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  • ROMANESQUE ARCHITECTURETo complete the study about Catalan Romanesque architecture we visited the Church of Sta. Maria de la Romnica and St. Pau de Riu Sec. We observed the characteristic elements of this architecture. Although churches are very small you can see the main elements that characterize the Romanesque.

  • This was our bus !!! Can you see the paint behind the bus ?It is the Crist de TallThe Romanesque Catalan Art is very famous around the world !!!

  • Sta. Maria de la Romnica

  • Sta. Maria de la Romnicaaltarpiece painted

  • Sta. Maria de la RomnicaEntrance: round arch

  • Sta. Maria de la Romnicatower with bells

  • Sta. Maria de la RomnicaApse: Arches on corbel

  • Sta. Maria de la Romnicatower Apse Apsidiole

  • St. Pau de Riu Sec

  • We are painting the church of.....St. Pau de Riu Sec

  • St. Pau de Riu Secapse cover tower

  • St. Pau de Riu Sec Apse and cover

  • St. Pau de Riu SecWindows: They are very small and there is not much light inside !!!!Material is stone and walls are thick !!!!

  • St. Pau de Riu Secchurch plantBye ......!!!!