ROMANESQUE AND GOTHIC ART GOTHIC ART. Gothic = height and light! Pinnacle of Middle Ages artistic achievements- Gothic Cathedral Referred to as the Stone

Download ROMANESQUE AND GOTHIC ART GOTHIC ART. Gothic = height and light! Pinnacle of Middle Ages artistic achievements- Gothic Cathedral Referred to as the Stone

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Gothic Art

Romanesque and Gothic ArtGothic ArtGothic ArtGothic = height and light!

Pinnacle of Middle Ages artistic achievements- Gothic Cathedral

Referred to as the Stone Bibles

Ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses Gothic ArtVaultNaveFlying buttressesRibbed vaultClerestoryRose window

Gothic ArtArtists vied for highest navesHigher the building, closer to GodInvaders worst insult to pull down cathedralAmbition frequently outstripped technical skill, rebuildMost everyone in the community assisted with the buildingLiterally took ages to complete- hodgepodge stylesBelieved churchs beauty would inspire parishioners to meditation and beliefread the churchesGothic ArtGothic style began at royal abbey of Abbot SugerStarted to redesign small church to accommodate pilgrimsLight symbolized presence of GodHuge windows- supports for themRose windows at entrance

Gothic ArtChartres Cathedral1194Four centuries, 50 yr spiresFlying buttressesOldest stained glassRose windows

Gothic ArtFlying buttresses vs buttresses?

Gothic ArtJamb statuesRoyal Porters Chartres Cathedral1145-1170Displayed Biblical talesThin, straight bodiesSculpture in the roundAfter writings of Aristotle discovered, body no longer despised and realism2000+ sculptures

Gothic ArtNotre DameRose windows replaced tympanumsOrgans and bells main attraction- South Tower Bell Emmanuel 13 tons!Towers- Romanesque Immense choirs and ambulatories

Gothic ArtReims Cathedral1225-1299Similar to interior of Notre DameSee through the faade to flying buttresses outside of naveWalls filled with sculptureTracery- carved stone openingsTowers designed to hold huge spires, never

Gothic ArtCompare and contrast:

In pairs or by yourself, compare Reims, Notre Dame and Chartres Cathedrals.

What three main things do they have in common?

What is something that stands out individually from each one?

Compare all three to the Hagia Sophia. What are the physical differences and similarities?

Gothic ArtAmiens Cathedral1220- Nave over 137 ft highClerestory windows immense, columns seem too slender to hold its weightUltimate goal of Abbot Suger

Gothic ArtSalisbury Cathedral 1220 and Cathedral of Cologne 1248Towers and cloistersCloister- covered walkwaySpread of Gothic style- less 100 yrs

Gothic ArtStained glass was used like a gigantic glowing illuminated manuscriptChartres Cathedral- visible soul of Middle Ages built to house veil of the Virgin given to city by Charlemagnes grandson Charles the Bald26,900 ft in total area in glass in Chartres illustrating Bible, lives of Saints and traditional crafts of France

Gothic ArtSainte Chapelle in Paris FranceUltimate in Gothic stained glass decoNo side aisles and no flying buttressesGlass holding up the vault feelingSeem to glow

Gothic ArtCathedral of Toledo- second to none in sculpture1498-1504Wood paint and goldToledo, SpainMagnificent altarpiecesCarved screens that separated altars from the windows behind themArtists from Holland, France, Spain and Germany all collaborated on the carving, designed by Peti JuanNew Testament happenings

Gothic ArtMost French religious painting restricted to manuscript illuminationFrench Book of Hours1440Tempera and gold on parchment

Gothic ArtGiottoLamentation1305-1306Fresco

Gothic ArtDuccioChrist Raising Lazarus From the Dead1309-1311Tempera on Panel

Gothic ArtSimone MartiniAnnunciation1333Tempera and gold on panel

Gothic ArtGentile da FabrianoThe Adoration of the Magi1423 Tempera on panel

Gothic ArtWeavers created highly refined tapestries as well- genre scenesSeries of seven tapestries represents the unicorn legendVirgin, Pomegranate, fertility and churchUnicorn- courtly loveResurrected ChristThe Unicorn in Captivity1500Cloisters

Gothic Art

Gothic ArtWhat two words come to mind with Gothic art and architecture?What are the two things that made the Gothic Cathedrals different from the Romanesque cathedrals?What is the difference between buttresses and flying buttresses?Name three major cathedrals. Name something they all have in common. What are sculptures in the round called at entrances?What was the purpose of the sculpted altarpiece at Toledo Cathedral? What did it show?Name three Gothic artists and their major piece. What significance did the unicorn have?How are Gothic cathedrals different from Romanesque cathedrals?