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  • 1.EMOTIONS THROUGH MOVIES Ryan : comedy movies Damian: dramatic movies Jonah: Horror movies Gabrielle: Romantic movies

2. ROMANTIC MOVIES LOVE: the everywhere emotion 3. Romantic movies: LOVE, HAPPINESS, HATE, JEALOUSY. IDEAL LOVE ILLUSION OF REALITY 4. The impact of romantic movies on the brain The use of the right hemisphere: The visual area Memory area Emotion area 5. DISTRESS: melancholy, depression,sadness LOVE ANGER 6. Casablanca MICHEL CURTIZ (1886-1962) Peter Lorre Signor Ugarte Ingrid Bergman Humphred Bogart Ilsa Lund Rick Blaine Paul Henreid Victor Laszlo Claude Rains Captain Louis Renault Conrad Veidt Major Heinrich Strasser American movie 1942 Won 3 Oscars w THE ICONIC CHARACTERS 7. CASABLANCA: the Clich movie Max Steiner (1888- 1971) Political idea: To put love aside for the cause: The involvement in the war The Music: La Marseillaise, Gone with the wind smooth and melancholic atmosphere Black and white The audience focus on the characteres The facial expressions The actions, use of object Language:Here s looking at you kid 8. The eyes, and facials expressions 9. Silent movie: Seventh Heaven American, 1927 Expressionism Iconic couple Frank Borzage (1894-1962) 10. Evolution of romantic movies: The cultural and historical impact. Technical evolutions: more realism Countries have their own way to deal with romantic movies: Happy ending culture: Love is stronger than your duty in the society. The importance of LOVE is different The use of the body (kiss, nudity, sexual scenes), what is moraly acceptable 11. Passion and Tenderness The Kiss (1896) Es8C1lo 12. HISTORICAL AND POLITICAL IMPACT LE QUAI DES BRUMES Port of Shadows 1938 Jacques Prevert and Pierre Dumarchais tas dbeaux yeux tu sais? Censure of the totalitarian regime No one consider the barometer responsible for the storm and the function of the artist s to be the barometer of the time. Cultural differences Country specificities How dangerous movie can be for regimes Marcel Carn (1906- 1993)