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ON-Brand Partners is assisting RoadPol (a global World Bank project) to develop its strategy to make a big contribution to saving 5 million lives over the next decade. This is an incredible opportunity for OBP and a profoundly worthy cause. We recommend you read the 'Police Leadership Saves Lives' document as a great overview on the challenge.


  • 1. WHY ITSENFORCING IS KEY ENFORCEMENT A MECHANISM TOWERE AWARE OFA NEW GLOBALLOCAL POLICE SUPPORT WEVE TAKENLETS MAKE HOME IMPORTANT TO 4E STRATEGY DELIVERS RESULTS ENGAGE GLOBALLY THE CHALLENGESAPPROACHIS KEY TO SUCCESS THE FIRST STEP IT HAPPENPolice leadership saveslives on the roadsRoadPol a newcommitment to roadsafety from the globalpolice community.Images: FIA FoundationFor more information contact: R J Robinson Coordinator International Road Policing Organisation [RoadPol] A project of World Banks Global Road Safety Facility Phone +64-4-475 9978 Email: rob.robinson@roadpol.orgPRINTSAVE FORWARD QUIT page 1 of 10NEXT

2. WHY ITS ENFORCING IS KEY ENFORCEMENT A MECHANISM TO WERE AWARE OFA NEW GLOBAL LOCAL POLICE SUPPORTWEVE TAKEN LETS MAKE HOMEIMPORTANT TO 4E STRATEGY DELIVERS RESULTS ENGAGE GLOBALLYTHE CHALLENGESAPPROACH IS KEY TO SUCCESSTHE FIRST STEPIT HAPPEN Road deaths and injuries continue to rise dramatically. An urgent impetusInaction is not an option! By 2020 roaddeaths are projectedto reach 2 million per year, for a co-ordinated, internationalresponselargest killer ofto be the is being demanded. young males across the globe, The facts are undeniable; the human, economic and social cost is intolerable. We musttorise by 80% in low- andmiddle-income countries ( LMIC), but act now by ensuring all the key strategic pillars needed to drive success are put in place. Many trafc accidents and their awful consequences are preventable. A Decade of Action is an appropriate response. tofall by 30% in high-incomecountries ( HIC).The huge economic, health and socialThe impact on families is profound and all too common.Projected road deaths1200 costs are well documented: At the World Youth assembly on road safety in 2007,1000 At this moment someone in the world is beingBright Ambeyi from Kenya recounted her experience as a000s of people800 killed in a trafc accident every 26 secondsroad trafc victim in Kenya. 600 Thats 1.2 million people killed annually.Hit by a speeding vehicle in 1997, she was paralysed from400In addition 50 million people are maimedthe waist down. She recounted, From a very active and 200or injured each year social person, I had become invisible. I lost the use0 19902010 2020 The economic cost is more than halfof my limbs, lost privacy, lost self esteem and Iactually felt like I had lost myself. She went on to LMIC 419 8621124 a trillion dollars per annum HIC1239580 explain how her crash had placed huge nancial Over 90% of these deaths and injuries and emotional strains on her and her family. occur in developing countriesThe loss of, and injury to, young males Why the difference? For some low- and middle-income countries, the economic cost is can be even more profound as familyHow can the sucesses inbreadwinners are lost, consigning greater than all the economic aid families to poverty and limiting thehigh-income countries they potential for their children. be used to help others?PRINTSAVEFORWARD QUITpage 2 of 10NEXT 3. WHY ITSENFORCING IS KEY ENFORCEMENT A MECHANISM TO WERE AWARE OF A NEW GLOBAL LOCAL POLICE SUPPORT WEVE TAKENLETS MAKE HOME IMPORTANT TO 4E STRATEGY DELIVERS RESULTS ENGAGE GLOBALLYTHE CHALLENGES APPROACH IS KEY TO SUCCESS THE FIRST STEP IT HAPPEN Enforcement is one of the four key pillars for success. Effective road policing is essential Deaths mar Egypts new road laws BBC News Friday, 1 August 2008 Egyptian police say at least 11 people have been killed in a head-on collision on the day new laws came into effect aimed at bringing order to the roads. because it strikes at the core of the main risk factors identied by the World Report*. The BBCs Magdi Abdelhadi in Cairo says many Egyptians are sceptical Collectively, these risk factors can only be successfully addressed through widespread social change. about the changes, because even Enforcement, working in tandem with Education and Engineering, is criticalthe existing regulations are not always enforced Reckless driving, to achieving the change in human behaviour required. poorly maintained vehicles and the failure to enforce existing regulations are often cited as the main cause2004 WHO World report on road trafc injury prevention of road accidents in Egypt Good legislation provides a start, but experienceEnforcement, Education and Engineering must be fully shows that law without Enforcement is ineffective. integrated to create a multiplier effect in reducing trafccrashes. For Emergency response, reduced crashes means In addition, law enforcement agencies have an importantfewer resources are diverted from other priorities. role in providing data about trafc accidents that is a keyOutcome of effective police input to effective Engineering design. Education is not enough without Enforcement reinforcing enforcement on the ve main riskconsequences. factors is proven and undeniable: Enforcement prevents under-reporting so that road safety Reduction in excessive speedachieves the prole and priority it deserves. Reduction in impaired or distracted driving Engineering requires quality input crash data from policing Greater use of passenger restraintsensure resources are directed where needed most. Greater use of motorcycle helmets Emergency response benets when crashes are reduced, ON-Brand Partners 2009scarce medical resources are not diverted from other areas. Critical input into design and effective-ness of road safety infrastructure. Laws are not enough without active policing. *PRINT SAVEFORWARD QUIT page 3 of 10NEXT 4. WHY ITSENFORCING IS KEYENFORCEMENTA MECHANISM TO WERE AWARE OF A NEW GLOBALLOCAL POLICE SUPPORTWEVE TAKEN LETS MAKE HOMEIMPORTANT TO 4E STRATEGYDELIVERS RESULTSENGAGE GLOBALLYTHE CHALLENGES APPROACHIS KEY TO SUCCESSTHE FIRST STEPIT HAPPEN In a recent news release (Dec 08) titled Future of EU Police Enforcement Trafc Safety Law, the European Trafc SafetyNumerous case studies from around the world prove thatEnforcement Council* which monitors enforcement in the EU concludes that Effective enforcement leads toa rapid reduction in deaths anddelivers results.injuries. Sustained intensiveenforcement that is well explainedand publicised also has a long-lasting effect on driver behaviour.Police enforcement forms a crucialpart of the equation of improvingA wealth of information exists that demonstrates that when Enforcementroad safety in the EU. resources and strategies are in place they are making a signicant contributionThe ETSC also stated that to the reduction in road deaths and injuries.According to the EuropeanCommissions cost-benet analysis,increased enforcement wouldresult in a total annual reduction of14,000 deaths or 33% of the current43,000 road deaths and 680,000In those countries where road trauma has been reduced, law enforcement activity has played a critical part in those outcomes. injuries in the EU 15. This wouldresult in a net benet of 37 billionEUR, or 0.44% of GNP.New Zealand effective Norway effectiveAustralia enforcement hasICF Consulting, 2003. Cost-benet analysis ofenforcement and education haveenforcement in supporttaken drunk drivers off the road.road safety improvements. Final Report.been acknowledged by the former of law change has seen the road tollRandom breath testing (RBT) is oneLand Transport Safety Authority ashalve in 30 years:of the most successful road accidenthaving contributed to progress: Increase in speed cameras countermeasures employed by police 68% reduction in alcohol-related deaths Lowering of speed limits on selectin Australia. Its success over the years *The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)from 318 in 1990, to 102 in 2002has been evidenced by: is a Brussels-based independent non-protroadsmaking organisation dedicated to the reduction A 25% reduction in unlicensed Blood alcohol levels Reductions in drink-driving behaviourof the number and severity of transport crashesand disqualied drivers involved inin Europe. The ETSC seeks to identify and Use of seatbelts. Reductions in alcohol-related crashespromote research-based measures with a highcrashes since 1999 A corresponding community-wide safety potential. It brings together 42 national Additional police ofcers on theEuropean Transport Safety Counciland international organisations concerned withincrease in the disapproval ofroad led to a 24% reduction in fatal transport safety from across Europe.drink-driving.crashes on state highways between1999 and 2002.Australian Institute of Criminology PRINT SAVE FORWARD QUITpage 4 of 10NEXT 5. WHY ITS ENFORCING IS KEYENFORCEMENTA MECHANISM TOWERE AWARE OFA NEW GLOBALLOCAL POLICE SUPPORTWEVE TAKEN LETS MAKE HOMEIMPORTANTTO 4E STRATEGYDELIVERS RESULTS ENGAGE GLOBALLYTHE CHALLENGESAPPROACHIS KEY TO SUCCESSTHE FIRST STEPIT HAPPEN The potential for change is real because the know-how exists. A mechanism to engage Commitment to road safety enforcement from political and police leadership can be achieved by connecting to: Purpose building connection to the core police globally around road safety is needed to ethos of policing upholding the lawfulbuild collaboration, transfer knowledge rights of citizens Goals supporting wider ambitionsand develop leaders to drive cultural change of developing real leadership capability within policingwithin their organisations. Values creating a real opportunity to address systemic problems in some police cultures (integrity, honesty, community respect) People recognising that police are citizens and have families too that they are an integral part of their local community and they tooBuilding on past can be directly impacted by these tragedies. Global road safety agencies have raised the lack ofexperienceaddressing engagement by law enforcement Effective road policing has improved the challengesEnforcement is about consequences agencies in planned global,road safety in high-income countries. a critical, proven Push strategy to change Police engagement in trafc safety is r