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  • Systema, the Russian Martial Art !While the bulk of our training regimen is based on the brutal training of Russian Warriors, the proper practice of Systema is designed to bring inner peace, stillness and the ability to deal with stress, conflict, aggression and violence without emotional engagement.The curriculum is broad, exposing students to a wide variety of skill acquisition and embodiment of knowledge.

    Non Destruction - a basic Systema principle.

    Training for life - such is our approach at Roots.We firmly believe that in the process of getting weaponized, our students should not get damaged. Based on Natural movement and intuition, our goal is to equip our students with a indomitable tool that will stay with them while walking on the face of this planet.

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    ROOTSDOJO.COMKIds Mini SeriesMarch 6, 13, 20, 27Instructors: Roots Team

    From outdoor survival skills to anti kidnaping and anti bullying these awesome day camps are filled with games, drills and challenges.

    Wide Awake: A self-defence and empowerment workshop for WomenDate: TBAInstructor: Matta Schaal This workshop will explore the psychology of violence, strategies for understanding threats, focusing on situational awareness and prevention, body awareness and intuition, verbal assertiveness, deescalation skills, and some physical tools. Learn to rise above your triggers,wounds and patterns, stay calm, and make good decisions in difficult situations.

    Kids and Youth Summer CampJuly 9-14 Instructors: Roots TeamOur first ever kids and youth camp. 5 days of fun filled activities ranging from martial and survival to creative and artistic explorations

    Fourteen Days CampMay 8-15Instructors: Roots Team

    8 Hours training per day, 14 days straight. A highly structured and demanding martial camp.

    RootsFIt CampsDates: TBAInstructors: Roots Team

    A simple but demanding fitness camp designed to push your limits and help you get closer to


  • The Shogun Challenge May 23-25, June 16-19, July 22-24 2016

    The Shogun Challenge is a 48 hours non-stop training program designed to push and challenge those who are in need of an ultimate training experience.

    The Shogun Challenge also offers an intricate look at goal setting and helps overcome personal barriers. Quitting is not an option! Find out what are the minimum requirements to qualify for the Shogun Challenge.

    RootsDojo is a unique educational and training

    facility dedicated to the study of the martial path, personal development, leadership and

    team building.

    Roots Dojo InternshipsFebruary 8 - May 7 Sept 15 - Dec 18

    Twice a day training, Monday to Friday. Full exposure to on-going curriculum. No frills, no non-sense.

    Roots Dojo IntensivesWinter: Feb 22-29Summer: Aug 19-24

    Roots Dojo Systema Intensives are well know for their ability to expose students to Systema as a holistic art.

    Special Weapons Transfer CourseMarch 25-26-27

    Learn the difficult tasks of properly handling and transferring between long-rifle, handgun and knife throwing.

    Special NegotiationsDate: TBA

    Join Dr. Mike Webster, former police negotiator in a day course focusing on the psychology and practice of Critical Negotiations.

    Martial Leadership Program Our Martial Leadership program is a great way to acquire skill necessary to learn how to lead in times of conflict. Contact us for more info.

    Trauma Medicine CourseJune 18-19-20

    So you think your first aid ticket is sufficient to help you function under duress? Our trauma medicine course will put you to the test and give you the practice that so many lack.

    Executive Protection Services Training 1 (EPST1) Date: TBA

    5 days of intense body guarding training- from logistics to hands-on applications. Please note that all dates are tentative.

    Minimum number of participants required for any given course.

    Community Initiatives !We proudly offer a number of local community initiatives, such as on-going kids classes, Health and fitness sessions, Systema Massage, and Systema Rehabilitation. We also have more community activities and courses such as drumming and wrestling nights, bow making courses and much more! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!