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An overview of leak detection, facilities monitoring and network integration solution from RLE Technologies of Colorado distributed by Air Pressure Solutions Ltd


  • 1. Leak Detection, Facilities Monitoring Systems, & Integration Solutions Leak Detection Sensing Cables Dries quickly Rapidly and reliably detects liquids Easy installation; resists kinks and lies flat after installation Engineered to eliminate false alarms commonly associated with other leak detection cables Compatible with all RLE SeaHawk zone and distance-read leak detection modules and appliances SeaHawk Modules and Appliances Versatile leak detection Spot, zone, and distance-read Easily integrates with existing alarm monitoring systems IP addressable and web-accessible BMS and NMS friendly SNMP, BACnet, and Modbus outputs Integrated map for immediate alarm location Facilities Monitoring Systems RLEs Web-based alarm monitoring, notification, and control systems can be accessed and configured with a Web browser and do not require additional computer hardware or software. These products function as stand-alone systems which can easily be integrated into existing building management or network management systems.These scalable alarm monitoring and notification products accept dry contacts, analog sensors, SNMP and Modbus objects, and provide intelligent integration via SNMP, Modbus, and BACnet protocols. Wireless Solutions Wireless products are quick and affordable to install electricians and conduit are no longer necessary to establish accurate environmental monitoring solutions. The Wireless Gateway receives signals from wireless devices, provides direct notification of alarm conditions, and relays the wireless signals to Facilites Monitoring Systems as SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, and BACnet/IP signals.An auto-discovery mechanism expedites sensor integration. RLE offers a wide variety of compatible wireless sensors, including: Temperature Temperature/Humidity Leak Detection Motion Analog - 0-20mA, 0-5v, 0-10v Current - 15A CT, 40A CT Digital - dry contact SeaHawk Leak Detection products detect and annunciate the presence of fluids. These products provide reliable, scalable solutions while mitigating the potential for costly business outages and downtime in facilities worldwide. Hardwired or wireless, Falcon Monitoring Systems interface with a wide variety of equipment and provide a single, comprehensive view of operating parameters, environmental conditions, and the status of equipment in critical areas.

2. RLE Technologies is a leading provider of leak detection and web-based monitoring systems that enable businesses to protect their mission-critical infrastructure.RLE provides reliable, cost-effective, protocol rich, customizable monitoring systems to organizations, companies, and government entities worldwide.We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our customers include: Abbott Laboratories | AT&T | Bank of America | Bristol Myers Squibb CERN | Citibank | City of Los Angeles | Coca Cola | Comcast Cable | Dow Chemical | Equinix Exxon Mobile | Fuji | GameStop | General Electric | Hewlett Packard | Intel | JP Morgan | Lockheed Martin Louvre Museum | Lyondell | NASA | Naval Air Warfare Center | New York Transit Authority | NYSE Road Runner | SEC | SIAC | Sprint | Time Warner | T-Mobile | University of Pennsylvania Univision | USAF | US Postal Service | USGS | Verizon Wells Fargo | Westinghouse | XO Communications 104 Racquette Drive Fort Collins, CO 80524 800.518.1519 rletech.com Raymond & Lae Engineering, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved. RLE is a registered trademark and Seahawk, Falcon,and Raptor are trademarks of Raymond & Lae Engineering, Inc. The products sold by Raymond & Lae Engineering, Inc. are subject to the limited warranty, limited liability, and other terms and conditions of sale set forth at http://rletech.com/RLE-Terms-and-Conditions.html.11/2011 v1.0 (11/2011) Protocol Converter connects directly to equipment and accepts SNMP, Modbus, and BACnet signals.It then outputs the signal in any of these three formats, for integration into a Building Management System or Network Management System. Relay Replicators splits a digital dry contact input into two electrically isolated dry contact signals, which simplifies integration into multiple alarm monitoring systems. Alarm Status Panels provide audible and visual alarm notification when a dry contact relay changes status. Power Fail Monitors identify the loss of power to 110V outlets and provide a dry contact output to alarm on loss of power to the outlet. Ground Fault Monitors are ideal for monitoring a battery for potential ground current leakage. Raptor Integration Solutions simplify signal convergence and alarm annunciation. They easily integrate into existing management and monitoring systems to provide enhanced visibility of critical equipment and environmental conditions. If your application requires a custom panel, RLE can meet those needs. RLEs UL508a certification allows us to engineer and manufacture custom annunciation panels and certify them under the UL label. Relay Replicators Protocol Converter Custom Panel