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    While those with an interest inRobins can get information viatraditional means, such as thebase newspaper and its publicwebsite, RobinsFacebook pagehas joined the ranks as an invalu-able source.The base launched its

    Facebook page in late July asanother way of spreading com-mand messages. It has sincegrown to include articles, photos,events and other information.Assubscribers to the page, fansreceive regular updates, and haveaccess to post their own com-ments, links, photos and videospertaining to Robins.The page reached a minor

    milestone this week, surpassingthe 500 mark in Likes, but withFacebook boasting more than500 million users and may reach700 million within the next year,its not unreasonable to expectRobinsLikes to be much larg-er. Team Robins members areencouraged to not only view thepage, but also interact with it bycommenting on posts and provid-ing content.Senior leaders on base, includ-

    ing Col. Mitchel Butikofer, 78thAir BaseWing commander, havetaken an interest in the page, rec-ognizing it as a useful tool in dis-seminating information as well asboosting morale.While operational security is a

    concern, its not a new one forthe Robins PublicAffairs Office,which manages the officialFacebook page. The site is con-tinually monitored and posts thatmight compromise security arepromptly removed. Questionableor offensive posts are alsoremoved, as are posts from users

    The 402nd Electronics Maintenance Group operatesthe largest Electronics Repair Facility in the DefenseDepartment. It spans more than 700,000 square feetand houses more than 1,300 employees.

    Days without a DUI: 48Last DUI: 78th LRS courtesy 78th Security Forces

    THINK SAFETYAADDTo request a ride, call222-0013.

    October 28, 2011 Vol. 56 No.43


    Using personal protective equipment is often essential, but it is gen-erally the last line of defense after engineering controls, work prac-tices, and administrative controls.


    5th MOBat Sather

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    Safety slogan for the week of Oct. 30 through Nov. 5:Working without Safety is a Dead-End Job.


    CFC updateThis years six-week CombinedFederal Campaign has reached atotal of $1,029,407 as of Oct. 25.50 Years of Caring is thetheme of this years campaign.The Middle Georgia CFC, whichcovers 17 counties, has a goal of$1.5 million. This includes Robinsgoal of $1.4 million.In 2010, Robins employees

    gave more than $1.6 million. Ofthat amount, more than $650,000was awarded to local organiza-tions.Robins has exceeded its goalevery year during the last 10years.

    Robins Trick or Treat hoursRobins Air Force Base willobserve Halloween Oct. 31 from 6to 8 p.m.Vehicle operators must slowdown during these hours for trick-or-treaters.Residents who are participatingneed to ensure an exterior light ison during these hours, while thosenot participating should leaveexterior lights off.The security forces squadron willincrease safety and securitymeasures in the housing areasthrough its annual HalloweenPumpkin Patrol.Anyone with questions abouttrick-or-treating this year shouldcontact 2nd Lt. Andrea DeMelo atDSN 472-8133 or commercial222-8133.The Base Exchange will alsohost a Trick or Trunk in its park-ing lot from 4 to 7 p.m.People are asked to park theirHalloween decorated vehicletrunks in the Churchs ChickenParking Lot, where trick-or-treatingwill be done at the cars. Prizes willbe awarded to the top three bestdecorated trunks. Judging will beat 6:30.Other events will include musicalchairs for ages 4 to 7 from 4 to4:30 p.m.; Pin the pumpkin from4:30 to 5 p.m. and a costumecontest from 5 to 5:30 p.m.

    Construction projectsDue to a collapsed stormsewer pipe, Richard RayBoulevard between WarnerRobins Street and Hannah Road will remain closed to all traffic.Completion of the repair is sched-uled for Dec. 31.Robins Parkway, from theRichard Ray Boulevard intersec-tion to the elevated crosswalk onthe east end of First Street, will bepartially closed Nov. 9 through 13for the milling and overlaying ofasphalt. The work will be phasedso two-way traffic can use oneside of Robins Parkway while theother side is being worked on.After the area is milled all four

    lanes will be allowed to travelslowly through the 2-inch deeparea. Signs will be posted warningdrivers of a bump ahead.The area is scheduled to be

    repaved Nov. 11, and restripedNov. 12 and 13. Some curb, gutterand sidewalk work will be doneprior to those dates. Improvementsto the edge of the road will requirethe outside lane to be closed wherethe work is being performed.

    Health andFitness tip

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    JSTARS, Northrop Grumman team win DoD award

    Retiree office holds annual appreciation dayBY JENNY

    RetireeAppreciationDay is the largest eventconducted each year bythe Robins RetireeActivities Office.This years RAD drew

    a crowd of 130 peoplewho learned about baseservices, and legal andmedical issues during theall-day affair Saturday atthe Heritage Club.A lot of information

    comes out of theseevents, said ErnieMunson, RAO director.The day began with

    breakfast at Wynn DiningHall, followed by lunch,door prize drawings, andan opportunity in theafternoon to chat withabout 20 vendors fromacross Robins.Representatives from

    the commissary, legaloffice, Health andWellness Center andmore were available toanswer questions,Retirees were also able toupdate their ID cards.Browsing a table of

    gift baskets, Zohra Khanpointed out she learnedupdated news from phar-macy and TriCare repre-sentatives as a result ofattending.I get a lot of good

    information when I comehere, said Khan, whoretired after 24 years intheAir Force Reserve.Its fun to come once ayear for a whole day andenjoy the camaraderie.Munson, who retired

    as a chief master sergeantafter 29 years of service,said the RAO hasenjoyed tremendous sup-port from Robins

    U.S. Air Force photo by RAYMOND CRAYTONMichelle Banks-Gainer, a Federal GovernmentPrograms marketing representative, explains theDelta Dental program to a retiree.

    see FACEBOOK, 6

    leadership.This is probably

    the best turnoutweve had in a longtime, he said.Munson added,

    however, that only asmall percentage ofthe estimated 3,000to 4,000 retirees inthe area actuallymade it out to the

    days festivities. Heacknowledged thatcommunication canbe challenging whentrying to reach thissegment of the popu-lation.He noted that

    retirees receive anational retiree

    Robins Air Force Baseon Facebook, Twitter

    Check out Robins on Facebookor follow the base on Twitter.

    Get regular news updates and other base information.Visit

    and click on the Facebook and Twitter links.


    The Joint Surveillance Target AttackRadar System (JSTARS) Total SystemSupport Responsibility Team and NorthropGrumman Command & Control,Intelligence, Surveillance andReconnaissance Division are the recipientsof the 2011 Secretary of DefensePerformance Based Logistics System LevelBeckAward.The award recognizes government and

    industry teams which have demonstratedoutstanding achievements providing war-fighters with exceptional operational capabil-ity.

    The original contract, awarded in 2000, isa 22-year contract with a potential value of$7 billion. According to Robert Colvin,JSTARS deputy branch chief, $1.7 billionhas been expended to date.In todays environment, a contract that

    includes a 22-year life cycle is unheard of,said Colvin.For this type of performance to be recog-

    nized surrounding this exclusive fleet of 17aircraft, is a huge honor, he added.Being selected as the 2011 Secretary of

    Defense performance based logistics awardwinner is a great honor for the Joint STARSprogram, said Lt. Col. Douglas Asher,JSTARS branch chief. This is a teamaward, and can be attributed to the solidarity

    and professionalism of those who work tosupport the men and women of the 116thand 461st Air Control Wings spread acrossthe globe, performing real world missions.The award acknowledges the efforts of

    the JSTARS program management team andNorthrop Grumman contractors who inte-grate and execute a complex product supportstrategy for the JSTARS 17 E-8C weaponssystems.The TSSR contract provides for pro-

    grammed depot maintenance, supply chainmanagement and software.For example, Northrop Grumman has

    responsibilities for JSTARS equipment and


    Above, Team Robins memberstake part in the annual fallcleanup.

    Left, Master Sgt. Matthew Ozment,78th Air Base Wing, picks uptrash and tree branches aroundBldg. 905 Oct. 13 as part of thecleanup. For more on the efforts,see page 8.

    U.S. Air Force photos by SUE SAPP


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    Unit: 78th ABW/DSE

    TIME IN SERVICE: 2 years, 10months

    HOMETOWN: Memphis, Tenn.

    CCAF DEGREE TITLE:Information Management

    Airman 1st ClassSabrina Valentine

    How did you go about pursuingyour CCAF degree?CLEP and DANTES testing, previ-

    ous college credits from Rust Collegein Mississippi, and online classes atKaplan University.

    What are your educational plansnow that you have completed yourCCAF degree?I plan on continuing my education

    through Kaplan University to earn myBachelor of Arts degree in HealthScience and become an officer in thehealth profession.

    In the SpotlightUNIT PROFILE: Office of Small Business Programs

    U.S. Air Force Force photo by SUE SAPPFred Anderson, Small Business spe-cialist, discusses socio-economic pari-ty in federal acquisitions with officepersonnel.

    What it


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