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Selected Writing of Dr Robert Parkes, Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Theory, History and Media Education, University of Newcastle (2000-2009)


  • 1. Robert J Parkes, PhD Selected Writings (2000-2009)

2. The Crisis in Pedagogy (E1) Parkes2000 3. The zone of proximal development as a strategically mediated encounter with alterity (E1) Parkes2004 4. Can schools realise the learning potential of knowledge management? (C1) Bain & Parkes2006 5. Curriculum authoring tools and inclusive classroom teaching practice: A longitudinal study (C1) Bain & Parkes2006 6. Interrupting History:A Critical-Reconceptualisation of History Curriculum After the End of History (PhD) Parkes2006 7. School History as Post-Colonial Text:The On-Going Struggle for Histories in the NSW Curriculum (E1) Parkes2006 8. Beyond Counter-Memory: Genealogy as Critical Pedagogy (E3) Parkes2007 9. A WebDilemma in Social Education: Using the Internet to Build Intellectual Quality (C1) Parkes2007 10. On the Mistreatment of Management (B1) Parkes & Gore2008 11. Teaching History As Historiography: Engaging Narrative Diversity In The Curriculum (C1) Parkes2009 12. In the shadows of the mission: education policy, urban space,and the colonial present in Sydney (C1) Gulson & Parkes2009 13. From the barrel of the gun: policy incursions, land and Aboriginal peoples in Australia (C1) Gulson & Parkes2009 14. Bringing Theory to Doctoral Research (B1) Gulson & Parkes2009 15. Aligning intellectual development with curriculum, instruction and assessment (B1) Cantwell, Scevak & Parkes2009 16. Comparative Education, Border Pedagogy, and Teacher Educationin an Age of Internationalisation (E1) Parkes & Griffiths2009 17. Becoming Bravehearts: The Neglect of Media Studies in Teacher Education (E1) Parkes & Roy2009 18. Poststructuralism as Social Justice Pedagogy (B1) Parkes, Gore & Amosa2009