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Address at the HIMSS Asia Pacific Conference on 17th September at Singapore on the Roadmap for Telemedicine


  • 1. Roadmap for Deployment and Scale Up of Digital Health Initiatives Singapore, 17th September, 2014! Rajendra Pratap Gupta Co-Chair Innovation Working Group -Asia
  • 2. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 3. Mission & Vision ! Created in 2010 by the UN Secretary General to harness the power of innovations, to accelerate progress towards achieving the health MDGs in support of the Global Strategy for Womens and Childrens Health. ! A global hub for innovation ! Catalyst for initiating and enabling the scale up of cost-effective innovations ! Innovations across technological, social, financial, policy and business domains. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 4. Organization Structure IWG Global ! The IWG is maintained as a broad network of interested partners with a small secretariat, working through partner organizations. ! Partners represent government, non-government, profit and non-profit private-sector and development agencies ! Co Chairs Government of Norway & Johnson & Johnson ! Thematic work streams led by participating stakeholders Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 5. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 6. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 7. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 8. Innova&on'Working'Group' ! Launched on May 28, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. ! Organized as a work-stream of the Global IWG. ! Co Chairs: 1. Mark Kelly, Senior Operations Director, South Asia, World Vision International ! 2. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, International Health Policy Expert & President, Disease Management Association of India. ! Facilitated by a coordinator, and supported by the Global IWG secretariat in PMNCH, WHO, Geneva. ! Network of members/partners Asia'(aIWG) Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 9. ! Telemedicine & mHealth ! Nutrition ! Demand Creation ! South South Collaboration Current Focus Thematic Areas Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 10. Opportunities. ! Asia has largest numbers of women and children impacted by MDGs 4 & 5. ! Leveraging existing innovations, i.e. Nutrition . ! Universal health coverage in terms of both, conceptual development and implementation, is showing remarkable advancement in the region. ! The technological development in Asia, within mobile technology and ICT, will add value to the IWG work-stream on e/mHealth. ! Growing economies in the region ! Strong development of Corporate Social Responsibility. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 11. Value to our Partners. ! Provide neutral meeting place for multi-stakeholders pursuing shared value in the space of maternal & child health. ! Initiate thematic work-streams based on priorities identified for the region ! Facilitate shared experiences of stakeholders ! Stimulate on going and vibrant regional consultation between stakeholders Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 12. ! Share Experience ! Share Expertise ! Share Resources ! Stimulate Discussion on important issues ! Support the Cause ! Membership Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 13. Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 14. Digital Health The Modern Day Need Human Resource Shortages Improving Access Financial Constraints Evolving healthcare needs linked to demographics Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 15. Rising & Changing Demographics ! Population of developing countries is projected to rise from 5.9 billion in 2013 to 8.2 billion in 2050. ! Geriatric population on the rise ! Increase in chronic disease ! By 2035, the world will be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers ! Urban Rural Divide Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 16. Urban Rural Divide ! Lack of essential infrastructure ! Lack of basic necessities such as education facilities & housing, discourages professionals to work in these areas ! Lack of education & awareness and poor living conditions among majority of the population ! Poor accessibility which makes rural population to travel to urban areas for their healthcare needs; thereby increasing costs and minimizing access to care ! Presence of advanced health infrastructure ! Better living conditions and lifestyle results in concentration of healthcare workers ! Barring the urban poor, increased awareness and access help this population manage their health better ! Better access to quality care Technology is the only Bridge Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 17. Why hasnt IT scaled? ! Governments / Bureaucrats DONT understand the game entirely Shy of asking and taking risk ! Technological Vs Organizational Maturity ! Lack of clinical evidence ! Absence of standards for interoperability ! Expensive satellite communication links Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 18. Why hasnt IT scaled?... ! Funding concerns - ROI Vs VOI ! Shortage of infrastructure ! Patient Confidentiality concerns ! Provider capacity/skills to adopt technology Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 19. Telemedicine & mHealth Roadmap ! Develop an ecosystem conducive to telemedicine implementation ! Create an environment leading to its increased acceptance ! Provide for scientific leads to design sustainable and scalable telemedicine programs ! Encourage research and capacity building in emerging health technologies ! Review and inputs by a renowned panel of 17 Global Experts in Digital Health ! Provides a step-wise approach to development of strategy and implementation ! The recommendations in the report are non specific to any country and is a general tool with wide applicability Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 20. Fundamentals of the Step 1 Identify National Health Priorities Roadmap Step 2 Mapping of Resources (Human, Technical, Financial, Organizational) Step 3 Evaluation of existing technologies and strategy development Step 4 Implementation Core Components Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 21. Major steps in implementation Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 22. Implementation checklist Rajendra Pratap Gupta . Email:
  • 23. The Indian telemedicine roadmap example The report provides


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