Royal Couple William And Kate Celebrates Their First Wedding Anniversary

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<p> 1. Royal Couple William And Kate Celebrates Their First Wedding Anniversary The Royal Couple Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is celebrating their first year as a married couple in a very simple but romantic way. The two are reported to have been visiting some of their friends, but they are set to stay on the night of their wedding anniversary on their home in North Wales. The royal couples have chosen to stay in their home and spend quality time together. If the royal couple just chose to stay in their homes for their anniversary, there are some people who want to have the grandest way to celebrate thiscelebration. Most of the time, couples who are celebrating their first year as husband and wife chooseto travel off the country and spend some luxurious time in world class hotels.A lot of tourists, whether they are celebrating their anniversary or they just want to tour other countrywould choose to stay in no less than the best hotels during their tours. Choosing the right hotel is reallyimportant when you are travelling because this would serve as your temporary home while you are farfrom your own home.Hotels like Boracay Hotels offersservices that everyone woulddefinitely love. They house welltrained and the best staffs and crewthat are prepared to attend to theneeds of their client at any time ofthe day. They make sure that theywould be able to give the demandsand necessities of their clients sothat their guests would be no lessthan satisfied of the overall hotelservice.With this, Hotels in Boracay,together with other world classluxury hotels fill the rooms andevery corner of the hotel with 2. nothing but the best and the highest quality materials, fit for the satisfaction and comfort of theirvisitors. From the lobby, to the room, every bit of furnishing that you would see is made from the finestmaterials.Aside from topnotch accommodation service, there are also some hotels that extend their hospitality byproviding additional amenities that would not only make their guests feel comfortable but entertainedas well. They provide world class spa facilities which are perfect for their guests who want to unwind, aswell as gym and sports facilities for those who want to keep up with their active lifestyle. With all thefantastic services provided in these places, there is no doubt that these hotels would be perfect forcelebrating important events of your life.</p>