rogue record ... rogue biking 424 scholarships 4 rogue running: bagel runs, tuesday/ wednesday...

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    2nd Carroll County TrTrTripipiplelele Crown Results

    I N S I D E :

    ARROWS Fall XC 2

    ARROWS Track &



    Drumstick Duath-

    lon and Sweet Pota-

    to 5K


    Rogue Biking 4

    Scholarships 4

    Rogue Running: Bagel Runs, Tuesday/

    Wednesday Morning Runs,

    Trail Runs, Monday Night

    Runs, Training, Ultra and

    Distance, 5K Runs, Holi-

    day Lights, Ironman


    New Timing Sys-






    Past Events: CC Triple Crown

    Cavalier Classic

    Run of the Century

    Run From the Lion’s Den


    Upcoming Events: Sykesville Shiver Shuffle!!


    Shiver Shuffle Back for 7th Year!

    E L D E R S B U R G R O G U E R U N N E R S , I N C .

    P O B O X 1 7 2 6 E L D E R S B U R G , M D 2 1 7 8 4

    I N F O@E R R U N . O R G

    HT T P : / / E R R U N . O R G

    Rogue Record V O L U M E 3 I S S U E 4 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    U P C O M I N G

    B A G E L R U N

    S C H E D U L E (but check the calendar

    and our Facebook page

    for last minute updates!)

    Dec 23 Carrolltowne ES

    Dec 30 Century High

    Jan 6 South Carroll HS

    Jan 13 Freedom Park

    Jan 20 TriSport (River


    Jan 27 Carrolltowne ES

    Feb 3 Wesley Freedom

    Feb 10 Liberty High

    Feb 17 Sykesville MS

    Feb 24 Liberty Exchange


    Mar 3 Oklahoma MS

    Mar 10 Carrolltowne ES

    Mar 17 Freedom Park

    Mar 24 Liberty Skate

    Mar 31 Century High

    Apr 7 Liberty High

    Apr 14 South Carroll HS

    Apr 21 Carrolltowne ES

    Two dozen runners partici-

    pated in the Carroll County

    Triple Crown this year. Each

    ran in the three 5Ks support-

    ing the teams of the 3 south-

    ern Carroll County high

    schools, held throughout the

    fall season. The scoring is

    done in the cross-country

    style, adding the place finish

    number for each of the 3

    races. The lower the score,

    the better the finish place.

    Congrats to all who ran and

    especially to those led their

    categories. Thanks again,

    Robert, for keeping score after

    each race.


    3 Rhodes, Becky 7 O’Cleary, Sydney 8 Reynolds, Julia 13 Lavelle, Erin

    17 Muller, Janice 23 Bubenko, Jennifer 24 Demay, Madelyn 27 Demay, Carolyn


    3 Nathan Frattali 6 Miller, Ken 10 Lavelle, Dario 11 Lavelle, Salvatore 15 Mower, Clifton

    18 Crisp, Simon 22 Swisdak, Owen 23 Swisdak, Stephen 27 Armstrong, David

    31 Holt, Robert 35 Rhodes, Lucas 35 Mower, Adam 37 Lawton, Brian 42 Wall, Michael

    ‘Tis the season to renew your membership!

    Mark Sunday February

    18th on your calendar for

    the next major ERR

    event, the ever-popular

    Sykesville Shiver Shuffle!

    This the President’s Day

    weekend Sunday. The

    beer and crab soup will

    be back again so plan to

    Kill the Hill in 2018. ERR

    members get a discount!

    Any bets on the tempera-

    ture this year?

    Registration is now





    Shiver Shuffle at Its Your


    Remember to use your ERR

    discount code

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    P A G E 2

    Fall XC The fall Cross-Country ARROWS

    team has completed its season for

    2017 with another successful run.

    The team members took up the

    challenge to learn new running

    skills and hone existing ones. On

    top of that, 3 members, race

    Nathan Frattali, Salvatore Lavelle,

    and Dario Lavelle, went on to

    the USATF National Junior Olym-

    pic Championship race in Talla-

    hassee, December 9th! CON- GRATULATIONS TO ALL THE

    ARROWS !! The team held their

    home meet on Sunday October

    8th with the help of many parents

    and ERR volunteers. Many thanks

    to those who came out and

    helped the team hold this event.

    Many thanks to our coaches Sher-

    ry Stick, Chad Epler, Becky

    Rhodes, and Mindy Grosh and all

    the parents and volunteers who

    made this excellent program pos-

    sible. You are truly a gift to all

    these young people. Included on

    this page and the next are pic-

    tures from the home meet and

    other meets of the season.

    Spring Track & Field The ARROWS youth activities

    continues this spring with the well

    -respected track and field pro-

    gram. Pre-registration is open

    now and new ARROWS can regis-

    ter after January 1. Register at:

    R O G U E R E C O R D

    D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    ARROWS went to

    the USATF National

    Junior Olympics XC

    ARROWS spring

    track and field now


    The fall ARROWS

    Cross-Country team,

    coaches and volun-

    teers. THANK

    YOU ALL!

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    P A G E 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    R O G U E R E C O R D

  • 4

    P A G E 4

    3rd Annual Drumstick Duathlon and Sweet Potato 5K

    Thanksgiving morning once

    again provided a great venue at

    Freedom Park for the 3rd

    Drumstick Duathlon and

    Sweet Potato 5K. Members,

    friends and supporters gath-

    ered to run or run and bike

    just for the fun of it. Though

    many members were running

    in other races throughout the

    area, dozens came to enjoy

    this family event. Thanks Rob-

    ert for heading it up and to all

    those who helped make it hap-


    R O G U E R E C O R D

    D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    OK seniors; time to get seri-

    ous about applying for seri-

    ous money available for you

    who have participated in

    cross-country, indoor track

    and field or outdoor track

    and field. The ERR scholar-

    ship program will be award-

    ing 2 scholarships in 2018,

    each worth $2500.00, to one female and one male

    high school senior athlete in

    the south county. Open to

    ERR members. Not a mem-

    ber? Join now for 2018. Fam-

    ily memberships count.

    Student memberships are

    only $5. Applications are

    due April 15th. Give us a

    chance to help you! See:

    ERR scholarships . Now

    is the time to get the

    info together to apply!

    High School Senior Athlete Scholarships

    Rogue Pedaling ERR Bike The Thanksgiving Drumstick

    Duathlon was certainly a

    highlight of the fall season of

    riding!. The weather just

    continues to make our

    members get out and ride

    the roads and the trails. See

    the ERR Bike Facebook page

    for pick-up rides, latest route

    conditions, new routes, gear

    opportunities, etc. Routes /

    cue sheets members have

    posted can be found at:

    ERR Bike Files on Facebook .

    In the mean-time, local bike

    shops continue to offer dis-

    counts and opportunities for

    rides. And check out the

    item on Robert Muhl’s iron-

    man in this issue.

    ERR is awarding

    multiple $2500



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    Rogue Running (and Walking)

    P A G E 5 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    New Timing System Debuts

    R O G U E R E C O R D

    The weather is not an issue!

    Bagel Runs continue on Saturday

    mornings, as popular as ever with

    walker's, 3-4 mile runners and

    others going out a bit earlier than

    8 am to get in extra distance. A

    great time for all with food after-

    wards. See the schedule on page

    1, our website or Facebook page.

    Tuesday/Wednesday morning

    runs continue to happen each

    week for early birds. Again check

    on the Facebook page for details

    and other pick-up runs during the


    Trail runs are o