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    Introduction 256 257

    Fully Automatic Vacuum and Charging Stations 258 259

    Universal Sets for Vacuuming and Charging 260 261

    Manifolds, Pressure Hoses, and Accessories 262 264

    High Vacuum Pump 265

    Measurement and Testing Devices 266

    Refrigerants and Cleansers 267

    Refrigerant Reclamation and Recycling Device 268

    Air Conditioning Tools 269

    Refrigeration and airconditioning technology

  • ROTHENBERGER offers a practice-tested and reliablerange of machines and tools for the installation, main-tenance and servicing of refrigeration cycles such as forindoor air conditioning systems.

    Conventional tools like high vacuum pumps, manifolds,measurement and testing instruments that all

    correspond to the high standards of the professionalair conditioning trade are supplemented through

    innovations in ease of use, work safety, andenvironmental protection.



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    Refrigeration and air conditioning technology Introduction


    Vacuuming with the RO-Klima

    Charging with the RO -Klima





    ROTHENBERGER, together with its specialised tradedivision and the ROTHENBERGER academy, wants tohelp you expand into a new business:

    An intensive practical seminar will provide comprehensive training, our trade division will provide you air-conditioning supplies at attractive conditions, and ROTHENBERGER offers you professional, tested tools.

    Simplest possible piping of the RO-Klima vacuuming and chargingstation:Error free and safe work with refrigerants

    Integrated control:Simple and comfortable to use

    "All-in-one" solution:

    All components integrated into casing and optimally protected for transport

    Precision scale up to 35 kg and integrated filling hose:For automatic checking of already filled refrigerants, suitable for all current refrigerant containers

    Fill-up quantities to the exact gramme desired: No overfilling, no loss of refrigerant, no environmentaldamage




    Outdoor AirConditioning Unit

    LowOutdoor AirConditioning Unit

    With its RO-Klima, ROTHENBERG presents an innovation in the area of installation tools for maximalcomfort, work safety, and error-free use.



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    In addition to the innovative RO-Klima, ROTHENBERGERoffers a complete spectrum of conventional tools forthe refrigeration and air condition sector.

    Vacuuming with conventionaltechnology

    Charging with conventional technology


    Vacuum pump

    Vacuum pump

    Outdoor AirConditioning Unit

    LowOutdoor AirConditioning Unit




    Reflex valve for




    Two-step high vacuum pump with stable connections to 2 or 4-waymanifolds:Secure connections without risk of leaks

    Pressure hoses in various models with security check valve: No loss of refrigerant

    Charge process with precision scale for monitoring of filled refrigerant amounts: Suitable for all current refrigerant canisters

    Bottle connection for 1 l and 2.5 l refrigerant bottles: Enables work with light and convenient bottles

    R410A R22 R134a R407C R404A R507A

    All conventional tools for the refrigeration and air conditioning field correspond to the high standards ofthe professional air conditioning trade.

    All machines and tools with this symbol possess apressure gauge with a pulsation dampener:


    Choose between various comprehensive set combinations or individual components. Decide which air conditioner units you willoffer and choose the corresponding tools.

    The overview on the last page of this chapter shows all relatedtools from other parts of the catalogue.

    As an orientation guide, we have marked all tools specifically suitable for refrigerants with icons:

  • Large, easily accessible oilfill opening:For filling without thedanger of spillage

    Adaptor 5/16"-M SAE 1/4"-F SAE:Unrestricted work, forrefrigerant mix R410Aas well

    Pressure gauge in transportposition when not needed:Secure storage

    3 pressure hoses each 2,500 mmwith ball valve:Secure and comfortable workwith refrigerants withoutdanger of refrigerant loss

    2 bottle connections included:For practical 1 l and 2.5 lrefrigerant bottles

    2-step high vacuum pumpwith oil injection:For vacuuming andremoval of all moistureresidue in refrigerantcycle for installationsbased on DIN 8975

    Control panel with 4-digitdisplay and 3 function buttons:Error free and safe workwith refrigerants, display of possible leakiness



    Refrigeration and AirConditioning Technology

    RO-Klima IIFully automatic Vacuum and Charging Station

    The RO-Klima can perform vacuum and charge processes for airconditioning units with all current refrigerants.

    The vacuum process is automatically monitored and the subsequentvacuum test on the air conditioning unit displays potential leakages.

    The charge process is similarly controlled and monitored automatically without environmental risk and with the highest safety in the handling of refrigerants.

    3 pressure gauges "Pulse-free." Class 1.6, comes delivered: Universal use on air conditioningunits for all common refrigerants

    Main switch

    Precision scale up to 35 kg:Universal use of the RO-Klima, alsowith large refrigerant containers

    Integrated magnet valvePressure hoses with ball valve forsafe work

    Pressure gauge for all commonrefrigerantsControl panel with 4-digit display

    Technical Data: Vacuum: 1 x 10-2 mbar For refrigerants like R410A, R22, R134a, R407C, R404A, R507A Dimensions: 605 x 460 x 240 mm Integrated precision digital scale up to 35 kg

    Integrated in casing: Magnet valve in the charge segment Magnet valve on the suction side of the vacuum pump (test) Magnet valve in the vacuum segment Vacuum switch and pressure switch Check valve

    R410A R22 R134a R407C R404A R507A


  • Integrated Components g No.

    Pressure Hose 1/4"- 1/4" SAE 45 2,500 mm 370 1715.34for R22 etc. with ball valve

    Pressure Hose 5/16"- 5/16" SAE 45 2,500 mm 360 1715.35for R410A with ball valve

    Low pressure gauge dia. 80 mm for R22 200 1707.01

    Low pressure gauge dia. 80 mm for R407C 200 1707.11

    Low pressure gauge dia. 80 mm for R410A 200 1707.09

    Bottle connection for R22 - R407C 120 1732.04

    Bottle connection for R410A 120 1732.03

    Connector 5/16"-M SAE - 1/4"-F SAE 10 1800.15with ball valve

    Connector 5/16"-M SAE - 1/4"-F SAE 10 1700.16without ball valve



    RO-Klima II Consists of: 2-step High Vacuum Pump with vacuum and pressureswitches, automated control, 3 Pressure Hoses 2x (No. 1715.34), 1x (No. 1715.35) each 2,500 mm with ball valve, 2 Reducer pieces(No. 1700.16) 1/4"-F SAE x 5/16"-M SAE, 2 Bottle Connections 1x(No. 1732.04), 1x (No. 1732.03) for 1 l- und 2.5l refrigerant bottlesas well as mineral oil (0.4l) for high vacuum pump.

    RO-Klima IIITechnical data, accessories, and options as for RO-Klima II, howeverwith built-in report printer.

    Description Power kg No.

    RO-Klima II 42 l/min 19 1800.00RO-Klima II 90 l/min 22 1800.01RO-Klima III 42 l/min 19 1800.05RO-Klima III 90 l/min 22 1800.06

    Refrigeration and AirConditioning Technology

    RO-Klima IIIFully automatic Vacuum and Filling Station with reporting functionWith the RO-Klima, vacuum and charge processes for air-conditioning units can be carried out with all current refrigerants.

    Integrated report printer:Documentation of all process data fromthe completed installation


    Report printer

    R410A R22 r134a R407C R404A R507A

    The integrated report printer facilitates the printing of all relevantprocess data for lasting documentation of the correctly completedinstallation.

    Fully automatic Vacuum and Filling StationTechnical data, accessories, andoptions as for RO-Klima II, howeverwith built-in report printer.


  • Description Pump strength kg No.

    RO-Caddy I for vacuuming and 42 l/min 19 1690.20charging in plastic rolling case

    RO-Caddy II for vacuuming and 42 l/min 17 1690.40Charging in plastic rolling case

    RO-Caddy III for vacuuming and 42 l/min 17 1690.30Charging in plastic rolling casePlastic rolling case 2.8 1690.50



    Precision digital scale up to 5 kgPressure hoses with ball valve4-way manifold for R410A

    4-way manifold for R22, R134a, R407C

    Refrigeration and AirConditioning Technology

    RO-CaddyUniversal Set for Vacuuming and Charging

    With the RO-Caddy set, vacuum and charge processes for air-conditioning units can be carried out with all current refrigerants.

    All components meet the requirements of the professional air conditioning trade.

    Practical plastic rolling case with sinkablehandle and doubled cover:Simple and comfortable transportwith ample room for accessories andsmall parts

    RO Caddy universal set for vacuuming and chargingConsists of: 2-step High Vacuum Pump (No. 1700.02) with vacuummeter and magnet valve, 4-way Manifold for R22, R134a, R407C(No. 1705.02), 4-way Manifold for R410A (No. 1705.08), set of 2Pressure Hoses each 1,500 mm with ball valve for R22, R134a,R407C (No. 1715.22), set of 2 pressure hoses each 1,500 with ballvalve for R410A (No. 1715.21), Precision Digital Scale up to 5 kg(No. 1731.03), 2 Bottle Connections for 1 l and 2.5 l refrigerantcontainers (No. 1732.02 and No. 1732.01) as well as mineral oil(0.4 l) for high vacuum pump

    No. 1700.02

    Bottle connection:For practical 1 l and 2.5 lref