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  1. 1. Smart Strategies in Real Estate!!
  2. 2. They key to buying direct from owners is to only buy from motivated sellers. If theyre not motivated, youre wasting your time. RJ Palano
  3. 3. How long would it take you to recognize a good purchase opportunity? How long would it take for you to make a decision to take action? In the business of flipping houses, you must size up a transaction quickly and get the property under contract before someone else does.
  4. 4. The real estate market is local in nature and in my position, we take what the market gives us. Over the last six years weve operated only in the Atlanta area. Initially, we acquired homes in REO packages, and then individually from banks and foreclosure auctions. Those opportunities are 10% of what they were 6 years ago.
  5. 5. The supply of houses has drastically reduced, thus most of the hedge funds have packed their bags and left. That leaves me and all the other hopeful investors scrambling for the crumbs of houses in a real estate market that has heated up.
  6. 6. Negotiating profitable opportunities from home owners. Recognize an opportunity quickly and I must decide my exit plan.
  7. 7. Determined immediately my exit plan based on the location, age of the house, quality of the house and neighborhood from the following exit strategies: Never go into a negotiation to buy a house unless you know exactly what your strategy is
  8. 8. #Wholesale house to another investor in as is condition. When I use this strategy, I either assign my interest in my sales contract with the owner or I close on the transaction and then I market to other investors.
  9. 9. # Buy Rehab - Retail. In this strategy, we close on the home from the seller, remodel it and place it on the market. There have been times when I leave the title in the name of the seller I buy from so that they sell directly to my buyer. This could be important to avoid seasoning requirements with my sale to and end user (homeowner). I can protect myself with a recorded option to purchase from the seller I buy from, or I can record a security deed to protect my option.
  10. 10. # Buy Rehab Sell to Investor and We Manage If the property is a quality house in a quality neighborhood, we might sell to one of our current investors at a profit and place into management.
  11. 11. # Buy & Hold Simply put, we keep some houses in our own portfolio of rentals.
  12. 12. These types of transactions can become the norm in a hot market like Hotlanta! The key is to get the leads, understand the model, and take action! RJ Palano RJP@BuyCashFlowProperties.com