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<p>UI / UX</p> <p>UI / UX </p> <p>Pitfalls to avoid </p> <p>UI </p> <p>UI elements should look like UI elements </p> <p>If you find that you explain the UI in the UI </p> <p>you did something wrong </p> <p>BUTTONS SHOULD LOOK CLICKABLE </p> <p>If you find that you explain the UI in the UI Check Clickable items! </p> <p> click here wrong! </p> <p>Full Context </p> <p>AB TEST </p> <p>SPEED </p> <p>UI Animations Are Cool </p> <p>Keep animations under 200ms Over 200ms appears slow! </p> <p>SPEED </p> <p>Every feature will probably benefit 5%-10% Of your users </p> <p>Speed benefits 100% dont know what to do? improve speed </p> <p>Chrome product team </p> <p>Which is better? </p> <p>Dont Make Me Think </p> <p>Theres a book about it dont make me think </p> <p>Information Allow Scheming And Drilldown </p> <p>Call For Action - Bottom Line First </p> <p>Please Give Feedback, bla bla bla </p> <p>bla bla bla, so Wed appreciate your feedback. </p> <p>UX </p> <p>Explain what the end goal is, users that understand what the end goal is are far more likely to overcome things </p> <p>they don't understand. </p> <p>Level 50 - Take Over Cuba </p> <p>Message Value Not Features </p> <p>esume -building service: </p> <p> a feature might be professionally designed templates </p> <p> the benefit would be an eye-catching resume that stands out </p> <p> but the finished story benefit would be landing your dream job. </p> <p>Ash Maurya Running lean </p> <p>Values achieved after using the product </p> <p>Stats dont overload </p> <p> Measuring everything is the right way to stats hell (clicks / UI events) </p> <p> Measure key indicators first give it time then add more </p> <p> Use time to give granularity 8.1% of users did today, 4.2% did yesterday </p> <p> Funnel / Segment users put users in boxes and measure if they are stuck there? </p> <p>Stats Cohort </p> <p>TOOLS </p> <p> event stats </p> <p> CRM for users </p> <p> A/B tests </p> <p>BOOKS </p> <p>UX </p> <p>The inmates are running the asylum Alan Cooper Build Your Startup </p> <p>Running Lean Ash Maurya </p> <p>Pricing Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely </p> <p>Lookup - Dave McClure - AARRR! </p> <p>Roy Man </p> <p> </p> <p>Reinforcement </p> <p> Engineers working on a big problem is ok, adding a business guy is not something you have to have. </p> <p> Israel investors look for IP =&gt; traction Valley Investors look for Network &amp; Data </p>