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  • Royal Geographical Society Medals and Awards for 1987Source: Area, Vol. 20, No. 1 (Mar., 1988), p. 14Published by: The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)Stable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 08:18

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    Royal Geographical Society Medals and Awards for 1987

    Founder's Medal

    Dr Anthony Laughton FRS, Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, 'for contributions to oceanography'.

    Patron's Medal

    Professor R J Chorley, University of Cambridge, 'for contributions to geomorphology'.

    Victoria Medal

    Professor Emeritus Chauncy Harris, University of Chicago, 'for contributions to the study of geography of the USSR'.

    Busk Medal

    Professor Alice Coleman, King's College London, 'for innovations in land-use analysis and practical contributions to inner-city regeneration'.

    Murchison Award

    Professor Monica Cole, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, ' for major contributions to the geography of South Africa and to the understanding of savannas'.

    Back Award

    Dr Stan Openshaw, University of Newcastle, ' for the application of geographical methods to the study of the problems of nuclear energy'.

    Cuthbert Peek Award

    Dr Bill Knight, British Museum (Natural History), 'for scientific leadership of Project Wallace'.

    Gill Award

    Dr R J C Munton, University College London, 'for contributions to studies in agriculture and land use in Britain'.

    Cherry Kearton Medal and Award

    Colin Willock, Film Maker, 'for outstanding contributions to nature photography'.

    Ness Award

    Nicola Bennett-Jones SRN, 'for unselfish service in medical support of the RGS Projects in Mulu, Kora and Wahiba'.

    Edward Heath Medal

    Dr Roderic Dutton, Director, Centre for Overseas Research and Development, Durham, 'for his contribution to agricultural development in third world countries, especially Oman'.

    Honorary corresponding member

    Professor Mohammed Shafi, Aligarh Muslim University, India and Professor Gyorgy Enyedi, Budapest.

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    Article Contentsp. 14

    Issue Table of ContentsArea, Vol. 20, No. 1 (Mar., 1988), pp. 1-96Front MatterEditorial: Twenty Years of "Area" [p. 1-1]Notes for Guidance of Contributors [p. 2-2]On Academic Performance [pp. 3-13]Royal Geographical Society Medals and Awards for 1987 [p. 14-14]Service Industries: Uneven Development and Uneven Knowledge [pp. 15-22]Tourism and Employment: Reflections on a Pilot Study of Looe, Cornwall [pp. 23-34]Not a Definition of Rural [pp. 35-40]The Geography of Military Industry in Britain [pp. 41-51]Report: The Role of Institutions in Countryside Management [p. 52-52]Geographical Aspects of Radiation Monitoring in Britain [pp. 53-59]Report: IGU Study Group on Geography and Commerce [p. 60-60]The Developing Geography of AIDS: A Case Study of the West Midlands [pp. 61-67]ObservationsUrban Studies in Catalonia [pp. 69-70]

    Comments: Discussion Arising from Papers in "Area"Birkbeck College: The Forgotten Relative. A Response to Gray and Tivers [pp. 71-72]No Excuses, Belinda [p. 72-72]Evaluating Citations [pp. 72-73](Ex)cit(e)ation Analysis [pp. 73-74]

    Conference ReportsGeography in the Education System [pp. 75-78]Government Policy and Industrial Change [pp. 78-79]Population Software Workshop [pp. 79-80]IGU Study Group in Marine Geography [p. 80-80]The British Association [pp. 80-81]Retail Environments in Developing Countries [pp. 81-82]Population Information Systems [pp. 82-83]Woodlands in British Historical Geography [pp. 83-84]Contemporary Geographical Perspectives [pp. 84-85]Administrative Reforms in Europe: Geographical Perspectives [p. 85-85]Is There a Cultural Geography beyond the Fragments? [pp. 85-87]Space and History [pp. 87-88]Where Were the Geographers? [pp. 88-89]RRL Workshop on Geographical Information Systems [pp. 89-90]Land, Water and Sky: European Environmental Planning [pp. 90-91]Karst, the Tropics and Lake Sediments [pp. 91-92]

    New Appointments [pp. 93-94]Research Grants [pp. 94-96]Back Matter


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