Evaluation of Hearing Aid Benefit, London. 7/86 </p><p>December 1986 </p><p>2-4 Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Cranfield. 7/ 86 </p><p>8-12 1st Asian Pacific Region Conference on Deafness, Hong Kong. 5/86 </p><p>9-10 Fluctuation Phenomena in Underwater Acoustics, Wey- mouth. 5/86 </p><p>983 d. Acoust. Soc. Am. 80(3), Sept. 1986; 0001-4966/86/090983-02500.80; @ 1986 Acoust. Soc. Am.; Acoust. News from Abroad 983 </p><p> Redistribution subject to ASA license or copyright; see Download to IP: On: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 11:07:59</p></li></ul>


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